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Chulalongkorn Day In Thailand

Chulalongkorn Day is also known as Piyamaharaj Day in Thailand and is celebrated every year on October 23 in the memory of one of Thailand’s most respected kings, King Chulalongkorn. Chulalongkorn established his throne after the death of his father King Mongkut at the tender age of 15. During his rule he took major decisions for the development of Thailand. The most important one amongst them was abolition of slavery in Thailand. He played a vital role in modernizing Thailand. He traveled all over the world and had good relations with the world’s most powerful countries like Britain, Russia, France. As a part of modernization, the King constructed railways, postal services.

During King Chulalongkorn’s reign there was no communication system and there were no proper transport facilities. Horses, oxcarts and elephants were the only means of transport. He played a major role in establishing the communication systems and improving the transportation system. During his trips abroad, he spent time learning about the western communications and transportation systems and upon his return to Thailand, he set about implementing them in his country. He reformed the rules of law, established a proper judicial system and introduced compulsory military system and improved the nation’s defense. He also encouraged ordinary Thai citizens to send their children abroad for higher studies.

The King Chulalongkorn reigned for forty two years and during his reign he transformed Thailand from a small traditional kingdom to a modern nation. He was considered as the only successful monarch all over the world. One will find his photograph nearly in every house in Thailand which shows that even today the people of Thailand love and respect him for taking their country onto the road of development and modernization.

Chulalongkorn Day In Thailand
By Pauline Go

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Golf In Thailand

Almost everyone is aware of Thailand's beautiful beaches, but it would surprise many to know that recreational tourists come flocking to Thailand because of golf.

Golf has become very popular in Thailand and as a result many world-class golf courses have come up in the country. These golf courses are challenging with full range of services and are set against breathtaking backdrops. Most golf courses in Thailand offer their patrons fine dining, luxurious accommodation, carts, caddies and full equipped pro-shops with knowledgeable pros. The courses are also equipped with saunas and massage centers. Most golf courses in Thailand are located quite close to beach resorts, making it a win-win situation for tourists who can play off golf and then go to the beach and relax.

The climate is conducive to golfing right round the year. One can even go for a golfing holiday during the rainy season as it seldom rains for more than a couple of hours at a time. In winter, northern part of Thailand does get a bit chilly and it is advisable to pack a sweater for your golfing holiday to Thailand. Many golf courses have installed floodlights so that golf enthusiasts can still be on the green even after the sun sets.

Green fees in Thailand are well below international standards and playing golf is not an expensive affair. Golf courses may charge a paltry amount of 250 baht on weekdays with the amount increasing marginally at weekends. Phuket has the highest green fees in Thailand, which is still lower than what one would pay in golf courses in other parts of the world.

Golf In Thailand
By Pauline Go

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Fruits From Thailand

It is said that Thailand is a real paradise for fruit lovers and one can find an incredible variety of fruits all over Thailand. Thailand is abundant in fruits and it serves as one of the most important revenue generators for the country. A great number of fruits can be easily found at the numerous fruit shops, supermarkets and market places. The fruits that are available here are much cheaper when compared to other countries. Sometimes fruit sellers end up offering tourists fruits to taste for free. This practice is more prevalent on beaches where the tourists spend most of their holidays.

Traditionally, the Thais finish a meal with fruits. Sweeter Thai desserts are kept for snacking in between meals. A Thai breakfast normally comprises of variety of fresh fruits and traditional sweets. Besides being delicious and healthy, eating fresh fruits after a Thai meal is sure way of putting off the burning sensation in the mouth after eating spicy Thai food.

In Thailand, fruits are generally sweet including those which are suppose to be sour. One of the best fruit producing places in Thailand is Phuket Island. It is noted for its pineapple. Pineapples grown here are famous throughout Thailand and are particularly sweet and crunchy. They are also a major export product. Fruits like Rambutan, Bananas, Papaya, Durian, Guava and Mangoes are also grown in Thailand. Recently, several temperate fruits like Apples, Strawberries and Peaches are being grown successfully in the mountain areas of Thailand. The farmers always concentrate on growing more fruits using new methods of cultivation. This ensures that Thailand never faces a shortage of fruits in any season of the year.
Fruits From Thailand
By Pauline

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Thailand Golf Packages and Thailand Hotels Reservation

Thailand is a popular golf paradise and home to many world class designed golf courses. There are many reasons for golf lovers to golf in Thailand... such as the many challenging and exciting golf course, the reasonable playing fee, the excellent club-house, beautiful course lay-out and the cheerful atmosphere with the charming caddies. Thailand is the best golfing holiday destination in Asia and the Far East.

Popular golfing destinations within Thailand such as Bangkok, Cha-am, Chiangmai, Chiangrai, Hua Hin, Kanchanaburi, Khao Yai, Pattaya, Phuket and Rayong offers excellent golfing experience with more than 200 golf courses to choose from. There are more than 100 international standard golf courses throughout Thailand and it makes Thailand one of the best golfing destination in the world. Reasonably priced green fees as well as caddies' fee makes Thailand the most popular golfing destination in the Far East and Asia.

We specializes in planning and arranging the best golfing holidays Thailand, home to some of the world's best golf courses. Our customers come to us because they seek professional expertise and one-stop convenience for Thailand golf holidays. We offer value-for-money services as all our golfing holidays are specially packaged with you in mind. With us hosting your golfing holidays, your only worry is the next shot!

Thailand Golf Packages and Thailand Hotels Reservation
By Andy Cheng

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Shanghai Inn in Bangkok Thailand.AT Yaowaraj Chinatown in thailand

Historic Chinatown has a new heartbeat - The new Shanghai Inn - in the heart of vibrant Yaowaraj Road recaptures the charm and of a bygone era. The Shanghai Inn is a lifestyle hotel uniquely distinguished by its intimacy, hospitality and exquisite modern style chinoise.
Experience our lavish accommodation and impeccable service and let the Shanghai Inn be your heaven in the old Chinatown. As a guest in residence, you will feel invigorated at the end of each day whether your stay is important business or to experience the unique sights and sound of Chinatown.

The Shanghai Inn provided full amenities to meet the needs of the most discerning business and leisure guests, delivered with personal charm and warmth, making each stay a unique experience. Each room features cable television, mini-bar, and tea-making facilities.

Shanghai Inn Hotel Bangkok Description
The Shanghai Inn Hotel Bangkok provides full amenities to meet the needs of the most discerning business and leisure guests, delivered with personal charm and warmth, making each stay a unique experience.
The hotel is within close proximity by foot or the very inexpensive Bangkok taxis to many key historical sites, bustling high end shopping complexes and the fun and funky street malls as well as the famous Chaopraya River.

Located in the heart of Bangkok's legendary Chinatown, the Shanghai Inn offers 55 guestrooms that are well appointed with modern amenities.

The Tohkai Japanese is a nice and simple restaurant decorated in Japanese-Chinese style, good for private meal. Tohkai serves both Japanese buffet and a la carte menu to its guests.

Experience the lavish accommodations and impeccable service, and let the Shanghai Inn be your haven in Bangkok. As a guest in residence, you will feel invigorated at the end of each day whether your stay is for important business or to experience the unique sights and sounds of Chinatown.

Shanghai Inn
479-481 Yaowaraj Road, Samphantawong
Bangkok 10100

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Bangkok China Town Festival

Guide to Bangkok's China Town

Since China town is a very bustling area; parking space is scarce. The best way to reach there is by the public transport.

By Taxi
Take a taxi or a ‘tuk-tuk', a motorized tricycle, and get off at Trimit Road, east of Yaowarat Road, or Charoen Krung Road, parallel to Yaowarat Road at its north. Then walk towards your destinations in the China town.

By Bus
Take buses no. 1, 4, 7, 25, 35, 40, 53, 73 and 501.

By Boat
Get on the boat on the Chaophraya River and alight at Ratchawong Pier. Then walk up Ratchawong Road, passing Songwat Road and Sampeng Lane (Wanit 1 Road) to reach Yaowarat Road.

Best time to go there

During 4 important festivals: Chinese New Year Festival approximately on January or February; Nguan Chioew Festival held 14 days after the Chinese New Year Festival; Chinese Sart Festival on August; and Chinese Lunar Moon Festival usually held a month after the Chinese Sart Festival.

About Yaowarat

China town is situated in one of the oldest areas of Bangkok. Originally, it was gradually settled up by Chinese traders who came by junks to trade with Siam during the Sukhothai era. By the end of 1891, King Rama V had several more roads cut through the area, which are Songwat Road, Phatsai Road, Anuwong Road and Yaowarat Road. Therefore, China town does not consist only Yaowarat Road, but also cover some other roads: Charoen Krung Road, Songwat Road, Songsawat Road, Chakkrawat Road and the Wanit 1 area. However, Yaowarat Road is the center of the area. According to the Feng-Shui principle, the shape of Yaowarat Road is curvy like the dragon's curvy body, making it an ideal location for business. Many prospering businesses in Thailand originated and are still thriving in this age-old downtown. What visitors can find here vary from leading gold shops, textiles, garments, souvenirs, second-hand parts and equipment, electric goods, computer parts, antiques, imported musical instrument and definitely local delicacies. In this year of 2003, it will be the 111th anniversary of this legendary road.

Food around China Town

China town is the paradise of food lovers who quest for Chinese cuisine. Both sides of its main street are flanked with restaurants and food vendors throughout the day. Local delicacies include Dim Sum, Teachew-style steamed Chinese mullet, shark fin in red sauce and various single noodle and rice dishes such as stir-fried noodles, casserole pork in noodles soup, rice with boiled chicken, rice with crispy pork or duck toppings, rice with curry and etc. Other appetizers and sweets are stuffed sheet noodles, pork sate, dumplings, bird's nest soup, soybean milk, lotus root juice and toasted chestnuts (locally called Kaolat). Ask for map of food shops and restaurants around the area from the tourist center on Petchaburi Road on Monday to Friday and Ratchadamnoen Nok Avenue everyday from 8.30am to 4.30pm.

Shopping around China Town

Gold Shops
There are more than 130 gold shops along Yaowarat Road. It is why it is called the ‘Golden Road'. Originally, there were four tycoon gold shops: Seng Heng Li, Hua Seng Heng, Tung Jin Aeng and Tung Toh Gung even though new gold shops are still burgeoning on both sides of the road. Most shops are members of the Gold Merchants Association. Gold products here are not only recognized of high standard and quality with the purity of 96.5% or approximately 23 karat gold, but also of hand-made beautiful intricacy.

Talat Kao (The Old Market)
Talat Kao has been the marketplace for China town for over a hundred years. It is the center of all kinds of specialties, ranging from fresh to preserved food. Chinese chefs from restaurants around Bangkok flock here each day to find the best ingredients. It can be said that it is the paradise for those who shop for fresh foods. Just right at the opposite is Talat Mai or Talat Krom Phu-tared (New Marketplace), selling the same kinds of food and products found in Talat Kao.

Wanit 1 (Sampeng)
The area is usually called Sampeng within which retailers and wholesalers of textile are located. Here is Bangkok's center of textile wholesalers that sell everything about clothing making such as buttons, zippers, laces, sewing equipment, gifts, souvenirs & stationery and children & teenager products.

Chiang Kong
Chiang Kong is located in the area of Tala Noi (Noi Market). It is the hub of spare parts of cars, machinery and cheap second-hand steel products.

Khlong Thom
It is where shoppers can find a variety of electronic products and components of sound equipment, computers, game players, calculators and watches. Most sellers are vendors who sell their items at a fairly cheap price. Bargaining can be done here.

Nakhon Kasem Area
The area is a cluster of antique shops and imported musical instrument shops. Also, other products include kitchenware such as coconut-grating machine, coconut milk squeezer, brass pans and water pumping machine.

These areas are usually packed with people and shoppers especially during weekends and holidays. However, many shops are close on Chinese festivals.

What to see around China Town

Chinese Shrines
There are numerous shrines in China town. Among them, there are four oldest shrines of the area:

1. Leng Buai Eie Shrine. It is the Teachew Chinese shrine that houses the big bell constructed in the 23rd year of the Seng Phi Dynasty and the bell donated by King Rama V.

2. Bunyasamakhom Shrine (Rong Je Trokkrai) was named by King Rama V.

3. Ah Mha Geng Shrine is dated back more than 150 years. Inside, it houses Goddess Thapthim who is highly revered by local people.

4. Wat Mangkon Kamalawat or Wat Leng Nei Yi is the first Mahayana Buddhist sect temple in Thailand. It was constructed during King Rama V by donation from the Chinese living in Sampheng area.

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Car Rental Pattaya

Just use the Car Hire booking engine below or select from a choice of car rental in Pattaya.

Beneluxcar offers discounted rates from the major car rental companies throughout Pattaya and car rental worldwide, continually expanding network meets your mobility needs with a network of more than 5.500 car rental officces throughout 145 countries Europe, USA, Africa, Middle East, Central America, South America, Mexico, Carribean and Asia.

Pattaya by Car
Our online car rental Pattaya reservation system includes interactive reservations, fleet guides, worldwide location listing and links to sales and leasing. Offers car hire from various airport and city localities Thailand.If you want to cheap car rental Pattaya a car without any insurance, this is the online reservations place for you.

Tourism Pattaya
The city had 95,000 registered inhabitants in 2004; the real population is probably closer to 500,000. The discrepancy results from a complicated procedure in which most Thais remain registered in their hometown, where they are still counted even though they have relocated. The large expatriate population is an additional factor to Pattaya's population discrepancy.

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pattaya Apartment Rentals:pattaya jontiem Beach Apartment

Apartment/ flat 2 - 4 persons.
1 room(s) , of which 1 Bedroom(s), Independent kitchen, 1 bathroom
Surface area : 48 m2 / 516 sqft
Year of construction : 2000

Bedding : 1 Double bed, 1 Sofabed, 1 Camp bed(s).
Sheets and towels included, Freezer, Swimming pool belonging to the residence, Tennis court belonging to the residence, Air conditionning, TV, Parking lot belonging to the building
, Hot plate, Oven, Microwave, Fridge freezer, Coffee maker, Toaster, Shower, Books, Lift, Outdoor furniture, Fan, TV socket, DVD player

Additional services
Bed linen provided, Cleaning service available, Caretaker, Reception desk, Safety deposit box, Dial-up internet access, Airport transport upon demand

Best points
decoration looked after, sliding scale tariffs according to the duration, large terrace de6 m2, Entirely equipped with télevision, reader dvd and small pocket of fims of dvd, chains by satelitte, corner cooks with vitoceramaic plate, hood, refrigerator and recent congélateur.Construction close to the sea,near the large arteries and shopping centres. Station of direct bus for the aéroprt in the street even of the residence. Taxi available to take to you to the airport. Possibility of tours in Thailand in the private minibus.

Pets not allowed, Owner lives on site

Floor : 3, in an accommodation of 5 floor(s)
View of Sea from the side.
Altitude less than 100 m / less than 285 ft.
Aspect South-East.
Beach : 500 m / 1425 ft.
pattaya : 4 km.
Close to railway, Close to airport, Close to nightclub, Close to A-road / Motorway, Lively area, Sandy beach nearby.
Beach : 500 m / 1425 ft, Restaurant : 200 m / 570 ft, Shops : 200 m / 570 ft, Hospital : 5 km, Bank : 1 km / 2850 ft, Bus stop : 700 m / 1995 ft,

Activities in the vicinity
Sea / ocean, Amusement park, Windsurfing, Cinema, Jet ski, Historical site, Tennis, Night club, Boat Trips, Fishing, Aerial sports

Means of access
from pattaya city to follow the direction jontiem beach then after taking the soy chaiyapruk in direction of sukkumvit road.

Hints and Tips
The good addresses can be advised to you on the spot by the owner living the places.

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Pattaya holiday apartment rental with shared

Pattaya holiday apartment rental with shared pool, golf, beach/lake nearby, jacuzzi/hot tub, balcony/terrace, air con, TV, DVD

Ananya (apartment)
Home: 24581
Sleeps up to: 4 (2 bedrooms)
Rates: £300 to £325
Will consider: Long term lets (over 1 month)
Changeover day: Flexible
Access: Car not necessary
Notes: Sorry - no pets allowed
Suitable for children
No smoking at this property

Home description
Welcome to your own private paradise at Ananya Beachfront Condo. It is 5 storied modern resort-style buildings to fulfill your dreamy private residential. In a tranquil setting, incorporating its own private beach, this five star resort is in a class of its own and is one of the most exclusive residences in Pattaya. There are still a few apartments for sale at an atractive price

Ananya Beach Condominium Complex has risen along the beach front in a modern resort style setting, yet tranquil and private enough to fulfill the residents with the relaxed felling of fresh air and sea breeze.

The Central Thailand region
Located only 5 minutes from Pattaya City, it is so convenient in term of transportation and public utilities, with nearby surroundings such as seafood, restaurants, superstores, shopping malls, entertainment complexes, golf course and hospitals. You can also enjoy activities at nearby places such as The Koa Keaw open zoo , tiger garden and butterfly garden (the biggest in Asia).

Pattaya area
Ananya condominium is just 90 minutes from Suvarnabhumi airport. It also has 550 meters of private beach front and is walking distance from a vibrant nightlife scene.

How to get there
The apartment is in a new and luxury condominium in pattaya Thailand
it is on the beach facing a small fishing village, 5 min away from north pattaya
there is a terrific seafood restaurant on the premises
from bangkok it takes 1 and a half houre drive

Nearest Travel Links
Airport: Bangkok international airport: 140 km

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Villa rental: Villa 1102, Koh Kaew,phuket

Type: Villa, 5 bedrooms
Sleeps: 10
Location: Koh Kaew, Town/Kathu
Available for:Holiday & Long-term Rental

This holiday villa is on a fun and well located development particularly well suited for families with young children!

Centrally located it is only 3/4 km to the British curriculum International School, convenient to all major shopping centres, marinas, golf courses and international hospitals, and only 20 minutes to Phuket International Airport.

In its idyllic settings, you will experience an excellent standard of service as well as superb accommodation and facilities. These include a sparkling swimming pool, in-room high-speed Internet and so many more features to add to your everyday pleasure. And you can depend on our superior 24-hour security service.

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Villa rental: Villa 1173, Nai Harn,phuket

Type: Villa, 5 bedrooms
Sleeps: 10
Location: Nai Harn, South Phuket
Available for:Holiday Rental only

This luxury property, comprises 600sqm under roof and is set in a private development of three villas nestled between a luscious rubber plantation and a coconut grove. It gives ample accommodation and is the perfect hideaway for a large group or 2/3 families looking for ideal outdoor living.

It comprises 5 double bedrooms, all en suite over two levels. The ground floor is split between a 2 bedroom semi self contained area with its own kitchenette living and dining room and a huge main lounge with an open plan fully fitted luxury kitchen. The main living area covering half the downstairs area comes complete with a 3m dining room table, 3 large leather sofas and a home theatre system and lends itself to perfect entertaining. All rooms downstairs open onto a sundeck with sala, stunning child friendly pool with detachable fence and beautifully landscaped gardens with mature coconut trees. The sala features a kitchenette and 10 seater dining table making it ideal for al-fresco dining. Upstairs comprises 3 further double bedrooms, cloakroom study and lounge opening onto an alternative seating area on a surrounded balcony over looking the pool area and coconut grove treetops. Villa Maria can readily accommodate 10 people and depending on the age of your children up to 14 guests.

With great attention to detail it is tastefully furnished with a mixture of contemporary furniture, Chinese antiques, Asian artworks and Thai silks. These features complement the rich wooden flooring throughout the whole upstairs living area. It comes complete with large maid's accommodation, laundry room and poolside shower.

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Villa rental: Villa 181, Patong,phuket

Type: Villa, 6 bedrooms
Sleeps: 12
Location: Patong, West Coast
Available for:Holiday Rental only

These expansive Residences are the ultimate homes at this Villa development with 570-650 square metres of indoor and outdoor living space on two levels. Your villa can accommodate a large family or lots of friends while still allowing privacy, peace, and relaxation for all guests. Designed to maximize its prime location, the bedrooms, living room, dining room, terraces, and pools all feature expansive ocean views.

The indoor and outdoor living areas on the upper floor are spacious and thoughtfully designed. The separate living room, dining room, and kitchen give a traditional air to a contemporary setting. The living room and dining rooms open onto the outdoor terrace, which features a 36 square metre infinity-edge swimming pool.

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House rental in Phuket:Baan Chayapa

Large house (180 Sqm) for rent located in a quiet residential area, Chaofa Thanee Village. The house has 2 air-conditioned bedrooms, a large living room - with big screen TV, surround sound system and DVD player - 2 bathrooms, a kitchen. The backside of the house offers a terrace and a swimming pool. A car park is located in front of the house. The area has security service on 24h.

Nice services are provided:
laundry, car or motorcycle for rent. Prices include water, electricity and maid service.

Rates per day
Low season (May 1st to October 31st): 2,500 Baht
High Season (November 1st to April 31st): 3,000 Baht
Extra 250 Baht per day from December 20th to January 31st
House rental in Phuket:Baan Chayapa
9/127 Chaofa Thanee Village, Moo 5, Chaofa Road
Tambon Chalong, Amphur Muang, Phuket 83000
Tel/Fax: +66 (0)76 281 018

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Baan Kata Villas, Kata Beach, Phuket, Thailand

Looking for Phuket villa rentals with Andaman Sea frontage? House Phuket Kata Beach on Phuket island, Thailand is one of the best luxury villas for rent in Phuket. Located on the western most tip of the southern headland of Kata Beach which is relatively undeveloped as Club Med takes up about 70% of the mile long beach. The developer/architect is ML Tri Devakul who was the developer/architect for The Meridien, Yacht Club, Club Med,and The Boathouse. Baan Kata Villas is under the same management as The Boathouse and Villa Royale considered by many to be the 2 best boutique hotels in Phuket.

The villa is located on the side of a steep hill and has several huge boulders on the site which have been incorporated into the villa. It fronts right on the rocks which lead down to the sea about 15 meters below.
The swimming pool (6Mx15M) is on the edge of the rocks and has a dramatic infinity effect. The villa faces directly west so there are always spectacular sunsets. There is a great view of Pu island which is one of the few islands along the west coast of Phuket. There is a tastefully designed wall around the villa and much vegetation. It is very private and secluded.

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Car Rental in Phuket :Chaofa Thanee Village

Car Rental in Phuket
The best way to discover Phuket island "self drive", with a wide range of cars, and motorbike in exceptional condition. But also, cheaper to rent through internet with airport delivery, and premium insurance.


- Rental per day (24h), per week, per month or longer
- Free delivery
- Infant seat available
- Maps available
- Premium insurance
- Recent vehicles, steadily maintained

Suzuki Sporty
Manual, 1.3 litre, 4 wheels drive, 4 cylinder, 2 doors, air conditioning, 2 seats + 1 banquette, power steering, radio and tape player.

from Mar 15th to Dec 14th - 800 Baht/24h from 15.12 to14.3 - 1000 Baht/24h

Honda City
Automatic, 1.5 litre, 4 cylinder, 4 doors, air conditioning, 4 seats, power steering, radio and tape player.

from Mar 15th to Dec 14th - 1200 Baht/24h from 15.12 to14.3 - 1400 Baht/24h

Honda City Type Z 1.5l
Manual, 1.5 litre, 4 cylinder, 4 doors, air conditioning, 4 seats, power steering, radio and tape player.

from Mar 15th to Dec 14th - 1200 Baht/24h from 15.12 to14.3 - 1400 Baht/24h

Honda Jazz
Automatic, 1.5 litre, 4 cylinder, 4 doors, air conditioning, 4 seats, power steering, radio and tape player.

from Mar 15th to Dec 14th - 1200 Baht/24h from 15.12 to14.3 - 1400 Baht/24h

Honda Dream 125cc
4 gears semi-automatic, all our motorbikes are new or recent.

from Mar 15th to Dec 14th - 150 Baht/24h from 15.12 to14.3 - 200 Baht/24h
Car Rental in Phuket :Chaofa Thanee Village
9/127 Chaofa Thanee Village, Moo 5, Chaofa Road
Tambon Chalong, Amphur Muang, Phuket 83000
Tel/Fax: +66 (0)76 281 018

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Phuket Villa and Apartment Rentals

Holiday rentals in Phuket are unique and different from any normal hotel stay. Enjoy total privacy with your family or friends. A range of accommodation is available for every taste and budget.

Why would anyone choose a holiday villa rental over a hotel room? Generally, a holiday rental affords more privacy, more room and more freedom to enjoy yourselves. One of the biggest selling points of a holiday rental is the size of the room compared to that of a hotel room. When you are on holiday, don't you like to spread out just a little? The average size of a hotel room is about 30 sqm. With holiday villas in Phuket you can rent a whole house with sizes ranging from 100 - 800 sqm.
Holiday rentals range from single studio apartments to six bedroom villas. These can come with a variety of amenities like private swimming pools, indoor and outdoor jacuzzis. As in a hotel, service staff such as maids, babysitters, cooks and chauffeurs can also be included.

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