Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Golf In Thailand

Almost everyone is aware of Thailand's beautiful beaches, but it would surprise many to know that recreational tourists come flocking to Thailand because of golf.

Golf has become very popular in Thailand and as a result many world-class golf courses have come up in the country. These golf courses are challenging with full range of services and are set against breathtaking backdrops. Most golf courses in Thailand offer their patrons fine dining, luxurious accommodation, carts, caddies and full equipped pro-shops with knowledgeable pros. The courses are also equipped with saunas and massage centers. Most golf courses in Thailand are located quite close to beach resorts, making it a win-win situation for tourists who can play off golf and then go to the beach and relax.

The climate is conducive to golfing right round the year. One can even go for a golfing holiday during the rainy season as it seldom rains for more than a couple of hours at a time. In winter, northern part of Thailand does get a bit chilly and it is advisable to pack a sweater for your golfing holiday to Thailand. Many golf courses have installed floodlights so that golf enthusiasts can still be on the green even after the sun sets.

Green fees in Thailand are well below international standards and playing golf is not an expensive affair. Golf courses may charge a paltry amount of 250 baht on weekdays with the amount increasing marginally at weekends. Phuket has the highest green fees in Thailand, which is still lower than what one would pay in golf courses in other parts of the world.

Golf In Thailand
By Pauline Go

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