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Phuket - Natures Own Amphitheater of Entertainment

Breathtaking scenery silhouetted with the most amazing tropical sunset- this is Phuket, home to Asia's most spectacular beaches. Phuket is Thailand's largest island sprawling with travelers round the year to to be a part of the fun-filled sandy beaches of the blue ocean. The most famous beach in Phuket is undeniably the Patong Beach, which is an ideal place to play during the day and exhaust yourself partying hard at night.

Centered around tourism, Phuket has left no stone unturned to amaze you with fun and adventure popping up at even the most unlikely of places. There are loads of other beaches as well which promise entertainment, but often preferred by individuals and families seeking a relaxing and serene environment.

It's not only the beaches which attract travelers, but there are other enticements as well which draw them to the travel paradise. Phuket waterfalls attract a lot of people who seek a cool and soothing place for a great dip and at the same time, want to top it up with a picnic! The waterfalls are mostly located in the surrounding tropical forests and require a bit of trekking which offers the chance to peek at the wildlife. The Khao Phra Thaeo National Park and the Sirinath National Park offer travelers with a heavy dose of adrenaline laced adventure which includes trekking, elephant safari, and canoing or rafting.

There are several viewpoints from where you can get a panoramic view of the tropical sunsets or sunrises, but for people who like to enjoy the beauty of nature in seclusion, it's best to go in the early morning. Phuket has its own share of history and a visit to the beautiful Wat Chalong Buddhist Temple gives you a glimpse of the life of the legendary Buddhist monk, Luang Poh Cham. The island of Phuket is full of adventure and it actually grabs the attention of the traveler who loves to let out that extra bit of sweat to discover the uncharted attractions of a place.

An extra yard from the sandy beaches of Phuket, lies the adventure of scuba diving, letting you discover the underwater life along the beautiful coral reefs. Jet-skiing and para-sailing are equally popular and offer the promise of a pure adrenaline rush. Another attraction of Phuket is the electrifying marvel of Muay Thai, locally known as Muay Thai, held in a specially built stadium on Soi Bangla.

Travelers can witness the pure passion of Thailand's historic sport amidst the cheers of the crowds and the strains of drums and trumpets accompanying the fight right from the beginning to end. For travelers who like to play it cool and clean, can go for the international standard golf courses in Phuket, each one of which offers a spectacular scenery which makes every moment cherished and makes you crave for more!

Anxious about where you can put up! Phuket hotels offers a wide range of accommodation options from budget to luxury stays. Nearly all the hotels in Phuket are in set in admirable locations and offer an easy access and getaway with the availability of taxis and rental cars, or even bikes to explore the island of Phuket.

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Phuket - Natures Own Amphitheater of Entertainment
By Alexs Albert

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The Krabi Beach - Top 7 Places You Must See And Do

Krabi lies southwest of Andaman coast in Thailand. When people talk about Krabi, they often refer to the entire province. Krabi province area includes the Phi Phi islands, Ao Nang resort area, Railay Beach peninsula, Koh Lanta and Krabi town. There are many day tours and sea activities you can do. In order to save you time, here are the top seven activities or places you must see or do when you are in Krabi Thailand.

1) Krabi Hot Spring

A visit to Krabi natural hot spring is a must. There are many hollowed-out 'bathtubs' which are caused by the running water from the thermal springs. You can experience the warm water massaging your back as you relax into one of the natural 'bathtubs'.

2) Emerald Pool

Krabi Emerald pool as its name suggest is also known as 'Crystal Pool' or 'Sra Morakot' in Thai. This is an rich-hued natural pool at the center of the forest, filled with glistening clear spring water. The radiant water turns greenish blue during the day and pale green in the evening. You will be utterly seduced by the intensity of the pool's turquoise colored water and take a cool refreshing swim.

3) Elephant trekking

This will be one of the exciting activities you must experience.The elephant ride will take you through rubber plantations, muddy trails, little streams and the journey last for one hour. There is a specially made sedan secured on top of every elephant and you will be high up above the ground and swaying to the rhythm of the elephant's foot steps. There are many tour operators that provide elephant trekking excursions and they treat their elephants well. You can easily find them in Ao Nang beach.

4) Krabi Crystal stream

Krabi Crystal stream is well known for its crystal clear water. Krabi crystal stream has a unique location where the seawater mix with freshwater during the high-tide period. The water is so clear that you can even see the bottom of the stream. You will definitely take a dip and have a cool, invigorating swim.

5) Wat Tham Suea (Tiger Cave Temple)

Wat Tham Sua temple resides on top of a 600 m high karst peak. Karst are vertical outcrops of limestone which can be as high as 800m. There is a steep climb up of 1237 steps to the view point but you will be rewarded with magnificent views of Krabi and a huge buddhist statue.

6) Krabi Hong Island Tour

Once you are in Ao Nang beach, you must take the Hong island day tour which consists of five island hopping. Hong island tour includes the tranquil Hong island lagoon where it is totally enclosed by majestic cliffs and thick mangrove trees. You can see the calm, translucent emerald water which is relatively shallow. Hong island is great for lazing around soft and white sandy beach and getting a nice tan. You can also hit the clear blue water for some swimming and snorkeling possibilities.

7) Krabi Sea Kayaking

Krabi provides the perfect environment for sea kayaking because Krabi's coastline consist of small coves and fascinating cave systems. You will explore interior lagoons and mysterious limestone caves which can only be accessed at low tide through sea kayaking. You will also experience open sea kayaking and see magnificent Krabi canyons and glide into sea caves.

Words does not fully describe the beauty of Krabi Emerald pool and Hong island lagoon.

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The Krabi Beach - Top 7 Places You Must See And Do
By Scott Knight

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The Krabi Island Hopping - Which Islands You Must Definitely Visit

Krabi has the best natural scenery in all of Thailand with its stunning coastline and offshore islands. It is easy to hire a speedboat or longtail boat to enjoy a day of exciting island hopping.

Krabi boasts 132 islands under its jurisdiction and the large majority of these islands are deserted. Ao Nang beach in Krabi is a spring board to islands hopping tours. You can buy longtail boat tickets at Ao Nang beach for your island hopping tours.

The 'Four Islands' tour

The Four Island Tour consist of trips to local islands namely Chicken island, Poda island and Tub island. These islands makes picture perfect memories. You will also see the beautiful Phra Nang Bay on Railay peninsula. This beach is inaccessible by road as it is surrounded by limestone cliffs. Phra Nang Bay is considered to be one of the most beautiful beach in the world.

Hong Island

This is a five-island Hong Island tour, which visits four beautiful islands in a pristine part of the Tharnbok Khoranee National Marine Park. 'Hong' in Thai which translates to room in English. This "island of rooms" is a perfect escape away from Krabi mainland. There is also a slightly enclosed lagoon in the middle of Hong island which is tranquil and has turquoise water. Hong island is truly a desert island paradise renowned for its breath-taking beauty, shallow coral reefs and fine sandy beaches.

Phi Phi Islands

It is highly recommended to take one full day trip to the Phi Phi Islands from Ao Nang beach. Phi Phi Islands consist of Phi Phi Don and Phi Phi Ley which form part of the Hat Noppharat Thara - Koh Phi Phi National Park and is considered 'the jewels of the Andaman Sea'.

Phi Phi Islands are located south west of Krabi, these breathtakingly beautiful islands exhibit lovely coral gardens and deep reefs, perfect for diving and snorkeling. Phi Phi Islands and Maya Bay were shooting locations for Leonardo Dicaprio's film "The Beach" movie. The journey takes only forty five minutes by speedboat and one hour by longtail boat from Ao Nang beach.

Words does not fully describe the beauty of Phi Phi islands and Hong island lagoon.
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The Krabi Island Hopping - Which Islands You Must Definitely Visit
By Scott Knight

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Top reasons to visit Bangkok


Bangkok is legendary for its retail opportunities - nowhere else can you find the same choice, quality and prices. There's more here to discover than the famous Khao San Road; from modern air-conditioned malls with the latest Prada and Gucci to the exciting night markets where traders bring their wares from all over the country. Barter for a great deal on handicrafts, textiles, gems, jewellery and furniture. Wandering around the local markets not only do you find great bargains but also gain an insight into the life and culture behind the high-rises in this bustling city.


In recent years Thai cuisine has grown in popularity in the West and a visit here confirms its place as one of the world's best. The diversity is amazing: spicy salads from the North East, the famous curries from the central plains and seafood from the South - Bangkok encompasses the country's best. You're never far from the enticing aromas from nearby restaurants or street-side noodle stands, Thais have a passion for food and you'll find it everywhere. The world's cuisine can be found here too, from French fine-dining to the freshest Japanese sushi, American steakhouses to Korean barbeque. It's the Thai food that's the major draw though and you can even join a cookery course to learn the secrets of the delicate balance of flavours in this most mouth-watering of cuisines


This is a city of contrasts and the nightlife here is justifiably famous. From notorious Patpong to genteel piano bars there really is something for everyone stretching far beyond the old naughty image and it's all relaxed, safe and enjoyable. Bangkok is fast becoming popular with the international in-crowd as ultra cool nightclubs vie for attention with excellent live music venues. You'll be astounded by the heady choice of things to do at night - in their continual search for sanuk (fun) the locals have made Bangkok the city that never sleeps.


Bangkok's culture clash is a major part of its charm. As you wander through a concrete thoroughfare alive with car horns and the shouts of street stall traders, you suddenly smell incense and chance upon a Thai temple, an oasis of tranquility and beauty. Wat Phra Kaew (Temple of the Emerald Buddha) and the Grand Palace must be seen for their soaring roofs, gleaming gilded spires and decorated pillars. The city has over 400 temples varying in architectural styles and some of Thailand's best and most unusual museums. The pace of this city is fast and furious, but take the opportunity to wander away from the main tourist areas and step into the 'soi' (backstreets) to see the quieter, more gentle side of life. The real Bangkok is all of this - a city where novice monks mingle with backpackers and ancient chedi sit next to modern hotels.


Thailand has many traditional and interesting sports like takraw, similar to volleyball but using any part of the body apart from the hands! It is perhaps Muay Thai or Thai kick-boxing that is most famous however and Bangkok boasts two of Asia's main stadia for the sport. This is one of the toughest martial arts and bouts include kicking, punching and displays of great agility. Successful competitors have trained from an early age and acquire cult status amongst the sport's followers. The bigger fights are generally held at weekends amid great excitement and mayhem and a visit to Bangkok is not complete without a ticket to an evening at Lumpini or Ratchadamnoen.

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Live Music On Patpong : More Of The Same?

If as my Fuhrer suggests there is a plot to make the gogo bars of Patpong redundant by swamping the notorious acreage with live music venues instead, then the master plan is doomed to failure I’m afraid.
It’s true that there we now have the Muzzik Café, Radio City, the recently-added Twilo and the King’s Garden all offering live bands, but they are, it has to be said, very sad versions of the real thing. Live music should at the every least be LIVE as in ALIVE, to get the punters a-movin and a-groovin’, but the way things are now, you will need truck loads of speed or other uppers to get the thin crowds off their arses in the four venues we visited.

Let me qualify that sweeping indictment with the news that I too am a musician, so I am careful with any criticism when it comes to the output of the Brotherhood of Groove Merchants of which I am one. And to be fair, I am really having it out with the venues here rather than with the bands in Patpong, some of whom were actually not that bad.

But that’s the point – ‘not that bad’ doesn’t cut it at all!

We are talking about live entertainment in one of the most visited and most famous streets for entertainment in the world, and the bands should be nothing less than awesome and blinding and unmatched in Asia at the very least!

You can find any of the offending bars within walking distance of each other on Patpong 1 and they are all actually near neighbours with three of them at least owned and operated by the same company.

As you come down Patpong on your right you will see the latest addition to Susu’s empire – the rather oddly named Twilo Bar. It is a rather plastic looking, though comfortable and spacious enough bar with a broad stage and some very good sound equipment. Like one of the other three venues under the same management – Radio City – there is no music here until 10 pm which strikes me as kinda odd since the street is heaving with people from 7 pm. But Twilo was new and pretty and dead when we arrived at 9:30 pm. And of course, it was totally devoid of any custom too.

So we left and headed for Muzzik Café just a short block away on the same side of the street and there the seven-piece band ‘Geb And I’ were pounding out reggae, rock and pop hits to the satisfaction of a few customers at least. And very good this band was too, if not the best in town.

The Muzzik Café opened at the tail end of last century and has not changed a centimeter since. Here’s what one friend said about the place: “A different kind of venue…like a poor-man’s Hard Rock Cafe, it features deafening live bands, London prices and clingy freelancers.” Nor will you be impressed by the sand coloured, fibreglass and wrought iron interior with its corny detail, but it’s all very inoffensive and reasonably comfortable if you are just out to impress your recently-acquired partner from a nearby gogo bar. Two drinks will cost you three hundred baht and if you are enjoying your girl and the music you won’t care. You can sit outside, inside or at the bars facing into and out of the main room, and it packs in about 200 punters by the end of a busy night. But me and My Girl were on a mission, so drinks tucked away, we headed for the King’s Bar, literally around the corner on Patpong 2. Busy with music from nine, this place is staffed to handle hundreds although it may be a little over the top as the palce is not designed to hold hundreds. The King Band were in full swing when we arrived with Scorpion and tunes and more of the same culled from the charts of the past. Musical, tight and predictable but the two dozen or so punters already there were enjoying it and the place gets very busy the later it gets. However I can not prove how busy it was as the staff stopped me from taking pictures so we finished our Heinekens and left – me in a huff. And no comment.

So that left Radio City back towards the main drag on the right hand side going out towards Silom. There things were now underway but music here only started at 10 pm and the President Band were in full swing as we ordered our beers, roasted cashew nuts, chicken wings and spicy squid salad.

This is the first band I ever saw at Radio City as much as eight or nine years ago, and yes they still play much of the same material. Their Carlos Santana look-a-like guitarist plays great covers of Santana classics, they still do Deep Purple’s Smoke On the Water and throw in The Stones, Neil Young, Scorpions and of course The Eagles, and you know there will no musical surprises here. But that’s maybe what tourist-driven venues are expected to deliver. Competent bands playing predictable favourites well. I mean they cause no pain and I have to class it as harmless fun. The place was filling up as they got going and by eleven the Elvis impersonator was on and driving the international contingent of pissheads crazy.

Need I say more? We left soon after he got started at 11:30 pm and apparently he gets the boot when Tom Jones arrives at a half hour past midnight. So there is a god!

That meant we had to pass the Twilo Bar again on the way out of Patpong, so we stopped in for a beer to check out the band now on stage – complete with sequencer. Yes, and suddenly we had tunes from JLO, Puff Daddy, Eminem and others from the hip hop/rap scene from a very tight band of farang and Thai musicians known as The Chronics –and the manager insisted that was their name! The place was still empty as perhaps it just looks too nightclubbish for the girly part of town, but I dare say it filled up towards 2 am. It’s a youngsters’ hang out and the bar girls will love it as they can dance to all the latest hits too if they can persuade some punter to buy them out.

Its either that or head upstairs at Radio City where the Lucifer’s Disco is still going great guns and very well it should because it still looks great, has great music and there is room to dance and hang out too. Though it has to be said it is not the biggest disco in town.
Live Music On Patpong : More Of The Same?

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Patpong in Bangkok

Although Patpong Road is probably the most famous street in Bangkok, it is in fact two small streets - Patpong 1 and Patpong 2. Located between Silom Road and Surawongse Road, Patpong 1 and Patpong 2 run alongside each other and house more Go-Go bars than you could possibly imagine! These days, though, many people come to Patpong for good shopping rather than visiting bars.

The street stalls in the middle of the road offer just about everything you want � a really perfect place to pick up gifts for people back home. A word of warning: The Patpong street stalls take up a lot of road space leaving very little room for people to walk. If you have difficulty walking, or you are wheelchair bound, it might be best to avoid the Patpong area, or at least visit very early evening.

Patpong's ground-floor Go-Go bars are probably the best places to visit. Unless you are very sure of where you are going, try to avoid the second-floor bars. There are occasions when people have been seriously overcharged in some of these bars and although it�s a bit unfair on the properly managed establishments, avoiding the second-floor might mean avoiding unpleasantness. Small beers and spirits should cost in the region of 100 Baht.

How to get there: The nearest BTS Station is Saladaeng and the nearest MRT station is Silom. From both Saladaeng and Silom you need to walk down Silom Road away from Lumini Park. When you see a MacDonalds on your left, Patpong is on your right.

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Search your destination; get as much information as possible about the places you plan to visit. Get yourself familiar with local customs and policy.


o Find travel insurance, if possible with the plan that provides direct, immediate payment to the medical provider.

o Before you depart, photocopy your documents and ticket so it would be easier to replace them if they are lost or stolen.

o Keep a low profile. Try to mingle in with the locals as best you can. Leave expensive jewels and precious valuables at home.

o Do not talk about your travel plans with others.

o Stay alert, particularly in high-risk countries.

o Do not expose your valuables (documents, money, jewels, etc.), keep them protected in the hotel.

o Carry only little quantity of cash.

o Wear a hidden money belt; keep your essential documents and money in it.

o Keep a copy of your passport in your money belt at all times.

o Every time you use your credit card, keep an eye on it until it returned to you. Check credit cards when they returned.

o Never leave your personal documents unattended.

o Admire local customs and regulations.

o Deal only with authorized agents when you exchange money or purchase art or antiques.

o If you get into any difficulty, contact the nearest embassy.

o If you are unfamiliar with the local language, write down some key phrases in the local language.

o Memorize or write down a local emergency numbers.

o In case of theft, report immediately to Police and if you'll be making an insurance claim. Thefts of traveler's checks must be reported within 24 hours.


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Night Bazaar at Chiang Mai

Chiang Mai’s Night Bazaar is on Changklan Road, from the junction with Thapae road to the south, and is said to be the biggest in Thailand. The market is open everyday from sunset until midnight; the area’s mild climate year around transform the wandering between the stall into a very pleasant activity.

The bazaar has a romantic history. It originated when Yunnanese trading caravans used to stop near the Ping River along the ancient trade route between Simao (China) and Mawlamyaing (on Martaban Coast in Myanmar's Gulf). The clearest sight of this past is the Ban Ho community at the northeastern side of the bazaar. They are Chinese from Yunnan and were in contact with Lanna as caravan traders since old times. In 1887 a group of them settled in Chiang Mai and built the mosque Hidayatun as the center of their community

Being Chiang Mai the textile capital of the country, clothes of all types and brands are the main attraction; but a plethora of stalls sells every kind of souvenirs, handicrafts, knick-knacks and keepsakes. Bargaining hard is essential and a fun part of the experience. The bazaar can get overwhelmingly crowded, especially in the rainy season; then colorful plastic sheets protect the merchandise and create a colorful kaleidoscopic view of an unordered array of narrow, plastic alleys.

The modernization process of the city did not skip this area, and behind the shaky stalls are several arcades and shopping centers selling popular international brands. Starbucks Coffee and all the fast food franchises are well represented here as well, providing thus opportunities for air-conditioned breaks during the shopping spree. Adding to the souvenirs overflow, Starbucks offers a special Chiang Mai cup decorated in an attractive design; if buying it, the coffee to fill it is free.

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Had Khanom – Mu Ko Thaletai Nation Park

At present, under the process of appointment as a national park, which shall cover part of the following local: Khlong Thong, Khlong Reng, Khao Ok, Khao Thong Not, Pa Khao Chai Son, Len Khlong Khanom, Khao Fee Hai, Khao Wang, Khao Krot, Chai Kram-Wat Pradu, Khao Hua Chang Forest and 8 islands namely, Ko Mut Tang, Ko Mut Kong, Ko Rap, Ko Hua Ta Khe, Ko Wang Nai, Ko Wang Nak, Ko Noi and Ko Ta Rai, all in Sichon and Khanom District, Nakhon Si Thammarat province, and Ko Samui District, Surat Thani.

Most of the area is covered with lush primary forest which is the originating point for many creeks, from which water is used by the locals for consumption and agricultural activities. Some of the areas are of limestone mountain and quite healthy mangrove forest.

Influence from the South-Westerly wind and North-Easterly wind results in rainfall almost all year round. However, there are 2 seasons altogether, which are summer (February – April) and rainy season (May – January).

Flora and Fauna
Forests in the area are:
Primary forests with valuable plants such as Intsia palembanica, Dipterocarpus sp., Ironwood, Sandoricum Koetjape and Indian Oak.
Mangrove forests with valuable plants such as Mangroves, Taboon and Thespesia populneoides.
Limestone Mountain also exists with plants such as Chanpah and Opuntia elatior.
Can be classified as follows:
Mammals – Sus scrofa (wild pig), Monkey, Semno, Squirrel, Menetes berdmorei (Indochinese ground squirred), Naemorhedus sumatraensis, Muntiacus muntjak, Ursus malayanus, Tiger, Barking deer, Gibbon and Malayan sun bear.
Birds – Spilornis cheela (Cnested), Treron curvirostra (Thick-Billed Pigeon), Copsychus saularis (Oreintal), shama, dove, cormorant, Nicobar pigeon, seagull, Egretta sacra (Pacific Reef-Egret) and Ducula aenea (Green Impevial)
Reptiles – consists of tortoise, snakes and chameleon.
Amphibians – different kinds of frogs, Bufo asper.
Other aquatic life – Channa striatus (Sepenthead), crab, shrimp, saltwater fish, brook carp and snakehead

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Khanom Golden Beach Resort

The Khanom Golden Beach Hotel is located directly on Nadan-Beach, at the middle of the unspoiled Khanom Bay. The 10 kilometre-long Bay is the ideal place for Guests, who search for silence and relaxation in a warm climate. Long-time-vacationers will enjoy to stay in a tropical climate, while wintertime is at home.

Kanom Golden Beach Hotel offers direct access to the beach, the waves in Khanom Bay are mostly quiet, so that everyone can swim safely. To both sides, smaller resorts change with bungalows, fisher-cottages and some solid-built houses, embedded in palm-groves. The scenic picture is complemented by mountains and natural forest. Pink dolphins are sometimes seen fishing and playing in the bay, while the local fishers go out with their small boats almost daily to land fresh fish, shrimps and crab, which are a favourite in our restaurant.

The district of Khanom has approximately 25.000 inhabitants. The next village is called Si-Yaek, and about 1,5 km from Khanom Golden Hotel. It can be easily reached by foot, there is a small market with fresh fruit and vegetables, local restaurants and many small businesses, even 3 bank offices. Motorcycles and car taxi service is available almost everywhere. The small town of Khanom is another 3.5 kilomtres away and 5 km distant from the Khanom Golden Beach Resort. Both places are connected by a good road, there are administrative offices, a police-station, a post office and several banks. Small supermarkets offers everything for the local demand and the busy fishing port provides the excellent seafood from the Gulf of Siam that is served freshest in our restaurant.

Another 20 minutes on by car, Donsak Pier is reached, from where the ferries to the well-known island of Koh Samui are leaving. For tour guides, car rental, bicycles and air-conditioned chauffeur-driven minibus services, please ask at the reception desk.

Khanom Golden Beach Hotel features 70 spacious double rooms, with french or separate beds and 9 suites with 2 separated bedrooms and kitchen. The deluxe rooms are comfortably furnished, have a Thai-style balcony with the view to the sea, a refrigerator with minibar, a television set with satellite channels and an IDD telephone. You can choose between double bed or twin bed rooms. The bathrooms come with shower and hot water.

Junior Suites at Kanom Golden Beach Resort are conveniently equipped with a double and a single bed and overlook the beachside pool and Khanom Bay.

Khanom Golden Hotel has a spacious lobby to relax or to read books, 2 internet terminals for those who need to stay connected, a restaurant and breakfast room with extensive terrace, a swimmingpool with small pool bar, pool and towels free of use, sun chairs at the beach and showers.

Khanom Golden Beach Hotel
59/3 Moo 4, Nadan Beach, Khanom Nakhon Si Thammarat, Thailand 80210

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Rachakiri Resort & Spa Hotels on Nai Plao Beach in Khanom

Racha Kiri Resort & Spa is a new boutique resort on the gorgeous peninsula of Nai Plao Beach overlooking the blue sea of the Gulf of Thailand. The resort is unique in its beauty, unspoiled nature, surrounding seas and its landscape.

Rachakiri Resort Kanom, the pride of Nakorn Sri Thammarat, a five star service resort complete with all facilities and spa varieties. Enjoy yourself with a true resort paradise and an unspoiled beauty of white sandy beach. Enjoy relaxing days in the Racha Spa or during excursions to famous islands like the Angthong Archipel or the smaller South Sea islands Rab Islands or Tan Island.

Racha-Kiri Resort and Spa offers different room types to match your desire: Deluxe Room, Junior Suite, Spa Suite and Grand Suite. Each room type is fully decorated in contemporary Thai style with Southern flavour. Each room is outstanding with its size and spacious terrace offering you to be closer to nature.

Rachakhiri Resort and Spa comes with superior facilities, which include a large swimming pool, our Racha Spa and a Fitness room. Available sea sports and activities include diving or snorkelling, kayaking, trekking and bicycling. Cruise around by speed boat to famous islands like the Angthong Archipel, Koh Samui, Koh Pa-ngan or the smaller South Sea islands like Rab Islands or Tan Island. At Night, cruise along the river to experience an ever enchanting "White Christmas" formed by fireflies.

We have a full range of spa treatments at Racha Spa including additional facilities like Jacuzzi, sauna and steam room.Your holiday will be ever more relaxing with our specially designed Spa Treats.

Racha Khiri Resort Khanom is located opposite the well-known Koh Samui and Full Moon Party Islands, just 15 minutes from the ferry pier to Koh Samui. Travelling to Racha Kiri Hotel & Spa is easy and convenient. You may fly from Bangkok to either Surat Thani or Nakorn Srithammarat. Then it takes 50 minutes drive to get to the resort paradise where you will experience a true holiday.

At Racha Kiri Resort you can enjoy a relaxing time at our pool bar and have dinner at Kanabnaam Terrace where you will have a great panoramic scene of the sunset. We guarantee for its romance. Every staff at Racha Khiri Hotel is here to make you enjoy every moments of your stay or a visit. Your holiday will be a memorable experience at Racha Khiri Resort and Spa.

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Khanom Golden Beach Hotel

Khanom Golden Beach Hotel is situated directly on the beach on Nakhon Si Thammarat�s coastline, a paradise away from mass-tourism. Renowned for it's unspoiled natural beauty, this region has marvelous, uncrowded beaches, a nearby fishermen's village, a national park with an excursion to the nearby caves and water falls, and is close to the famous Ko Samui.

This deluxe hotel is situated directly on the white sandy Nadan Beach lined with picturesque coconut trees and lapped by clear blue water. Only 2 kms. Down is the next village, a bank, and a market. Built in 2000, the hotel was tastefully decorated with modern Thai style featuring luxurious amenities and facilities. Your private balcony faces the Gulf of Thailand, the perfect way to catch the sunrise and to begin your day.

Services and Facilities

Fitness Center & Aerobic Studio
Swimming Pool
Water Sports including Sailing, Windsurfing, Sea kayak, Diving courses, Scuba diving, Snorkelling
Fishing Point nearby
Bicycle and Tent for rent
Money Exchange
Tour & Transportation Services


Room rates inclusive of service charge, VAT, local tax and daily breakfast
Room rates exclusive of New Year Festival and Songkran Festival
Check out time : 12 noon
Superior Executive Suite, Grand Executive Suite, Honeymoon Suite only have King size bed
Khanom Golden Beach Hotel
59/3 Moo 4, Nadan Beach, Khanom, NAKHON SI THAMMARAT, Thailand

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Tuesday, May 13, 2008

The Sights of Bangkok in Thailand

One of the most popular destinations in Asia to visit over recent years has been Thailand. This of course has also coincided with the booming popularity of Thai cuisine around the world. Bangkok, the capital city of Thailand, is the main entry point where the vast majority of tourists to Thailand will use.

Bangkok is a very interesting city because in addition to the usual modern buildings of offices, hotels and shopping centers, there are also about 400 exotic Thai temples that seem to stick out among the urban landscape. There are Thai citizens on the streets dressed in modern business clothing as well as Buddhist monks in saffron robes. Yet this is what part of Thailand is. The traditional mixed in with the modern. In fact, it’s the traditional attractions that make Thailand so magical. The temples are sights that one just cannot see in the western world. They are like objects that popped out of an Asian fairy tale.

Like many other large Asian cities, Bangkok is congested with traffic, people and pollution. In fact, the air can be bad enough that there are locals wearing surgical masks in the streets. With an average annual temperature of 28 degrees Celsius or 83 degrees Fahrenheit, it can be somewhat uncomfortable outside for some tourists, especially those from northern climates. Also beware that there will be people on the streets who will try to hustle tourists and direct them to their own businesses and tours. But unlike places in the Caribbean, Thais are polite and not aggressive people. For example, once upon arrival at the international airport, there will be people within the terminal including the ones at the booths who will be offering taxi transportation to your hotel. Although these are legit, they will charge a premium compared to the taxis waiting outside the terminal. There is a similar situation at the hotels. The taxis waiting right outside the main hotel entrances do seem to quote more than those waiting on the side streets just further down. The three-wheeled ‘tuk tuk’ vehicles also vary a lot so it may be wise to ask for quotes from a few drivers rather than taking the first one you see. The tuk tuks are a fun ride by the way so they should be experienced at least once while in Bangkok. The city also has various public buses and river taxis which are long boats used on the river canal system. A nice way to spend some time is to take a ride on one of these river taxis to cruise the canals which some refer to as the ‘Venice of the East’.

The Grand Palace is probably the most visited attraction in Bangkok. This complex is surrounded by walls built in 1783 and contains government offices, royal residences monuments and the Emerald Buddha Chapel. The Royal Chapel which contains the Emerald Buddha is the monarch’s private chapel. The Buddha itself is actually a one piece jade sitting on top of a golden altar. It’s not a large Buddha but it is very special. Apparently, they change the Buddha’s clothing which is also made of gold on a seasonal basis. There are numerous monuments on the grounds that are dedicated to past monarchs. Walls with large mythological scenes are displayed throughout. The buildings and monuments within the Grand Palace have some very striking colors including golds and greens. Gold color is used quite a lot and the distinctively curved Thai roofs on the buildings are very detailed. Equally stunning are some of the interiors of these buildings with their magnificent rooms and halls used for different ceremonies and events. Some of these halls have special royal altars.

One temple not to miss is Wat Pho which is the Temple of the Reclining Buddha. It features a giant Buddha lying on its side. Even the soles of this Buddha’s feet have very intricately detailed designs. Other nice temples to see are Wat Arun (Temple of Dawn) and Wat Benchamabophit (Marble Temple). The Wat Pho temple has traditional Thai massage services which are very popular among tourists. Other temples such as Wat Mahathat and Wat Parinayok also have Thai massages available. The Royal Barges or long boats which are used during ceremonies on the river are also nice to see. The details put into decorating these boats are just remarkable.

For wildlife enthusiasts, there’s the Pasteur Institute’s Snake Farm where poisonous snakes are fed daily and visitors can watch handlers milk cobras for their venom. There is also the world’s largest Crocodile Farm. The national sport of Thai kickboxing can be seen at two different stadiums in Bangkok. Both the Ratchadamnoen and Lumphini stadiums feature events throughout the week on different days. Thai theatre and traditional dance are very interesting to watch as cultural entertainment. These can be seen at theatres as well as some of the top hotels in the city.

Bangkok has some good shopping opportunities especially for jewelry, handicrafts and textiles including silks as well as cottons. As in other locations in Asia, vendors in the streets will expect some bargaining of prices where the retail stores have fixed prices. Just like in Hong Kong, Bangkok has many custom tailors who can make suits, shirts and dresses for clients within 24 hours. Some will even delivery the finished clothing to your hotel free of charge.

There are some general guidelines of etiquette in Thailand that should be followed by all visitors. The Thai royal family is revered in this country so no outsider should ever make any even slightly negative remarks about the country’s monarchy. Temples should not be entered unless one is covered with long pants or skirts. Shorts and shoulderless tops are not permitted in temples. Footwear is always removed prior to entering any temple. Images and statues of Buddha, even postcards, are considered sacred in Thailand so one should never climb on one or do anything that will show disrespect. Public displays of affection between men and women are also frowned upon. Of course this seems to be a complete contradiction to Bangkok’s famous red light and adult entertainment districts such as Patpong. But this is yet another example of the contrast that’s found in Thailand.

The attractions in Bangkok warrant a few days stay in the city before heading out to other parts of Thailand where there’s much less pollution and more beautiful natural scenery. Bangkok has good air connections with other Asian destinations as well so it can easily be fit into a larger tour of Asia.

The Sights of Bangkok in Thailand
by: Clint Leung

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Monday, May 12, 2008

Wat Phra That Phanom ,NaKorn Phanom

Located 60 kilometers from Mukdahan Province and 76 kilometers from Nacome Phanom Province the Wat is situated in the small Province of That Phanom. My girlfriend and her family took me to this sacred temple during my stay in Mukdahan.

That Phanome Province is situated on the Mekong which borders Laos.

The first building on this site is said to have been built eight years after the death of Buddha or around 2500 years ago. The site has seen frequent restorations since that time and houses a relic of Buddha said to be his collar bone. In 1975 the Wat was closed due to heavy rains caving in the Pagoda which houses the relic, the relic was subsequently removed and housed elsewhere while the Pagoda was rebuilt. The Pagoda has a height of 57 meters and the very top of the Pagoda is solid gold weighing in at 110 kilograms. The outer buildings and courtyards were built much later and are very beautiful.

Outside the Wat is a large market that is very busy on the weekends and religious holidays.

This is a wonderful day trip not to be missed if you are in the area. We spent considerable time in the Wat and were blessed by the monks. The market was great and we had a very nice picnic lunch with the whole family in the market’s courtyard.

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Where To Go In Thailand?

You have lots of choices in Thailand for a vacation and you need to figure out exactly what you plan to do while you are there.

Your first stop will be in the capital, Bangkok and you should plan to stay there for a few days, especially if this is your first visit to Thailand. There are river boat dinners, short ½ day trips to beautiful temples, and longer jaunts to the old capital, Ayudhaya, or visit the site of the Bridge on the River Kwae in Kanchanaburi for some WWII history.

If you like the beach, you have numerous choices. You can go to Pattaya, which is about 1 ½ hour drive from Bangkok, or you can catch a short flight to Phuket or Koh Samui. If you really want to see pristine beaches and emerald water, go to Krabi. You can dive, snorkel, or swim to your heart's content.

If you prefer cooler weather, head up north to Chiang Mai or Chiang Rai and visit the temples and hill-tribe people. Local handicrafts, the Golden Triangle, and more await you in Northern Thailand.

For a very laid back vacation (my favorite), head to the northeast to an area referred to as Isaan (or Isan, or Esarn). This is a an area that includes Udorn Thani, Korat, Khon Kaen, Surin and some more smaller towns and villages. The pace is slower, the people friendlier and the cost of living about 50% less than in the touristy areas.
I have been to Pattaya, Phuket, Koh Samui, Bangkok and many other cities in the Land of Smiles. My favorite is Khon Kaen. Located about a 55 minute flight from the old Don Muang Airport, Khon Kaen is an excellent mix of old and new.

I can purchase software and DVDs at the Oasis mall or sit on a picnic table under thatched roof overlooking the river while I eat my jumbo prawns and drink a cold Singha. I can visit a number of temples or go to a disco. I can hang out with the expatriates neat the Sofitel Hotel or go to night market at the University.

I can have dinner at a restaurant along the man-made lake while half the city is out jogging. I can go shopping at malls and outlet store that compare to any in the United States. I can even call and have pizza or chicken delivered to my hotel room.

I will be looking to invest in some property in Khon Kaen during my next vacation. I want to lease a house and start getting ready for my retirement in about 2 years. From what I have seen online, I can purchase a brand new3 bedroom, 2 bathroom, 2-story house for about $50,000 USD. That would be just about enough for a down payment where I live in Hawaii.

No matter what you are looking for, Thailand has it all. And it will be a lot cheaper than where you live now.

You can spend your days at the beach and your nights pursuing dreams of youth at all the nightspots. You can relax on a small island or go trekking in the jungles. Whatever you want to do, you can do it in Thailand.

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Larry Westfall is a frequent traveler to the Land of Smiles - Thailand - and books his Pattaya hotel rooms through Pattaya Beach Hotels
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Where To Go In Thailand?
By: lar

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Southern Thailand: the Andaman Coast

Southern Thailand: the Andaman Coast
Author: Moonoi

As Highway 4 switches from the east flank of the Thailand peninsula to the Andaman coast it enters a markedly different country : nourished by rain nearly all the year round, the vegetation down here is lushly tropical, with forests replacing up to 80m in height, and massive rubber and coconut plantations replacing the rice and sugar-cane fields of central Thailand.

In this region’s heartland the drama of the landscape is enhanced by sheer limestone crags, topographical hallmarks that spike every horizon and make for stunning views from the road. Even more spectacular and the main crowd-puller – is the Andaman Sea itself : translucent turquoise and so clear in some places that you can see to a depth of 30m, it harbors the country’s largest coral reefs and is far and away the top diving area in Thailand.

Unlike the Gulf coast, the Andaman coast is hit by the southwest monsoon form May to October, when the rain and high seas render some of the outer islands inaccessible. However, conditions aren’t generally severe enough to ruin a holiday on the other islands, while the occasional mainland cloudburst is offset by the advantage of notably less expensive and crowded accommodation. Although some bungalows at the smaller resorts shut down entirely during low season.

Eager to hit the high-profile beaches of Phuket and Krabi, most people either fly over the first three-hundred-kilometer stretch of the west coast or ass through it on an overnight bus, thereby missing out on the lushly forested hills of Ranong province and bypassing several gems: the tiny and still idyllic island of Ko Chang (not to be confused with its larger, more famous namesake off the east coast); the Ko Surin and Ko Similan island chains, whose reefs rate alongside the Maldives and the Great Barrier Reef; the enjoyable Khao Sok National Park, where you can stay in a tree-house beneath the shadows of looming limestone outcrops; and the mid-market resort of Khao Lak, which hugs the rugged mainland coast on the edge of Khao Lak National Park. Tourism begins in earnest on Phuket, Thailand’s largest island and the best place to learn to dive. The high-rises and consumerist gloss that characterize much of Phuket don’t appeal to everyone, however, and many travelers opt instead for the slightly less mainstream but very popular beaches around the former fishing village of Krabi. Nearby the stunningly beautiful Ko Phi Phi attracts a lot of attention considering its size, and is beginning to crack under the strain, so many travelers have moved on again, searching out hideaways on Ko Lanta and bringing custom to the tiny retreats of Ko Jum and Ko Bubu.

Getting to Andaman coast destinations is made easy by Highway 4, also known as the Phetkasem Highway - and usually called Thanon Phetkasem when it passes through towns. The road runs from Bangkok to the Malaysian border, and frequent air-con and ordinary busses ply this route, connecting all major – and most minor – mainland tourist destinations. There is no rail line down the Andaman coast by bus before preceding southwards. Ferries to the most popular islands usually leave several times a day (with reduced services during the monsoon season), but for more remote destinations you may have to charter your own or wait for islanders’ trading boats to pick you up. Alternatively, you fly direct to the Andaman coast: there’s a busy international airport on Phuket, plus useful local ones in Krabi and Ranong.

Khao Sok National Park – Sleep in a tree-house and wake to the sound of hooting gibbons. more ...
Ko Similan – Remote chain of islands with some of the best diving in the word. more ...
Reefs and wreaks – Dive Thailand’s finest underwater sights from Phuket, Ko Nang or Ko Phi Phi. more...
Phuket – Thailand’s largest island and p province in its own right. There are many activities of watersport, diving more...
Sea-canoeing along the Krabi coastline – The perfect way to explore the region’s myriad mangrove swamps and secret lagoons. more...
Rock climbing on Leam Phra Nang – Get a bird’s eye view of fabulous coastlal scenery. more ...
Ko Lanta – The loveliest white sand beach. more ...
Ko Jum – Tiny island where there’s nothing to do but chill out. more ...

reference info. by The Rough Guide

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Great The Asia, The Best Travel Destination .

If the time has come for your vacation or a holiday getaway, read this article before making your plans. There are many places of great beauty and interest to be seen in the USA and Europe. But, whether transportation, touring, theme park, or food and lodging, it is expensive. This article is written for every traveler, whether a backpacker on a budget, or a first class - five star traveler.

Travel in Asia is inexpensive and opens the door to different cultural experiences. Planning can be for a short holiday, an extended stay, or choices of laying the groundwork for the ultimate stay, retirement. Nowadays, with so many opportunities to make money using the Internet it is not out of the question to "retire" early.

Medical Tourism in Asia growing in popularity. It is high quality and affordable. Just one of International standard hospitals in Bangkok serves 400,000 international patients annually, In the USA cataract surgery for one eye runs around $8,000. At a prestigious International hospital in Thailand cataract surgery can be performed on both eyes for around $2,500. It is possible to have quality medical care, and an Asian holiday, for a fraction of the cost of the same procedure in the USA.

Let us take a tantalizing glimpse at just some of the countries.

Thailand - Land of Smiles. Often referred to as the most exotic country in Southeast Asia. A visit to the Grand Palace in Bangkok for sure. Trips to a floating market or to the Bridge on the River Kwai. From pristine beaches in the Southern Islands to the Northern mountains with its waterfalls, elephants bathing in mountain streams, and Hill Tribe villages.

India - Delhi is one of the oldest continually inhabited cities in the world. India Gate, an imposing structure, has emerged as one of the most popular tourist spots in Delhi. The Red Fort Delhi, a masterpiece of architecture, is a popular spot. A trip to India would not be complete without a visit to Agra, famous as the site of one of the world's most romantic, graceful and photographed buildings, the Taj Mahal.

Cambodia, Vietnam, Laos - Three small countries neighboring Thailand. Each opens a different world of exploration. Cambodia - the highlight is visiting Angkor Wat, an architectural masterpiece constructed in the jungle in the early 12th century. Vietnam - is a varied country, offering beaches, mountains and hundreds of years of history from the ancient Cham Towers to remnants from the Vietnam War. Laos - savor the crafts, culture and hospitality of Laos with a river trip, visits to ancient temples, gorgeous palaces, and traditional villages.

Nepal - Adventure, travel, trekking, birding, wildlife, and cultural & overland Safaris. Take an air flight along the Himalayas and view magnificent Mount Everest. Nearby, discover the serene beauty of Tibet, the country which inspired the Dalai Lama. .

Indonesia - Jakarta, the capital city of the world's fourth most-populous nation. Bali is Indonesia's main holiday destination. Flores is a pretty lush green island with forests, palm and banana trees, rice fields and many volcanoes. Highlights are the three small offshore islands of "Gillis" that invite snorkeling, diving and relaxing. For hikers, a climb to the top of the volcano Rijani.

Philippines - An island nation comprising over 7,000 islands in the western Pacific Ocean.
Manila, the bustling capital has powerful reminders of the country's past, along with attractive parks, fine museums, and exhilarating nightlife. The Ifugao Rice Terraces
are a testimony to the early technological advancement of the Ifugao people. Take a jeepney ride to the market. Be brave, try balut, a Philippine delicacy. Go diving in the Visayas.

Singapore - Shopping on famous Orchard Road, the dream of every woman. The Night Safari at Singapore Zoo is fabulous. Chinatown, a little glitzy, but you can buy all the souvenirs you want there. Interestingly, one of Singapore's most beautiful Hindu temples is smack dab in the middle of Chinatown. Decide if a Singapore Sling is worth the hype in the Long Bar at Raffles Hotel. There's more to Singapore than urban glitz, like rambling in the rain forest of Bukit Timah Nature Reserve.

Japan - Tokyo is the capital city and home of the Imperial Residence and Emperor's Palace. Select a popular destination or region in Japan and explore its attractions. Ride the Bullet Train to the magnificent city of Kyoto. Visit Hiroshima and the Peace Memorial Park. Castles, temples, gardens, the list of top destinations in Japan is too long for this article..

Taiwan - Taipei, the country's booming, vibrant capital remains steeped in Chinese, Japanese and native Taiwanese cultures. Some of its most impressive sights include the Grand Hotel, topped by the largest Classical Chinese roof in the world, the Shihlin Night Market, the Chiang Kai-shek Memorial with the National Theater and Concert Hall located directly across from each other on the grounds. A popular day trip is Tailuge (Taroko Gorge), considered one of the natural wonders of the world.

Hong Kong - the Pearl of East and jewel of The Orient. Nathan Road is lined with shops, restaurants, nightspots and cheap places to stay. If you're in Hong Kong with the little ones, they'll probably appreciate Ocean Park (aquarium), Water World (swimming pools and water slides), and of course Disneyland. If you're in Hong Kong for more than a few days, then there's plenty of outlying islands to discover.

It is often said that for the traveler that has seen it all and done it all, there is still Katmandu, Nepal. And, that too is in Asia!

If you do not visit Asia, you will be missing not only a paradise of affordable travel, but the chance to see an alternative living location. For retirees, it is luxury living for pennies, not just getting by on their pension. Asia, a paradise experience is waiting for you.

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How to get around Bangkok, Thailand

To start off it is good to understand what kind of transport you can get in Bangkok.

There are numerous different types of public transport, but the usual visitor or resident uses only 7 of these: Meter Taxis, Tuk Tuks, buses, canal boats, river taxis, motorbikes, and Taxis (with no meter).

Lets begin with Tuk Tuks. Aren't they cute, those little three wheeled taxis, colorfully painted and featured so much on anything to do with Thailand.

They are very cute until you get stuck in the traffic, behind the number 36 bus at about 2 in the afternoon and suck down a multitude of fumes in 10 minutes than the average smoker does in a life time... you'll say to the kids, isn't this fun....while your kids bury their heads in their Dad's armpit because it smells fresh compared to the air around them.

Okay Try a Tuku Tuk once, don't go too far and then give them up as a bad idea. Out of Bangkok they're much more fun. Tuk Tuk drivers should be haggled with, the price fixed in advance and generally you'll always get ripped off, take a taxi.

Taxis (with 4 wheels) come in two flavours, metered and no meter, although a few non meters actually have a meter concealed behind a panel in the dash board below the radio.... Taxis are great, sit back in air conditioned luxury and watch the Smiths die of carbon monoxide poisoning in a Tuk Tuk. If the driver of a Taxi objects to use his meter then tell him to take a hike, get out, do not be suckered.

Check where you are standing, if it's outside a nice big hotel , then walk up the road a bit and wave down a taxi. Unlike the US or Europe taxi drivers have to pass NO TESTS to become a taxi driver, within a few days of being inb Bangkok you will know Bangkok better than many Taxi drivers.... again if the driver seems to not know where it is you are going, get other thing, make sure you know where you are going and have a rough idea of the route, else a less honest cabby will take you o a tour of the backroads "the short cuts". If you're going a long way, take the toll way, it costs between 20 and 40 Baht, (you pay) and will save you hours of travel time.

Calling a taxi by phone costs ab extra 20 Baht, Taxis at the airport cost an extra 50 Baht. And yes there is a REGULATED taxi stand at the airport outside the main meeting zone. Don't be suckered by taxi and limo touts.

Oh yes then there are the taxis with no meter.... well if you want to use one feel'll cost about the same as a Tuk Tuk but at least you'll get Air Con....possibly.

Buses, once upon a time there were red buses, blue buses, green buses and Air Con buses, then came micro buses and then came deregulation and now there are so many buses that I really don't know what they all are...anyway if you are going to use a bus GET A BUS MAP. Then always use Air Con buses unless where you are going is not on one of their routes or your on such a tight budget that 8 to 15 Baht per person may cause you to have to go without food. Other buses vary from 3 Baht up to 20 Baht. Don't bother asking the conductor about where you want to get off, to them you are a lower lifeform (all passengers are) ask another passenger. A word about getting on and off buses. Do it FAST, buses on occasions don't stop at the bus stop they "slow" in the middle of the road and let off a stream of potential roadkill in the middle of the traffic, okay I exagerate a little but when you get your stop make sure you are already near the door and can sprint for it. Don't expect the people getting on to make way, that kind of common sense tends to fail people using the buses, their objective is to get on fast and get a seat before anyone else...which brings up seats.... don't be fooled into thinking that being a "gentleman" will get you thanks...oh no, you'll see pregnant ladies standing up while young school brats take up the seats, you'll see old ladies burdened by shopping standing while teen sweathearts hog the's a first come dog eat dog world on the buses and if you take one of the non air con buses you'll eventually see some poor person pass out....then they get a seat.

Motobikes. Yeah.... want to get somewhere fast, take a motorbike taxi, married with kids...get life insurance and a damn good helmet.

The majority of MB taxi drivers will make it their sole intent to scare you to death, to see if they can squeeze their bike through a gap that is obviously closing up faster than they are moving and to see how fast they can go on an open stretch of road...they have no fear (or sanity).... your life is in their hands and you'll soon wish it wasn't.

It is the law in Thailand that all bike riders MUST wear a crash helmet.... some of the helmets you see wouldn't project a toddler falling off a 3 wheeler.

Thai law says you have to wear a helmet, but as far as the law is can be made out of paper.

if you intend to use MB Taxis a lot then get a helmet...I did, it saved my face when the inevitable eventually happened and I slide across the road after beeing side swipped by a pick up truck.

If you can avoid MB taxis, then do. If you are in Bangkok for long enough you may eventually get to learn which MB Taxi Teams (yes they work in teams) are safer than others (or luckier than others).

Check out the bikes they are driving, a scratched up wreck will be a good hint that the driver has kissed the tarmac a few times, a brand new bike , a green horn still waiting for his first brush with death.... if you're on a bike and the driver is driving like a nut, tell him to stop and get off.

I have to admit I have very little experience with boat transport in Bangkok, but from what I am told, if you can take a canal or river taxi, then do, they are fast, generally clean, less polution and of course there are less vehicles to hit. Prices vary depending on how far you are going.

In summary I would suggest that if you plan to travel in Bangkok that you :- get a map, take meter

How to get around Bangkok, Thailand
by: Jonathan Semenick

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Best Time to Visit Thailand

Where? When?

Wherever you travel in the world, it is important to get the timing right. Not knowing about a country’s seasons and possible weather conditions can turn your holiday into a nightmare. Likewise, gathering some basic details about what to expect will help you make the right decisions about where and when to go.

As far as Thailand is concerned, the best time of year for a visit is between November and February. Generally, the weather is cooler during this period and there is certainly less rain than at other times in the year. However, Thailand is a big country with a diverse landscape. There is somewhere to visit whatever time of the year you visit the kingdom.

Thailand’s Seasons

Thailand’s seasons are reasonably uniform through the country, but there are some regional differences. What follows is a summary of the seasons as they impact the kingdom’s various regions:

Central Thailand and the East

In central Thailand and the eastern provinces, the really hot summer weather starts around March and goes on to around November. During this time extreme temperatures can go up to the 45 degrees centigrade mark. The winter months are November to February. There may really be only a few days of genuinely cold weather during these months, but the period leading up to the New Year are a welcome respite from the heat throughout the rest of the year. Aside from these days, visitors from Europe still may feel the temperatures as being a bit warm during Thailand’s winter, although not uncomfortably so. The rainy season kicks in around the end of May and goes on until October. The rain is frequent and sometimes fierce. Usually though rainstorms go on for around 30 minutes or so, and after a storm the weather is significantly cooler.

Northern Thailand and the Northeast

Northern Thailand and the Northeast have the same basic seasons as those in the central and eastern regions. The winters are though significantly cooler. Mountainous regions can get particularly cold, on some occasions down to 0 degrees centigrade. In these parts of Thailand’s winter starts in November and goes on to January. Without doubt these are the best months for a visit to the North and Northeast – flowers are in bloom, it is dry and cool, and in the mountains mists and fogs often form making what is already wonderful scenery exquisite.

Southern Thailand

Southern Thailand’s seasons are less distinct and really there are only two proper seasons - summer and the rainy season. The Gulf of Thailand lies to the east of the Thai peninsula while the Andaman Sea lies to the west. Visiting areas west of the peninsula (Phuket, Phang Nga, Krabi) is best done between November and April to avoid the monsoons that occur during other months – monsoons obviously make visiting islands by boat difficult and sometimes dangerous. Clearly they are best to be avoided. Areas east of the peninsula (Koh Samui, Hat Yai) are best visited between May and October. If you are planning to visit both sides of the coast during your stay in Thailand, March to April would be the best months.

How do you think about Best Time to Visit Thailand.

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Prasat Hin Phimai

Prasat Hin Phimai, one of important religious sanctuary, is situated in the centre of ancient Phimai City in Nakorn Ratchasima, which is a gateway to the northeast of Thailand.

Prasat Hin Phimai was not only built as a sanctuary for both Buddhism and Hinduism but also for the worship of person, which is believed by the ancient native tribes such as Jam, Java, Bali and Khmer. They believed that a person who had built a sanctuary would be with Gods after their death.

To build Prasat was originated from the belief that Pra Sumeru Mount was a core of the Earth. The main Prasat was meant to be a centre. Surrounding wall represent the edges of the Universe. Ponds, next to the walls, represent the great oceans. Each level of Pra Sumeru Mount has Himapana creatures such as Garuda, Giant, angels and , also, Narayana and Siva.

The main Prasat, the core of Pra Sumeru Mount, was a place that kept the lingum or sacred images. These sacred images at Prasat Hin Phimi are believed to be Kamara Tenga Vimai, which is the most important sacred image of the Buddhist sanctuary mentioned in the inscription.

Prasat Hin Phimai is situated at the centre of Phimai city, which is at the bank of the river -Moon. This large city located on a rich plateau called Tung Samrit where is an important area for producing rice. Prasat Hin Phimai is a chrming Mahayana Buddhist sanctuary. It has a cross-shaped plan and consists of 3 important buildings; the main Prang (tower), the prang Bhramadhat and Prang Hin Daeng. All prangs are surrounded by walls that are punetuated by gate-towers at four cardinal points; North, South, East and West. There are ponds at all four corners. The front gate of the Prasat is on the south. The main entrance is a bridge, which is decorated with Naga facing south.

Prasat Hin Phimai is, as aforementioned, a charming Mahayana Buddhist sanctuary. The main prang consists of a square building with portico at all four directions. Each portico is with carved Buddha images in styles described below

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Sunday, May 11, 2008

Demand Increases for Bangkok Apartments

CB Richard Ellis reported that according to the latest figures from the Alien occupational Control Division, Department of Employment there were 65,337 expatriates based in Bangkok with work permits as at August 2006. This represents a 12.9% increase on the total in August 2005.

The growth in expatriates has increased demand for residential rental accommodation in Bangkok both for apartments and condominiums.

The work permit figures exclude diplomatic and United Nations staff and the 52,045 expatriates with work permits for locations outside of Bangkok. Some expatriates whose place of work is outside of Bangkok for example on an industrial estate will live in Bangkok and commute to their place of work.

Japanese nationals account for 22% of work permits in Bangkok followed by Indians (12%) Chinese (9%), and British (8%).

CB Richard Ellis forecasts that there will be limited new apartment supply in the Central Business Districts with only about 870 units under construction.

There are13,347 condominium units under construction and CB Richard Ellis estimates that 40-50% of these new condominium units could be available for rent.

Much of the existing supply of apartments and condominiums is now more than ten years old and CB Richard Ellis classifies many of these as being grade B in terms of quality.

Rents for grade A or luxury condominiums and apartments have been rising at a faster rate than grade B developments.

“We see the gap between grade A and grade B rentals increasing,” said Mr. Theerathorn Prapunpong, Associate Director and head of Residential Leasing Services at CB Richard Ellis.

CB Richard Ellis is seeing strong demand for well designed new projects especially mid size three bedroom units of between 150-220 square metres which are achieving rentals of 70,000 - 85,000 baht per month.

Queens Park View Residence a 36 unit new development recently completed on Sukhumvit Soi 24 is already 83% occupied. Much of the demand for this development has come from Japanese tenants who have been paying average rents of between 60,000 - 80,000 baht per month for 2 and 3 bedroom units of 91-150 square metres.

CB Richard Ellis expects that demand from tenants will continue to be strong for well located, well designed apartment and condominium developments in Bangkok’s prime locations.

Competition grows in Bangkok’s Serviced Apartment Sector

The total supply of serviced apartment units in Bangkok grew by 11% on an annual basis and occupancy rates dropped by 8%, according to CB Richard Ellis.

Owners were able to increase rental rates for grade A serviced apartments but at a slower rate.

Future supply will continue to increase which could put downward pressure on both occupancy and achieved room rates.

The total supply of serviced apartments increased to 8,744 units a further 3,500 units are under construction and more projects are at the planning stage.

Most of the new supply will be grade A in terms of quality.

Occupancy increased slightly quarter on quarter but fell year on year from 88% to 81%.

Average rents increased by 2-3% for grade A developments on a year on year basis the growth rate in rentals has slowed due to the increase in supply.

CB Richard Ellis believes that based on the forecast increase in supply competition will increase. Much of the new supply is grade A in terms of quality and will be managed by international operators and this will put pressure on older developments.

The Sathorn area appears to be the most competitive location at the present time rental rates have fallen by about 2.7% year on year and occupancy by about 18% year on year.

Demand Increases for Bangkok Apartments
by: Ngamjai Jearrajarat

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Sunshine Vista Serviced Apartment in Pattaya Thailand.

Sunshine Vista Serviced Apartment is the serviced apartment in Pattaya located in Soi 3,Beach Rd., in the heart of Pattaya, only 250 meters to Pattaya beach and only 100 meters away from Big C Superstore (Central Festival Center). It consists of 130 units which are 47 Superior, 40 Deluxe, 29 Studios, 8 Executive Studios, 6 Family Suites 1 bed room and 5 Family Suite 2 bed rooms.
Sunshine Vista offers the spacious comfort of a private residence with the security and services of a hotel. With a vast variety of room types from Superior, Deluxe, Studio, Executive Studio, One bedroom Suite to Family Suite, there is always the right one to suit your preference.

All rooms have private balconies and are equipped with standard hotel's facilities including air-conditioners, bath rooms with separated bath tubs and shower rooms with hot and cold water, TV with 40 international cable programs, mini bars with fridges, IDD telephones and in-room electronic safes. For Studios, Executive Studios, and Family Suites, all units have well appointed kitchen and dining corners.
The kitchens include large fridges, hot plates, hoods, sinks, microwave ovens and a full selection of chinaware, cutlery, glassware, pots and pans. Family Suites have separated living rooms with kitchen and dining corners.
There are also 2 superior rooms designed specifically for handicapped guests, other facilities in our property also are well-designed to accommodate handicapped guests for their comfort and mobility.
All rooms rest rooms have separated bathtubs and shower rooms and equipped with standard hotel facilities such as air-conditioners, bath rooms with hot and cold water, TV with international programs via cable TV over 40 channels, mini bars with refrigerators, IDD telephones and in room electronic safes.

Accommodations :::::.....
- Superior Room (36 sq.m.) - 30 square meters (terrace is not included)/36 square meters (terrace is included). All rooms rest rooms have separated bathtubs and shower rooms and equipped with standard hotel facilities such as air-conditioners, bath rooms with hot and cold water, TV with international programs via cable TV over 40 channels, mini bars with refrigerators, IDD telephones and in room electronic safes. All units have private balconies and are equipped with standard hotel's facilities and fire safety devices, such as smoke detectors and sprinklers. In room electronic safes are provided for your convenience and safety in all rooms. Bath rooms have separated bath tubs and shower rooms.
- Studio Room (46.8 sq.m.) - 41.25 square meters (terrace is not included)/46.8 square meters (terrace is included). All units have kitchen area equipped with Kitchen Utensils including electric hobs, hoods, sinks, microwaves and larger size refrigerators. Studios and Executive Studios also have dining area with dining tables and chairs. The rest rooms have separated bath tubs and shower rooms and also the walking closets for your comfort and privacy. All units have private balconies and equipped with standard hotel's facilities and fire safety devices, such as smoke detectors and sprinklers. In room electronic safes are provided in all units for your convenience and safety.
- Executive Studio (49.5 sq.m.) - 41.25 square meters (terrace is not included)/49.5 square meters (terrace is included). All units have kitchen area equipped with Kitchen Utensils including electric hobs, hoods, sinks, microwaves and larger size refrigerators. Executive Studios also have dining area with dining tables and chairs. Each unit's rest room has separated bath tub and shower room. All units have private balconies and equipped with standard hotel's facilities. In room electronic safe is provided in every unit for your convenience and safety.
- Family Suite (1 bedroom & 1 living room 72 sq.m.) - 60 square meters (terrace is not included)/72 square meters (terrace is included), - (2 bedroom & 1 living room 108 sq.m.) - 90 square meters (terrace is not included)/108 square meters (terrace is included). All units have separated bedrooms and living rooms and all kitchen area equipped with Kitchen Utensils including electric hobs, hoods, sinks, microwaves and larger size refrigerators. Family suites living rooms consist of living area, dining area with dining tables and chairs, and kitchen area. The master bedroom is separated from living room. All units have private balconies and are equipped with standard hotel's facilities and fire safety devices, such as smoke detectors and sprinklers. In room electronic safe are provided in all units for your convenience and safety.

Facilities & Services :::::.....
Terra-Cotta Restaurant can serve up to 120 persons.
2 meeting rooms, Vista 1 can serve up to 120 persons and Vista 2 can serve up to 40 persons.
2 elevators.
Pool bar, (rooftop) offering magnificent sea view of Pattaya bay.
CCTV, 24 hours security guards, reception service and modern fire safety devices are equipped in every room and area to ensure your stay with us totally free.
Parking lot for 40 cars
Shops in the lobby area
Laundry service

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The Tide Resort in Pattaya Thailand.

Bangsaen’s latest and more luxurious hotel is The Tide Resort. The hotel has and enviable setting in landscaped gardens, only a few meters away from Bangsaen’s famous beach. It is centrally positioned on the lively promenade and accessible to all of Bangsaen’s major attractions.
This elegant modern building houses 154 luxurious rooms, a pleasantly shaded swimming pool and a fine restaurant serving international cuisine. The welcoming staff attend to guests’ every need with the traditional hospitality for which Thailand has become famous the world over. The Tide Resort is the perfect gateway destination, for tourists and locals alike.

The Tide Resort has 154 rooms including eight premier suites.
Each of the rooms has its own private balcony; a great place to relax and enjoy the charming view of Bangsaen's Lovely beach.
The rooms feature all the latest amenities to ensure that guests have a soothing and pleasant stay. These include an in-room mini bar, safety deposit boxes and, of course, a luxurious bathroom where guests can indulge themselves with a hot foam bath.

Rooms also include a color TV ("21"), with international sports and movie channel, great for a lazy evening in!

Superior Room : Availability 56 Units

Color television with local and satellite TV.
Remote-controlled cable television direct dial telephone
Individually controlled air conditioning
Private Balcony
Mini bar
Hair dryer plus a full range of bathroom amenities
Bathrobe and slippers
Smoke detectors
Sprinkle system
Voltage 220

Deluxe Room : Availability 90 Units

Color television with local and satellite TV.
Remote-controlled cable television
Personal electronic safety box
International direct dial phone
Individually controlled air conditioning
Private Balcony
Mini bar
Tea and coffee making facilities
Hair dryer plus a full range of bathroom amenities
Bathrobe and slippers
Smoke detectors
Sprinkle system
voltage 220

Premier Suite : Availability 8 Units

Color television with local and satellite TV.
Remote-controlled cable television
CD and DVD player
Personal electronic safety box
International direct dial telephone
Mini bar
Individually controlled air conditioning
Private Large Balcony
Tea and coffee making facilities
Hair dryer plus a full range of bathroom amenities
Bathrobe and slippers
Smoke detectors
Sprinkle system
Voltage 220

Pictures and location of The Tide Resort in Pattaya Thailand. Detail description of the hotel, facilities, maps and location.

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Bangsaen Beach Hotel in Pattaya Thailand.

An outstanding seaside hotel surrounded by beautiful scenery. Of nature equipped with modern rooms and other convenient facilities.

Happy and Cozy accommodation with various and natural atmosphere.

Commodious banquet and conference rooms which can occupy 50 - 80 guests.

We serve you only selected food with good recipes in warm and friendly atmosphere. You are invited to listen to beautiful songs from varied popular singers.

Happiness you can touch which bring the dream com true at S.S. Bangsaen Beach. We are ready to serve you with our convenient and comfortable services. Every glance every touch which you like.

Smooth and convenient journey with so close to Chonburi town

Bangsaen Beach Hotel in Pattaya Thailand.

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Palm Grove Resort in Pattaya Thailand.

The Palm Grove Resort is a new, luxurious Boutique Hotel in a prime location on Thailand’s Eastern Seaboard, only 15 minutes from Pattaya.

The Palm Grove Resort offers everything you would expect from a holiday in Thailand, great beaches, great weather, warm hospitable people, almost endless activities and attractions and of course, some of the best food on the planet!

In addition, the resort itself offers all the services and facilities of a 5 star destination, combined with that special ‘home away from home’ feeling.

The contemporary Thai Villas and Duplexes are luxurious and tastefully furnished, with a seamless blend of East and West. Spacious and comfortable, it is the ideal choice for the perfect family or couples holiday. The resort is set in an affluent, picturesque Thai Village.

A leisurely walk along winding country lanes will lead you to the tropical, un-spoilt beach, with its clear waters and magnificent view of the bay. A short stroll along the beach will take you to the nearby sleepy fishing village, where you can sometimes see the timeless tradition of fishermen repairing their nets.

Whatever you are seeking from your precious holiday time, The Palm Grove Resort will exceed your expectations.

Located in Na-Jomtien, the resort is perfect if you want a relaxed, ‘Get away from it all’ vacation, with quiet beaches and that special ‘home environment’. Enjoy being pampered in the Spa and Garden Sala. Savour the superb cuisine of our international restaurant. Our restaurant also offers room service and for that special occasion we can also arrange for our chef to prepare your meal in your suite or somewhere in the garden should this be desired.

For those who prefer a more active holiday adventure, our in-house travel agent can provide you with a huge variety of activities and entertainment including Golf, Water sports.

.....::::: Accommodations :::::.....

- Superior / Executive Room -

All units have modern Thai furniture, are luxuriously appointed and have full kitchen facilities for self catering should this be required. Each suite is fitted with air-conditioning, cable TV, wireless internet and telephone (for suites, restaurant and swimming pool).

Our restaurant also offers room service and for that special occasion we can also arrange for our chef to prepare your meal in your suite or somewhere in the garden should this be desired.

- One Bedroom / Two Bedroom / Three Bedroom Villa -

All the villa units have their own garden, swimming pool and parking. The villa units can accommodate up to 6 persons, and makes a perfect holiday home be it for a family or a small group of friends.

The units are fully equipped for self catering, but for those special nights why not arrange for one of our chefs to come to your home and cook dinner for you? Staying in one of the Villa Units you will have a more private holiday in your own home, yet have access to all the onsite facilities as if you were staying in a normal hotel.

- Room Entertainments -

Flat Screen Color TV

Cable TV

Favorite Channel: BBC World, DW-TV, TV5, ARIRANG, PTP (Russian)

DVD/CD Player

Mini Bar


Ceramic Ware

Glass Ware


Gas Stove

Microwave Oven


Coffee / Tea

.....::::: Restaurant & Bar :::::.....

Elephant Café - We offer Thai, International and Fusion Cuisine. Open daily from 06.00 am – 11.00 pm.

Room Service - Serve favourite menu to your room from 07.00 am – 10.30 pm.

.....::::: Facilities & Recreation :::::.....

2 Outdoor Swimming Pools
Private Beach (Just 300 meters)
Thai Massage at The Sala
24 hour reception & security
Shuttle Bus & Limousine Service
Tour & Leisure Counter
In-room Security Box
Laundry & Daily Maid Service

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LK Royal Suite Serviced Residence in Pattaya Thailand.

Elegance Residence with excellence services ,the newest luxury selection of our LK Group ,excelling in spaciousness, modern amenities and tasteful appointments in the location considered the most convenient within Pattaya city for doing business and for traveling.
Our theme suites re-create the modern living style for your memorable life.

You can find no other hotel in Pattaya which meets your needs in all respects and at the same time make you feel at home and welcome. We spare no effort in making your stay in Pattaya the most memorable.

A C C O M M O D A T I O N S ::

Royal Suite has 46 fully-furnished residence with distinctive decor.
All apartments, ranging from one-bedroom to two- bedrooms, excelling in spaciousness, modern amenities and tasteful design considered the most convenient both for business and for traveling.

- Features - Offering a range of quality services amidst elegant living environment, which far surpasses most Pattaya hotels and serviced apartments. This is complemented with comprehensive business facilities within efficiently designed apartments. Guests at Royal Suites can enjoy a fully-equipped unit with the following features.

Electronic Keycard system
Personal Electronic Safety Box
Pantry with full working utensils, Chinaware, Tableware and Cabinet
Kitchen with four ring cooker, microwave oven and sink
Refrigerator with mini bar
Whirlpool bathtub and Toiletries
Separate shower enclosure with deluxe amenities and hair dryer
Work desk with High speed internet access though out all guest rooms
IDD phone, PABX telephone
29" Flat screen TV with various popular channels
Mini combo & DVD Player
Iron / Ironing Board available by request

The Duplex Suite ,the most privacy situation is particularly light and airy , stylish and modern new design with large, comfortable two bedrooms, a living room overlooking to the pool. The Duplex Suite corner are ideal for longer stays.

Our 80 sq.m. One Bedroom Suites consist of separate sitting room and bedroom. All feature the finest materials and kitchens, giving you a feeling of being at home. Spaces are arranged to meet every individual's and family's lifestyle.

The most luxurious suite with the famous Versace style offers two stylish and furnished bedrooms with a beautiful seating area that serves to enhance the majestic ambiance of graceful living. Enjoy the convenience and romanticism of living experience with the trademark of the Versace.

:: F A C I L I T I E S & S E R V I C E S ::

Include in your desirable lifestyle and fulfill your well being with an ensemble of leisure facilities. Our attentive staffs will make your stay with us unforgettable.
- Le' Kitchen Restaurant - With its trend- setting modern coffee shop ,extends a friendly welcome for all –day dinning and refreshments. Breakfast, Lunch and an intimate dinner serving with variety of authentic European and Thai cuisine choose from a comprehensive a la carte menu .

- Room Service - Varieties of popular selection both Thai & European cuisine and promptly to delivery to your room.

- Guest Service Center - Where business and leisure meet !! Limousine, Tour, Ticketing, Secretarial service, Golf Tour arrangement, doctor on call and other services you require Please let our staff answer every your need.

- Internet Connection - Broadband Internet access though out all guest room.

- Swimming Pool & Outdoor Jacuzzi - Relaxing with the unique swimming pool and city garden area , sun terrace , soothing Jacuzzi and whirlpool bath. Enjoy our various refreshments cocktails and snack serving by the pool.

- Laundry Service - High Quality laundry service abilities , cleaning , dry –clean or pressing all are serving directly to your room.

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Sea Orchid Pattaya in Pattaya Thailand.

Welcome to Sea Orchid.... Tropical Cocoon... On Pra Tumnak Hill, Pattaya (nice & peaceful area) 53-room hotel, 300m. from Beach Front, 5-minute Drive from Downtown. Most Rooms are Sea-View, Private Balcony, Embraced by Tropical Garden. Jacuzzi in Pool, Cabana by Pool, Fitness, Restaurant & Bistro. ADSL 2M. in Room, Wi-Fi in Lobby, Pool and Bistro Area Scan Lock for All Guest Rooms.

Accommodations :::::.....

- Deluxe Room - A grand perfect room with ..........
Scan Lock
Bigger Private safe
Internet access (ADSL 2M.)
Individually controlled air-conditioner
25" TV, Hair dryer
Overseas and domestic phone service
Bathtub with hot and cold water
Dining table, Mini Bar, Pantry
Kettle with complimentary tea & coffee
Private balcony with tea table and chairs
- Superior Room - A pleasant room with ..........
Scan Lock
Private safe
Internet access (ADSL 2M.)
Individually controlled air-conditioner
21" TV
Overseas and domestic phone service
Bathtub with hot and cold water
Dining table, Mini Bar
Private balcony with chairs

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Horseshoe Point Resort & Country Club in Pattaya Thailand.

Corporate - Center for Corporate Excellence.
Youth - Camp Discovery
Family - Lively Togetherness
Horse Riders - Equestrian Paradise.

Whether you are looking for a hideaway or simply a place to reunite with family, discover the Horseshoe Point – a Mediterranean style resort, located 110km east of Bangkok, nestled in the lush green, peaceful countryside only minutes from Pattaya. Dubbed a “Wholesome Destination,” the Horseshoe Point is thoughtfully designed to become the best of recreational-cum-educational venues in the country.

Its neighborhood is an elite sports destination that offers a unique quality of life. Especially for active people wanting diverse sports and recreation in natural surroundings, the area is home to an international community that is rapidly becoming the most exclusive residential area in the Eastern Seaboard. It is adjacent to the biggest reservoir and lake in the east of Thailand, a newly built 45-hole golf course, several polo fields, endless bike and running paths -- all within a 5 km radius.

Horseshoe Point boasts a lush green wildlife habitat and a hideaway for people looking for places to unwind in a peaceful natural setting. Its attractions and activities, all located on a 300-rai plot of land, currently include an International Riding School, Resort, Housing Project, Three Kingdoms Park, Aliva Spa, camp grounds, nature trails, swimming pools, water ball, ATV, paintball, tennis courts, squash courts, and a full array of sports and recreational activities designed with everyone in mind.

..... Accommodations .....

Our boutique-style rooms offer a cozy ambiance ideal for both individuals and families relaxing after an exciting day outdoors. And while here, do not forget to sit back and enjoy the unrivalled service offered to you by our professionally trained staff.

The main building of the resort has been developed around a covered riding arena, with half of the rooms having a garden view. Our Mediterranean style rooms are decorated cozily, to make guests feel at home.

All the facilities necessary to make their visit comfortable are available: cable television, IDD telephone, mini bar, safety-deposit box, individual air-conditioning controls, deluxe bathroom amenities and hairdryer.

Each of Superior, Deluxe, and Junior Suite unit features:

Individual air conditioner

TV with cable connection, in-house program, mini fridge, and safe.

Deluxe Bathroom facilities with hair dryer.

Mediterranean / Spanish style decoration and furniture.

(Standard rooms have no fridge and safe)

Renting a house or an apartment is another choice for those who would like to enjoy a long stay at Horseshoe Point. Similar to the guest rooms, each house unit and apartment is fully equipped with all the facilities necessary to make a visitor comfortable, featuring:

Individual air conditioner

TV with cable connection, in-house program, refrigerator, and safe

Deluxe bathroom facilities with hair dryer

Modern style kitchen

Living room

Mediterranean/Spanish style decoration and furniture

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Golden Sea Serviced Residence in Pattaya Thailand.

Golden Sea Pattaya is a place where you can have a wonderful time and relax moment with our warming welcome and spectacular design. The interior lobby decor in contemporary Thai Style creates an enchanting atmosphere blending in the peaceful surrounding. Choose from our 78 attractive Standard, deluxe, or Pool-side Thai Style rooms. Take yourself, take the family or take your friends to enjoy our outdoor swimming pool.

We have 78 attractive Thai style rooms and varieties of room decorations. We also provided the connecting rooms to meet your request. Every rooms we serve you to sleep tight by the spacious bed and high quality bedding.
: Amenities in rooms :

Individual air conditioning
Adjustment 21" Colour TV with Satellite channels
In room safe deposit box
Bathtub / shower with toiletries Clothesline
Free refilled drinking water
Spacious private balcony

Facilities & Service

Facilities & Service
Coffee shop
Outdoor swimming pool
Room service
Baby Cot
Tour & Taxi service information
Parking lot
24 Hours security guard and CCTV system

Golden Sea Serviced Residence map (pattaya)

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Eurostar International Hotel in Pattaya Thailand.

The EuroStar International Hotel - Jomtien Beach is open! In the fine tradition of EuroStar International Pattaya quality and good service are having top priority and therefore architects from Bangkok have been hired to achieve the high standard, our guests are used too. The beach with several water sport activities is just 90 metres away! Shopping and entertainment facilities are just in a walking distance. Finally the centre of Pattaya can be reached in 5 minutes by car or taxis and 24 hours available!
Located in south Pattaya, a short walk away from Jomtien beach front offering a wide array of leisure activities, is the Eurostar International Hotel. Our hospitality and services will ensure you have a relaxing & enjoyable stay with us.

Rooms have beautiful custom made teak wood furnishings. Amenities include mini bar, TV, 40-channel Cable TV (CNN, HBO, BBC). Air Conditioning, IDD Calls, Marble Bathroom (Shower or Bathtub).
DIGITAL SAFE in the room!

Our Coffee shop, located at first floor and the Wine Restaurant (ground level) serves you breakfast, lunch & diner, till late night! Also a wide selection of Wines kept at right temperature are at your choice!!
Our hospitality and attentive service will make your stay a relaxing and unforgettable experience.

At EuroStar International you're not just a number!. Our guests are our friends and return again and again, year after year.


Well Appointed Rooms
40 Channel Colour TV in all Rooms.
Doctor On call
Safe Deposit Facilities
Running hot and Cold water( Automatic Heating Plant)
Dining & Conference Facilities
In-house Mini bar
24 Hours Internet Facility
All major Credit Cards accepted
Travel Desk
Personal Lockers
Tea/Coffee Shop
Wine Restaurant with wide selection of wines
Swimming Pool

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Eurasia Serviced Residence in Pattaya Thailand.

Traditional Thai Way of comfort and convenient for all your pleasure.

Welcome to the Eurasia Residence hotel, a classic and luxurious hotel tastefully decorated with a perfect blend of Asian and European styles. The Eurasia provides a warm atmosphere, personalized service, and stunning accommodations and amenities to ensure a memorable stay. About 5-10 minutes walk from the walking street and the most famous beach in Pattaya, Jomtein, the prestigious location offers easy access to the lively promenade and many Pattaya's major attractions.

The unique style building houses 48 luxurious rooms, a pleasantly shaded swimming pool. Our welcoming staffs cater the needs and specifications of the most refined guests with the traditional hospitality for which Thailand has become famous the world over. The Eurasia Residence Hotel is a perfect gateway destination, for tourists and locals alike.

Traditional Thai Way of comfort and convenient for all your pleasure.

Welcome to the Eurasia Residence hotel, a classic and luxurious hotel tastefully decorated with a perfect blend of Asian and European styles. The Eurasia provides a warm atmosphere, personalized service, and stunning accommodations and amenities to ensure a memorable stay. About 5-10 minutes walk from the walking street and the most famous beach in Pattaya, Jomtein, the prestigious location offers easy access to the lively promenade and many Pattaya's major attractions.

The unique style building houses 48 luxurious rooms, a pleasantly shaded swimming pool. Our welcoming staffs cater the needs and specifications of the most refined guests with the traditional hospitality for which Thailand has become famous the world over. The Eurasia Residence Hotel is a perfect gateway destination, for tourists and locals alike.

Traditional Friendly Service
To ensure that you have a relaxing stay at Eurasia Residence Hotel and take home with you a lot of happy memories, the hotel offers an extensive range of services.

Eurasia Residence Hotel operates an efficient laundry and dry- cleaning service, as well as providing limousines. A car rental service allows guests to explore the fascinating environs of Pattaya for themselves.

Hotel Facilities

Internet 24 hours
Post & Mailing
Taxi Service
Outdoor Swimming
Other Facilities
An Elevator Passenger Service
Laundry service and Dry Cleaning
Tour Information Services


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