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THe Wat Sai And Floating Market Ekkachi Road

In Bangkhunthian
This Mahanikai sect temple was built in the Ayutthaya period and restored during the reigns of King Rama IV and King Rama V.

Tamnak Thong: "the Golden Mansion," was thought to have been dedicated by Phra Chao SUa, King of Ayutthaya, as a monks' residence. The
wooden house is raised high on pillars in the Thal tradition, and the interior is divided by wooden partitions. One of the rooms contains a Chinese-style`wooden bed with carved flower motifs patterned with glass, and a painting of a Chinese lady. On the door panels are pictures of the guardian deity, and on the outside wall is a gilded lacquer painting of the traditional kanok or flame-like motif.

Old Belfry: This circular tower stands on a lotus-shaped base, and the finial of the bell is in the form of a lotus bud. Its original bell has now been replaced by a drum.

Wihan: Built in Rattanakosin style with a two-tiered roof. Inside are sandstone, stucco, and bronze Buddha images in the Ayutthaya and Rattnakosin styles.

Wat Sai Floating Market: Images of people young and old paddling boats laden with fruit, vegetable and other produce, traders greeting each other with smiling faces, buyers bargaining, sellers inviting - these are only pictures of a way of???? e in the past which is now gone forever. With the Building of Rama II Road and the extension of Eakkachai Road to Samut Sakhorn, the transport of agr ultural produce shifted from waterways to roads.
The wooden shop houses have been replaced by oncrete commercial buildings and a few gift shop The canal bank has been concreted over and a new pier added. The once busy and well-known flog ing market is now only of passing interest to toi, As taking a canal trip.

11 moo.2 Ekkachi Road
Bangkhunthian Sup-District
Jomthong District
Bangkok 10150

(Fhone:(662) 415-7173
Fax: (662) 415-7173
Bus: 10 43 120
Air Bus: Mb9

1. Passenger Boat: Rajini (Pakkhlong Talat) Pier-** Wat Ratchaorasaram Pier Departure 8 am Return 5 pm 2. Passenger Boat: Rajini (Pakkhlong Talat) Pier* Wat Paknum* *Bus

Opening Hours:
Temple: Daily 5 am-8 pm Ubosot: Daily 8-9 am
4:30-6 pm

Admission Free:
Free Admission

Annual Festival (April)

Listed by Fine Arts Dept.: 1962

Wat Ratchaorasaram Institute

Permission required for taking photo inside Bldg.

In the Temple compound
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