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How to Express Pain in Thai

How To Express Pain In Thai

Learning how to express "pain" in
Thai can be quite useful when you
need to tell someone which part
of your body is in pain (i.e. to a
doctor when you're in the clinic
or hospital).

It can be quite handy too when you need
to create an excuse or reason to
explain that you have certain "pain"
(e.g. headache).

Well, there are basically two Thai words that
describe pain in Thai. The first one
is the Thai verb, poo-what which means
pain, ache, sore or hurt. and the second one
is the Thai verb Jep
which also means pain, sore or hurt.

Using poo-what to express pain

Let's learn how to use the poo-what
to express which part of your
body hurt or ache. By the way,
please remember to practice the writing
Thai script below on a piece of paper. :-)

Using poo-what is really
simple. Just put it right after a pronoun
and place the body part (noun) right
after the Thai verb poo-what.

Here are some simple examples on how
to use the Thai verb poo-what to
express pain:

Chan poo-what huaa.
I (feminine) have headache.

Pom poo-what khaaen.
My arm hurts.

Pom poo-what dtaa
My eye hurts.

Notice the sentence structure in the 1st example.
Huaa actually means head. Literally translated
the sentence would mean "Me pain head" which
also means "My head hurts".

The 2nd and 3rd examples are quite simple.
I merely just changed the last word (body part) so that
you can understand how easy it is to express
pain using poo-what.

Simple, right? Okay, now it's your turn
to create a simple Thai sentence to express
that your nose hurt. You can use the
Thai word ja muuk which means nose.

Pom poo-what ja_muuk
My nose hurts.

Using Jep to express pain

Okay, now it's time to create longer
and more interesting Thai sentence to express
pain in Thai. Let's use the Thai verb jeb :

Pom jeb.
I'm hurt

Mai_pen_rai... niu kong pom jep nit nawwy thao_nan khrap.
Never mind... My fingers only hurt a little.

Khao dtohk jaak ban_dai lae khaa thuuk jep.
He fell from the roof and hurt his leg.

In the 2nd example, you will notice the famous
Thai phrase mai pen rai. In Thailand, you would often hear
Thai people saying "mai pen rai" which means
"It's okay, no problem. Don't worry, be happy. :-)

Niu means fingers and nit nawwy means a little.
Nit is actually a Thai adjective meaning tiny
or very small while naawy is just a word
that is used to soften the meaning
of a sentence. Thao nan means only.

In the 3rd example, dtohk means to fall and
jaak means from. Ban dai means roof in Thai.
Lae is a Thai conjunction which means "and".
Khaa means leg in Thai.

Thuu is actually a Thai verb or particle
that reflects passive voice. What does
that mean? Well, let's take a look
at the following example to get a better idea:

Mieow kong pom thuuk kha_mooy pai laeow.
My cat has been stolen.

Kha mooy means thief or burglar as a Thai noun
and "to steal, to pilfer or to buglarize" if it's a Thai verb.

Good travel that travel thailand !

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Friday, July 4, 2008

International Walking Street-pattaya

There is no doubt Pattaya, just a ten minute ride from Jomtien is famous world over for its night life with many attractions to suit all tastes and pockets.

Thai restaurants, nightclubs and massage

International and Thai restaurants, humble street stalls, nightclubs, discotheques, beer and go-go bars are plentiful. Thai body and foot massage is a relaxing option to the hectic lifestyle from around 250 baht an hour it's not to be missed. Shopping Malls like Mikes Mall and The Royal Plaza along the beach road offer an amazing array of products from ice cream to designer clothing and bags at very sensible prices, open until 11pm as well as live markets giving you plentiful opportunity to empty your credit card accounts. First second and third roads are filled with shops and carts selling their wares of every description and amazing prices - be prepared to barter, its custom, light hearted and fun except for the fixed price shops of course.

Had enough shopping then take a stroll along the floodlit beaches of Pattaya or Jomtien and cool those feet off in the warm sea or take a cool shower and get ready for the night ahead.

Thailand evening and night activities

The evenings activities start at around 8pm, the heats turned up around 10pm, restaurants and bars are open earlier and Pattaya and Jomtien go on until dawn. The center of activity in Pattaya is undoubtedly "Walking Street" just a ten minute ride from Jomtien by baht bus or taxi, everyone who is in the area will visit the famous Walking Street for a trip or two - some hardly ever leave! Walking Street is a neon extravaganza with bars and restaurants, the seafood restaurants perched on stilts out into the bay. After 6.30pm Walking Street is pedestrianised but as the night goes on its very busy.

Pattaya entertainment

Pattaya provides more live entertainment than you could ever visit in a single trip, outside Walking Street you will find Hollywood disco on South Pattaya Road, lady boy shows (a must) at Tiffany's and Alcazar, entertaining and unbelievably brilliant. Pattayaland is a place to go for the gays with many western eateries in the area just a few hundred meters from Walking Street. The mall at the southern end of beach road includes, curiously, a Ripley's Believe it or Not, an entertainment center with roller-coaster simulator, cinema all of which are open till late.

Jomtien has many bars, restaurants and go go bars even English fish and chips so there is no need to visit Pattaya center as many facilities are available locally, however, a visit to Jomtien/Pattaya without a trip to walking street would be a hugely missed experience.
International Walking Street-pattaya
by greg34

Good travel that travel thailand !

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