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Travel - Festivel Thailand

In 1940, Thailand moved its New Year's Day from April 13th to January 1st. The old New Year is still a holiday called Songkran. Years are counted as the Buddhist era (B.E.) which started 543 years earlier than the Christian, era, therefore 2002 AD is the year 2545 BE.

Festivals in Thailand are either Buddhist, Chinese, animist, or associated with the monarchy. Buddhist and Chinese festivals are lunar and generally fall on a full moon, animist festivals such as Songkran or Loi Krathong can be solar or lunar, while royal holidays fall on special historical days such as the founding of the current Chakri dynasty or the birthdays of the reigning monarchs.

The most deeply spiritual of the Thai holidays is Visakha Bucha held on a full moon night in May. It commemorates the date on which the Buddha was born, attained enlightenment, and died.

Visakha Bucha day is marked with sermons and alms-giving culminating in an evening candlelit procession known as wien thien in which celebrants circle the temple three times in honour of the triple gem of Buddhism - the Buddha, the Dharma (teachings), and the Sangha (community of monks).

Songkran, the most vigorous of Thailand's festivals, was the official Thai New Year until 1941. Formerly tied to the movement of the sun, modern Songkran takes place from 13-15th April.

Songkran began as a ceremonial bathing of Buddha images as part of a new year's spring cleaning ritual. However, it has degenerated over the years into a free-for-all water fight in which the streets are filled with revellers armed with water guns, jars and buckets.

Though Songkran is celebrated nationwide, it's probably done with most gusto in Bangkok’s tourist centre of Khaosan Road and in the northern capital of Chiangmai.

The southern island of Phuket with its large Chinese population is the scene of the Phuket Vegetarian Festival held during the ninth lunar month each year. The event lasts ten days and other than participants observing a vegetarian diet, involves ceremonies at Chinese shrines and temples along with firewalking and other acts of self-mutilations carried out by devotees known as Ma Song. These Ma Song are in ecstatic trances and oblivious to pain as they clamber up ladders with bladed rungs, walk barefoot over hot coals, and plunge skewers through their cheeks.

The event Phuket Vegetarian Festival dates back to 1825. At that time, many immigrant Chinese worked in Phuket's tin mines. A visiting Chinese opera troupe cured their sickness with a vegetarian diet. This much impressed the local population who started the vegetarian festival.

The afternoon before the festival, celebrants raise a high pole (the Go Teng pole) at each temple. This is to invite the gods to descend. Then at midnight, they adorn the pole with nine lanterns to mark the opening of the festival.

Over the next ten days, ceremonies such as invocation of the gods Lam Tao and Pak Tao, processions of images of the deities, and the feats of the Ma Song. The festival ends with merit making ceremonies at the temples and the send-off of the gods.

Thailand is a land rich in culture and tradition and the best and most moving way to experience the delights of this eastern kingdom is to attend one of the many festivals and ceremonies that adorn the calendar.

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phuket travel tours in phuket thailand


Phuket island is located in the tropical zone off the west coast of the southern part of Thailand in the Andaman Sea and is connected to Phang-nga province by Sarasin Bridge and Thep Krasattri Bridge. It is 862 km. away from Bangkok by road and one hour and 20 minutes by air.

North:Lies The Pak Prah strait, spanned by two bridges running side-by-side, the older Sarasin Bridge, and the newer Thao Thep Krasatri Bridge.

South:Is the Andaman Sea.

East: Is Phang-nga Bay (In the jurisdiction mainly of Phang-nga Province).

West:Is The Andaman Sea.

Phuket is the largest island of Thailand but the second smallest province in area (the smallest being Samut Songkhram). The main island itself has an area of about 539, about the same size as Singapore. The total land area of the province, including 39 small nearby islets, is about 570

Phuket is the same size as Singapore Island. About 70 percent of Phuket is forested hills. Mai Tha Sip Song is the highest peak on the island, 529 meters above sea level. Low plains form the rest of the area, mainly in the center and south. There are three canals, Khlong Bang Yai, Tha Jin, Khlong Tha Rua, and Khlong Bang Rong, which run through the island.

Phuket is the largest island in the country, but the smallest province in the South. It is located between 7ฐ45' and 8ฐ15' north latitude, and from 98ฐ15' to 98ฐ40' west longitude on the map.

Surrounded by 32 smaller islands, Phuket occupies 543 square kilometers. The overall length from north to south is 47.8 kms and 21.3 kms from west to east. Phuket connects to the mainland by two bridges, the Sarasin Bridge and Thoa Thep Krasatri Bridge (600 meter, across Pak Phra Channel, bridging Chatchai Landing of Phuket and Tha Nun Landing of Phangnga). To the south and west Phuket adjoins the Andaman Sea, and the Krabi Sea to the East.

Phuket's average temperature is around 28.0 to 29.3 degrees Celsius. The lowest average is around 21.8 to 22.7 degrees Celsius and the highest is 35.7 degrees Celsius (in 1998).

phuket travel tours in phuket thailand

70% of the area are mountains stretching from north to south, while the other 30% are plains, mainly in the central and and eastern parts of the island.
There is no important river but a total of 9 brooks and creeks. The west coast are stretches of white sandy beaches which are major tourist developments.

Phuket travel and tour is your online resource to find some of Phuket's best tours and excursions at affordable prices......The unparalleled beauty and excitement of the ‘Pearl of the South’ are at your finger tips and the holiday of your dreams is just a mouse click away.

Blessed with spectacular limestone peaks, mesmerizing blue seas and unspoiled tropical islands, Phuket is a paradise on Earth. You can try snorkelling and Scuba diving above otherworldly coral reefs, explore the islands on kayak or boat tours and seek adventure in the forest. You can even hop on an elephant and ride into the sunset.

Whatever your dream holiday may be, we can make it a reality. We’ve put our extensive experience to work separating the wheat from the chaff to bring you only the finest Phuket tours and trips. Every one of these hand-picked adventures offers the best comfort, service and value on the island. Additionally you can customize your trip to suit your needs perfectly. You may be able to find cheaper tours but we promise you won’t find better.

Phuket Thailand tourist information
Spectacular scenery, stunning tropical sunsets and warm blue sea awaits you at Asia's most popular beach destination. This fun island provides an unbeatable combination of perfect silky soft white palm-lined beaches, superb hospitality and great value accommodation!

Whether it's world class diving in the Andaman Sea, golf at world-standard championship courses or exciting eco-adventures in tropical forests, Phuket is a place to extend your horizons.

Take an exhilarating speedboat trip to the surrounding islands, or enjoy a serene cruise around mystical Phang Nga Bay. Or why not simply enjoy Phuket's vibrant nightlife in Patong Beach? Total enjoyment! Not convinced yet? See our 10 Must See and Do list.

Parents and children, beach bums and barflies, newlyweds and 90-year-olds: Phuket has everything you're looking for. It caters to all tastes, every budget, and promises to deliver a smile-filled holiday in the exotic surrounds of one of the planet's most exciting island getaways.

Whether it is luxurious and secluded, vivacious and untamed, or somewhere in the middle; your niche is here. You will find it. And you will be back for more!

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Pattaya Travel Guide – Top 10 Recommendations

With its large expatriate community and diverse attractions, Pattaya has gained a reputation as one of Thailand's leading international communities. Its other reputation as Bangkok's playground and the capital of the sex industry, it attracts a very specific sort of tourist. No matter what your reasons for visiting, you'll find an exhausting list of attractions, theme parks and entertainment to keep you busy while you're here. In Pattaya gay travellers are also welcome and made to feel comfortable. Thailand is very tolerant of gay activities, Pattaya is no exception.

Million Years Stone Park and Pattaya Crocodile Farm

The Million Years Stone Park and Crocodile Farm is a great place to take in some of the indigenous plant and animal life of Thailand. More than 1,000 crocodiles are kept and bred on the grounds and there are some elephants and rare albino bears. Elephant shows are held every day, as is the crocodile roundup. The grounds also have some beautiful landscaping, most outstanding of which is the bonsai garden. The park can be reached via a 15-minute drive from Pattaya city centre.

Ripley’s Believe It or Not

This one-of-a-kind museum is located on the third floor of the Royal Garden Plaza building in Pattaya. The facility contains over 300 unusual exhibits exploring the whole gamut of weird and unexplained phenomena. Some of the more popular attractions include the Infinity Maze, an immersive, walk-through sound and light show that tests the limits of perception; and the Haunted Adventure, a resurrection of an old real-life mystery set at the Grimsby and Streaper Casket Company and brought to life with live actors, special effects and animatronics. Despite its emphasis on the odd, Ripley's is Pattaya's most outstanding museum and a definite must-see.

Sriracha Tiger Zoo

North of the city of Pattaya, the Sriracha Tiger Zoo can be found off Route 3241 via a 30-minute drive from the city centre. The subjects of this facility can be found in a variety of circumstances including in their natural surroundings as well as more interactive settings. Visitors will have the opportunity to bottle-feed young cubs as well as have their picture taken with them. The zoo is home to several other species including crocodiles, elephants and scorpions. Some of the more outlandish shows include elephants playing basketball and a woman wrestling a crocodile.

Mini Siam

One of Pattaya's most well-known sites for tourists is Mini Siam, a 1:25 scale replication of some of Thailand's most popular sites from across the country. There are 80 buildings in the park representing periods throughout Thailand's history. Don Muang Airport is on-site, as is the Temple of the Emerald Buddha in Bangkok and the Temple of Phimai in Nakorn Ratchisima. The best time to visit is after dark, when the exhibits are illuminated and take on a new life.

Nong Nooch Tropical Garden

Anyone who wishes to visit the Nong Nooch Tropical Garden can catch a shuttle bus that departs from in front of the Nipa Lodge Hotel in downtown Pattaya. This park covers more than 600 acres and hosts a broad spectrum of exhibits dedicated to Thai culture and history. The grounds include a cactus garden, an orchid nursery and a lake with canoes that can be hired. The arts and culture centre hosts daily exhibitions of Thai dance, Muay Thai (Thai boxing) and elephant shows. There's also a zoo on-site and accommodation for overnight stays.

Wat Yansangwararam

Pattaya is not as well known for its temples and ancient architecture as Bangkok or Chiang Mai. Even so, the Yansangwararam is a temple worth checking out while in the area. It's located a few miles south of Pattaya and was built in 1988 to commemorate the 42nd year of King Bhumibol's reign. On-site is a lake with Chinese pavilions and a building that houses several art exhibits and antiques of Chinese origin. The temple itself sits at the apex of a flight of 299 stairs hemmed in by snakes.

Pattaya Elephant Village

Visitors who want to get an up close look at the iconic Thai elephant can do so at the Pattaya Elephant Village. These animals have served the country in a variety of roles over the centuries, spanning war times and more recently, teak harvesting. The elephants in the village are protected and perform daily educational and entertaining feats showcasing their forestry and football skills. Visitors can also ride the elephants into the forest and listen to English language explanations of this beast's history in Thailand.

Pattaya Beach

While it may be saturated with visitors and a little polluted, Pattaya's beachfront property continues to be its greatest draw. Visitors come to enjoy the beach in any number of ways, whether it's a walk on the tree-lined promenade; a relaxed seafood dish eaten on an outdoor veranda or simply a laid-back afternoon spent on a deckchair. Charter boats head out to some of the nearby islands where further exploration and snorkelling is available. There's not too much actual swimming in the water, though it's bustling with jet-skis, banana boats and motor boats.

Amusement parks

The constant flux of tourists through Pattaya has given way to a variety of amusement parks. Pattaya Water Park is a huge facility with water slides, Jacuzzis, whirlpools and a children's wading pool. Staggering towers at the Pattaya Park Resort and Amusement Park are capped by revolving restaurants with impressive views of the city and sea. The Funny Land Amusement Park has all sorts of carnival and theme-park style rides including a roller coaster and a pendulum Viking ship. Asia's largest aquarium is also located in Pattaya—Underwater World, with an impressive walking tunnel allowing visitors to walk in among the aquatic life.

Nightlife and gay activities

Anyone visiting Pattaya will at some point be confronted with the city's notoriety as a part of the sex industry. While it's true that sex tourism is in full force in the go-go bars along Walking street, it's easy to find more family-oriented locations across town where you can get a bite to eat or relax in the evening. There are a couple of Irish pubs, an English pub and a blues bar where tourists can enjoy a relaxed evening without the risqué atmosphere. On the whole, the nightlife in Pattaya spans all interests and there's something for everyone to enjoy. Pattaya is also a popular gay destination. Gay Pattaya is centred on Boyztown and is very welcoming. Gay travellers feel very comfortable in Pattaya and have plenty of options for fun.

Author: Andy Burrows

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Chiang Mai - Rose of the Northern Thailand

The beautiful city of Chiang Mai, located in Northern Thailand is surrounded by mountains and lush green countryside area. As per its mesmerizing beauty and wonderful location the city is often called as, "Rose of the North". As the fifth-largest city of Thailand, Chiang Mai is much greener and composed in comparison to other centers of the country that even includes capital city Bangkok. Being the core of Northern Thailand, this city is swarmed by countless number of visitors every year. It offers magnificent attractions to visitors which leave them spell-bound. With good hospitality services offered by Chiang Mai Hotels like D2 hotel, Veranda hotel, and the Holiday Inn, tourists experience pleasant visit to the city. So, splendid locations with good accommodation facilities, Chiang Mai offer an amusing retreat to the tourists.

Chiang Mai has gained a splendor image and is a storehouse of wonderful locations like museums, temples, hot springs, waterfalls, shopping areas and other attractions. These spots provide opportunity to tourists to come and experience the world which is entirely different. Chiang Mai hotels are located at convenient areas, around all the major attractions which allow tourists to visit them easily without any hassle.
After visiting the vivacious locations tourist doesn't leave the city without appreciating its compelling beauty. Some of the major attractions of Chiang Mai are Wat Chedi Luang, Wat Chet Yot, Wat Chiang Man, Wat Tha Ton, Wat Lok Moli, Chiang Mai National Museum, Hilltribe Museum, Khruba Siwichai Monument, Bhubing Palace, Queen Sirikit Botanical Garden, Taeng Dao Elephant Camp, Twin Royal Pagodas, Mae Klang Waterfall, Mae Sa Waterfall, Mae Ya Waterfall, Fang Hot Springs, San Kamphaeng Hot Springs, Doi Inthanon National Park, Doi Suthep & Doi Pui National Park, Doi Tao Lake, Night Bazaar, Muang Kung Earthenware Village, Ban Thawai Woodcarving Village, Ban Rai Phai Ngam Cotton Weaving Village, Bo Sang Umbrella Village and San Kamphaeng Cotton & Silk Weaving Village.
Chiang Mai also hosts various colourful festivals like Bo Sang Umbrella Festival, Flower Festival, Chiang Mai Art & Culture Festival, Songkran Festival and Lantern Festival & Loi Krathong Festival. These festivals taking place in different months of the year are held in their own unique way. Visitors are highly fascinated by these festivals which attract them to participate. With the beauty of culture in Chiang Mai, you will also find here the opportunity to try hand at adventurous activities like trekking, elephant riding, bungee jumping, rafting, cruising, mountain biking, golfing, swimming and tennis.
While enjoying all these things, you can avail the good hospitality services offered by Chiang Mai Hotels, which are available in each and every range. Moderate, budget and luxury hotels in Chiang Mai allow the tourists to choose a hotel of their choice according to their need and budget. Good facilities are provided by these hotels which make tourists feel like home and have a wonderful journey.

About the AuthorBook a hotel of your choice from the chain of Chiang Mai hotels available at AsiaRooms and get best hotels deal at reasonable price.

Chiang Mai - Rose of the Northern Thailand by Ritu Raj Mishra

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The Amari Emerald Cove Resort - Klong Prao Beach, Koh Chang, Trat, Thailand

Country: Thailand
Province: Trat
Location: Klong Prao Beach, Koh Chang
Address: 88/8 Moo 4, Klong Prao Beach (Had Klong Prao), Koh Chang, Trat, Thailand
Amari Emerald Cove Resort & Spa is located on the secluded Klong Prao Beach (Had Klong Prao). Apart from taking advantage of the soft white sand beaches, more adventurous guests can enjoy hiking in the rainforests, elephant trekking, fishing, sailing, snorkling and diving. Day trips to the surrounding islands can easily be arranged and there are two multi-level waterfalls with refreshing pools to swim in. In addition after a day of activities, guests can enjoy sheer pampering at the Sivara Spa.

Once a traditional fishing village, Bang Bao Beach is both a facinating place to get an insight into the island's fishing comunity and a fun place to explore local shops and seafood restaurants. The buildings are raised above the water on wooden stilts and many of the local fishing vessles are anchored nearby. More information on "Koh Chang" or "Ko Chang" or "Elephant Island" - Thailand's second biggest island after Phuket island. Koh Chang is situated to the east of Thailand in the province of Trat (around 315 kilometers from Bangkok) on the border of Cambodia. Koh Chang is about 30 kilometers long, almost 14 kilometers wide, and 217 square kilometers. Around 80 percent of Koh Chang, along with an archipelago of 52 islands, is part of the Koh Chang Marine National Park. Koh Chang is the largest island in the Marine Natural Park. The Marine National Park has a total area of 650 square meters and 70% is marine. Clear waters of various blue shades surround the island while a terrain of high mountains and steep cliffs provide magnificent scenic points.

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Alina Grande Hotel - White Sand Beach, Koh Chang, Trat, Thailand

Country: Thailand
Province: Trat
Location: White Sand Beach, Koh Chang
Address: 9/2 Moo 4, White Sand Beach (Had Sai Khao), Koh Chang, Trat, Thailand
Alina Grade Hotel is located on White Sand Beach (Had Sai Khao). Alina Grande Hotel has 55 rooms equipped with air-conditioning, cable TV, mini bar, and hot/cold shower. It has also a wide parking space for those who prefer to drive their cars to Koh Chang. Alina Grande Hotel is located opposite to Alina Resort, it is only a walk (44 meters) to the beach. Aside from that, it has a mini mart, restaurant, internet cafe, swimming pool, and a spacious area for those who wanted to have a party or any social gathering. Sea view rooms are on request basis.

More information on "Koh Chang" or "Elephant Island" - Thailand's second biggest island after Phuket island. Koh Chang is situated to the east of Thailand in the province of Trat (around 315 kilometers from Bangkok) on the border of Cambodia. Koh Chang is about 30 kilometers long, almost 14 kilometers wide, and 217 square kilometers. Around 80 percent of Koh Chang, along with an archipelago of 52 islands, is part of the Koh Chang Marine National Park. Koh Chang is the largest island in the Marine Natural Park. The Marine National Park has a total area of 650 square meters and 70% is marine. Clear waters of various blue shades surround the island while a terrain of high mountains and steep cliffs provide magnificent scenic points.

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The Aiyapura Resort and Spa - Klong Son Bay, Khoh Chang, Trat, Thailand.

Country: Thailand
Province: Trat
Location: Klong Son Bay, Koh Chang
Address: 29 Moo 3, Klong Son Bay (Ao Klong Son), Koh Chang, Trat, Thailand
Aiyapura Resort and Spa is located on a forty acres beach front property at Klong Son Bay (Ao Klong Son), beautiful Thai style villas and suite surrounded by greenery tropical garden with ocean view setting a large 30 meters long swimming pool. The private paradise of Aiyapura Resort and Spa on the Tropical Island Koh Chang is nestling agreeably with nature and has the luxury of a 5 star Hotel Resort and its facilities.

Virgin forest, tropical Fruit trees and Thai architectural buildings share the same space in Peace and Harmony. The moment you step into the Aiyapura Resort and Spa you will be welcomed by our smile and service which can only be out done by nature itself. Lush green trees are surrounding the gentle Hamlet which is laid out with Villas, Suites and Bungalows equipped with all the amenities you could wish for.

More information on "Koh Chang" or "Ko Chang" or "Elephant Island" - Thailand's second biggest island after Phuket island. Koh Chang is situated to the east of Thailand in the province of Trat (around 315 kilometers from Bangkok) on the border of Cambodia. Koh Chang is about 30 kilometers long, almost 14 kilometers wide, and 217 square kilometers. Around 80 percent of Koh Chang, along with an archipelago of 52 islands, is part of the Koh Chang Marine National Park. Koh Chang is the largest island in the Marine Natural Park. The Marine National Park has a total area of 650 square meters and 70% is marine. Clear waters of various blue shades surround the island while a terrain of high mountains and steep cliffs provide magnificent scenic points.

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The AANA Resort and Spa - Klong Prao Beach, Koh Chang, Trat, Thailand

Country: Thailand
Province: Trat
Location: Klong Prao Beach, Koh Chang
Address: Klong Prao Beach (Had Klong Prao), Koh Chang, Trat, Thailand
AANA meaning "Elephant" in Malayalam a native Indian language, is located at Klong Prao Beach (Had Klong Prao) on the picturesque island of Koh Chang in the Gulf of Thailand.

Surrounded by lush green tropical forest covered mountains on one side, a river and sea on the other sides, AANA Resort and Spa is set amongst the best nature has to offer. AANA Resort and Spa, using a concept of a unique and contemporary design totally in tune with its surrounding environment, aims to offer guests a truly refreshing and earthy experience. AANA Resort and Spa with its true to nature ambience and with rooms having oversized balconies with a day bed and dining table is perfect for nature lovers. AANA Resort and Spa firmly believes that there is no single and preset way to handle guests need.

Every guest is different and important. More information on "Koh Chang" or "Ko Chang" or "Elephant Island" - Thailand's second biggest island after Phuket island. Koh Chang is situated to the east of Thailand in the province of Trat (around 315 kilometers from Bangkok) on the border of Cambodia. Koh Chang is about 30 kilometers long, almost 14 kilometers wide, and 217 square kilometers. Around 80 percent of Koh Chang, along with an archipelago of 52 islands, is part of the Koh Chang Marine National Park. Koh Chang is the largest island in the Marine Natural Park.

The Marine National Park has a total area of 650 square meters and 70% is marine. Clear waters of various blue shades surround the island while a terrain of high mountains and steep cliffs provide magnificent scenic points.

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Jewelry Shopping in Bangkok

Shopping for jewelry in Bangkok can be very profitable and fun. But you have to be aware that there are unscrupulous people that may try to scam you.Never let a tuk-tuk driver take you to a jewelry store. A tuk-tuk is a small, open air, motorcycle driven, 3-wheeld vehicle. The driver may offer to take you anywhere you want to go for free or for a ridiculously low price.แสดง

The driver may take you to a legitimate tourist attraction or temple where you will be met by someone claiming that the venue is closed. He will try to gain your confidence and offer to take you to a jewelry store where you can make a big profit. Everyone will get a commission and you will be sold inferior grade gemstones.

You are better off going to a reputable jewelry store. Keep in mind that almost any store recommended to you will be paying a commission to the recommender. You want to find a store that has been in the same location and has a solid reputation. But, how do you find one.

I would search around the internet and find some jewelry stores that look "OK". Then I would visit some of the online forums and ask around for good and bad experiences. It may not be a perfect solution, but it will give you a start at finding a legitimate shop.

I would definitely avoid any jewelry shop located in the lobby of your hotel. They will be targeting tourists and overcharging you. There will also be a limited selection and most likely inferior stones.

You can find some decent jewelry stores on Wireless Road amid all of the embassies. They have been there for a long time and take care of tourists and dignitaries alike.

For gold jewelry, your best bet is to go to Chinatown. There are gold shops every ten feet. Easily identified with bright red trim, you will see gold necklaces, bracelets, and rings. This is for gold only shopping, not gem stones. Keep in mind that the gold will be 22 or 23 carat which is almost pure.

The price of the gold jewelry will be based on the daily price of gold on the world markets. Factor in a little more for the workmanship, and you can get some very nice jewelry for a good price. The biggest markup in your home country is for the craftsmanship.

Do a little bit of homework and you can get a very nice souvenir from Thailand that you will wear the rest of your life and will remind you of your holiday.

Larry Westfall is a frequent traveler to Bangkok - Pattaya - and Phuket and books his hotels in Thailand through Thailand Accommodations
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Tinsulanonda Bridges.

The longest bridge of Thailand, is combined with two bridges on two sides of Koh Yo - an island - to link up the highway 401 with Koh Yo. For years before, traffic of the lower southern highway had to cross the lake by ferries from Songkhla town.

The longest concrete bridge of Thailand, consisting of two parts, stretches out into Songkhla Lake to link the island, Koh Yor, with the mainland, facilitating the traffic flow between Songkhla and nearby districts.The first part of the bridge itself is 940 meters long with 100-meter-long tied-beam at each end. The other part of the bridge is 1,700 meters long with the 225 meters tied-beam on Koh Yor and 100 meters tied-beam at another end.Begin the bridge construction in March 26, 1984, and finished in Sept. 25, 1986, the bridges make the island become very famous, as it’s easy to access.How to see them?As you head to Koh Yor, you have to get over it. For the excellent view of the bridge, you may stop at the provided rest areas, one before approaching the first part of the bridge from Ban Nam Krajai, and the other one, just in front of the Institute for Southern Thai Studies, before leaving the island at the northern end.

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Attractions in Songkhla

Samila Beach
Lying approximately 2.5 kilometers from the municipal market, the beach is characterized by fine white sand and lined with shady pine trees. From Samila Beach one can see Laem Son Onn to the northeast and Chalathas Beach to the south. On a clear day, Kao Seng Hill can be seen further to the south. The major landmark of the beach is the Golden Mermaid statue, a prominent symbol of Songkhla.
Laem Son Onn
This is a promontory which lies northwest of Samila Beach. Hundred of pine trees line both sides of the road leading to Laem Son Onn. At the tip of the promontory is located the statue of Kromluang Chumphon Khate Udomsak, where the open view provides an ideal location for admiring the sunset and scenic beauty. Food stalls under the shade of pine trees offer a variety of delicious snacks and local dishes. From Laem Son Onn, Rat Island can be seen at its closest point.

Cat and Rat Island
These prominent marine landmarks facing Samila Beach and Laem Son Onn with rodent - like and feline shapes have been the symbol of Songkhla since ancient times. These islets' coastal waters are favored by local anglers.

Kao Seng
Kao Seng is a small fishing village 3 kilometers south of Samila Beach. Near the village is the National Institute of Coastal Marine Aquaculture and a Buddhist monk sanctuary. Kao Seng, the present name of the village, is a corruption of the name derived from the Thai word "Kao Saen", referring to the nine hundred thousand Baht treasure and the rock is called Hua Nai Raeng.

Kao Noi
Lying 100 meters behind the Samila Beach, this hillock is accessed by winding paved roads. At the foot of the hillock on the eastern side is a mini-park where food is sold to park goers and where tennis courts are available for the athletic-minded. On the northeastern side, there is a small topiary garden. The hilltop also contains a fitness park and the statue of Kromluang Lopburi Ramase. For nature advocates, a herd of wild monkeys roaming the slope freely is a sight to remember.

Pa Prem
Recreational Garden (Suan Pa Prem) The garden is located on the shore near the head of the first section of Tinnasulanon Bridge (From Baan Nam Krachai to Koh Yo). This lakeside garden is filled with flowering and ornamental plants and provides shady and cool area for picnic. It also features a children's playground.

Tinnasulanon Bridge
The bridge is part of Highway 4146, linking Highway 407 (Hat Yai - Songkhla) and Highway 4083 (Songkhla - Ranode). It starts from the mainland side at Baan Nam Krachai, passing through Koh Yo, and is connected to Khao Khiao on the other side of the mainland. The bridge contains two sections. The first section links Amphoe Muang Songkhla at Baan Nam Krachai with the southern shore of Koh Yo island, 940 meters in length, excluding a tied beam of 100 meters at each end. The second section links the northern shore of Koh Yo island with Ban Khao Khiao on the mainland with a length of 1,700 meters, excluding a 225 meters tied beam.

Khu Khut Water Fowl Park
The park is located 3 kilometers off Highway 4083 at Moo 4, Tambon Khukhut, Amphoe Sathing Phra, 55 kilometers from Songkhla. The park has an area of 364 square kilometers. It is one of Songkhla Lake's water fowl sanctuaries worth visiting and ideal for bird watching. According to a survey conducted by the Forestry Department, there are 44 families, 137 genuses, and 219 species of birds at the sanctuary. Boats can be hired for sight-seeing at a rate of 150 Baht per hour. The park is best visited during December to March when species of birds, both migratory and resident are in abundance.
For further information, please call (074) 397042.

Maharat Beach
The beach is located 500 meters from the Sathing Phra District Office. The three kilometers long beach with crystal sand is serene and an enjoyable location for swimming. It is lined with pine trees, providing cool shade for relaxation.

Sakom Beach
The beach is about 53 kilometers from Songkhla on Asia 4 Highway. It is about 15 kilometers from Amphoe Chana and one kilometer off the main highway. Nearby is another beach called Haad Soi Sawan. These are ideal locations for camping and picnic. A small island across from the beach is Koh Khaam where fish abound and providing a good fishing site for anglers.

Songkhla Lake
Songkhla Lake is the largest lake in Thailand covering extensive areas in Songkhla and Phatthalung province, The later some 80 kilometers from the estuary to the north. The width of the lake ranges between 20 to 25 kilometers. It is a fresh water lake except in the area close to the sea where the water is brackish. Numerous species of water plants and marine life are found in abundance in the lake.

Wat Tham Talord
The temple is located 25 kilometers from the District Office at Moo 6, Tambon Khao Daeng, Amphoe Sabayoi. The cave serves as a natural tunnel linking one side of hill with the other. Inside the cave are an ancient cement Buddha statue, approximately 100 reclining Buddha statues of varied sizes, and a statue of a 6 foot tall giant guarding the entrance of the cave. The cave provides cool shade and a relaxing atmosphere.

Roo Noksak Cave
The cave is located 14 kilometers from the District Office at Moo 4, Tambon Khooha, Amphoe Sabayoi. A crystal clear stream flows along the cave. Stalagmites and stalactites of various shapes and forms are most fascinating for visitors. Part of the 300 meters long cave is dark while the other is bright. Trekking through the cave is quite adventurous since trekkers have to climb some steep cliffs in order to complete the exciting journey.

Tone Nga Chang Waterfall
Waterfall is located in a wildlife reserve area 26 kilometers from Hat Yai. It can be reached by taking the Hat Yai - Rattaphum Road, turning left at the 13 kilometer milestone and going further for another 13 kilometers. Of all the seven cascades, the third one is the most fascinating, with the water falling into two large streams resembling an elephant's tusks (Tone Nga Chang means "waterfall like an elephant's tusks" in the local dialect). The water flows all year long. The area is also ideal for trekking and enjoying unspoiled nature.

Hat Yai City Municipality Park
The park is located 6 kilometers from Hat Yai city center on Kanchanavanit Road (Hat Yai - Songkhla). It is a recreational area for Hat Yai residents as well as other visitors. The park complex is decorated with beautiful flowering and ornamental plants. A pavilion was built jutting into a small man - made lake. A small size zoo and a bird park provide visitors with a glimpse of wild animals and various species of birds. At the foot of the hill near the bird's park is a statue of King Rama V. On the hilltop is a shrine of the Hindu god Brahma. On the north side of the hilltop overlooking the scout camp is located a shrine of the Chinese goddess Kuan-Im

Boriphat Waterfall
This waterfall is located in Amphoe Rattaphum on Highway 406 (Hat Yai - Satun) at Km. 34-35. A one kilometer road leads to the small and beautiful waterfall.

Songkhla Zoo
Located at No.189 Songkhla - Chana Road, Tambon Khao Roop Chang, Amphoe Muang, Songkhla, the open zoo houses a variety of animal species, domestic and foreign, ranging from camels, birds, red bulls, tigers, crocodiles, etc. The zoo serves not only as a place for viewing various species of wild animals, but also as an ideal bird's eye view spot for admiring the scenic beauty of Songkhla. Food is available for visitors.
For further information, please contact Tel. (074) 325037-8, 323649.

Khao Nam Khang National Park
The area in the park is covered with virgin forests where there are two waterfalls called Tone Dard Fah and Tone Lard Fah. The park can be accessed by two routes: 26 kilometers from Sadao and 31 kilometers from Nathawee on Nathawee - Baan Prakob Road.

Hat Sakom

The beach is set amidst white powdery sand and shady trees, which makes it highly suitable for relaxation. Travelers can hire a fishing vessel to Ko Kham, which is just 2 kilometers offshore and is a perfect place to go fishing. Food and accommodation are available for tourists. This beach is about 53 kilometers from Amphoe Muang Songkhla, on the Songkhla-Chana-Thepha Highway.

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Chiang Dao , Northern Thailand.

Chiang Dao , Northern Thailand. Chiang Dao, literally translated 'the City of Stars', is North of Chiang Mai en route to Fang / Tha Ton. There is more to Chiang Dao than just it's famous caves.
Chiang Dao town centre still has some charming old style wooden shops flanking the highway. The soon to be opened bypass should make it a very pleasant place to visit.

Many of the people around Chiang Dao are involved with agriculture, and most are asleep by 8.00pm! They tend to rise very early for work. The morning market starts at around 3.00am finishing at about 8.00am. It is an interesting to see the locals shopping here. Every Tuesday Chiang Dao has a bustling and colourful market where people from the surrounding area, including many different groups of mountain people (hilltribes) come to buy and sell their wares. Not intended for tourists and well worth experiencing.

While the centre holds some interest the natural beauty is found away from the Highway. The area near and beyond the cave are regarded by many as the most beautiful in Northern Thailand.

Chiang Dao's most striking feature is Doi Chiang Dao, Thailand's 3rd highest mountain at 2225m which plays host to an abundance of wildlife and nature. It is one of the lesser-visited, but nonetheless interesting Thai birding sites.
Chiang Dao is an ideal base for people touring the area, whether on foot, cycling, in rented cars, or on motorbikes.
Elephant centres and river rafting are situated close by. A wide variety of hilltribe villages are dotted around the nearby mountains which can be reached independently or as part of a tour or trek. There are also some hiking trails through the forest, or up the mountain.
It is also a great place to unwind. Meditation , relaxing in a hammock, drinking a beer, or reading a book. It's such a beautiful, peaceful place, doing nothing is always an option.

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Lanna Thai Vacations.

Thailand and Northern Thailand in particular draws more visitors than any other country in southeast Asia with its irresistible combination of breathtaking natural beauty, inspiring temples, renowned hospitality, robust cuisine and ruins of the fabulous ancient Lanna Kingdom.

Luk was raised in Phayao and went to university and worked extensively in Chiang Mai. Luk's sister lives in Chiang Rai and works as a manager for the renowned Dusit Island Resort Chiang Rai. When Luk and Martin were married they took a month and traveled as tourists. Often we never get to tourist spots in the area we are living. This has given them even more local knowledge of the tourism industry in the North. This local knowledge is spread out over these pages in the hope that you can make the right decisions about where to go and what to do, making your vacation one to remember always.

We strive to bringing you the best travel and accommodation deals from the Lanna Kingdom. The area of Chiang Mai, Chiang Rai and Phayao is one of the best travel areas in Thailand.

For those that would like a bit more adventure we organize tours, treks, river rafting, hilltribe village visits and some special events to make your stay memorable, and we didn't forget the Golfer either.

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Visit Thailand – The Land Of Buddha.

Thailand is the perfect tourist destination for nature lovers, shopping lovers and for the followers of Buddhism. Thailand is all these teemed together and much more. Situated in the heart of South East Asia, Thailand has some of the best Buddhist temples, which offer peace, serenity and tranquility.The Grand Palace and the Emerald BuddhaThe temples and monasteries of Thailand date back to a few hundred years. The Emerald Buddha Temple is one of the most sacred sites in Thailand and requires visitors to be properly dressed before they can enter the holy place. The Jade statue of the Lord, which is elevated off the ground is a visual treat for visitiors. This temple occupies just one corner of the court of the grand Palace.

Thailand is the perfect tourist destination for nature lovers, shopping lovers and for the followers of Buddhism. Thailand is all these teemed together and much more. Situated in the heart of South East Asia, Thailand has some of the best Buddhist temples, which offer peace, serenity and tranquility.

The Grand Palace and the Emerald Buddha

The temples and monasteries of Thailand date back to a few hundred years. The Emerald Buddha Temple is one of the most sacred sites in Thailand and requires visitors to be properly dressed before they can enter the holy place. The Jade statue of the Lord, which is elevated off the ground is a visual treat for visitiors. This temple occupies just one corner of the court of the grand Palace.

Visit Thailand – The Land Of Buddha
By: Barney Garcia

Article Source:

Barney is an avid writer, he recommends Kenya Traveller Tips and The Travel Blog for more great tourist destination and travel tips

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Bangkok Would Be a Fun Trip

Recently I was reading an account on the internet of a person who had taken a 20 day trip on a bicycle. The trip started in Bangkok, went down (south) the Thailand peninsula through Malaysia and Kuala Lumpur the capital city and then on to the country of Singapore which is one of the largest ship container ports in the world. He took pictures of this fabulous trip and made a journal telling about his time spent in the various places he had visited. It got me thinking about some of the places I have been.

What an adventure. What a great way to really see the country. It is a lot different than flying over the countries and not seeing anything but the airplane you are traveling on and the hotel you are staying in.

A few years ago I taught business seminars in this part of the world. Singapore is one of the places I went to. It was one of the cleanest cities I have ever seen. Singapore is also the most economically successful country in Southeast Asia and is the 17th wealthiest country in the world in terms of GDP per capital. It is an island located at the southern tip of the Malay Peninsula and about 85 miles north of the Equator. You will find one of the few remaining city-states in the world and the smallest country in Southeast Asia.

Bangkok, Thailand has a city population of 5,714,737. The Baiyoke Tower II is the tallest building in Bangkok and in Thailand. Be sure to see the floating markets, the fruit carvings and robed monks while you are there. See the Grand Palace and the grounds. What a marvel! It is very close to the Equator and one of the first things you will notice is the heat, pollution and the congestion. A very safe city for you to travel in and there are many wonderful sites to see.

Kuala Lumpur or KL, Malaysia which is one of the fastest growing metropolitan areas in the region with a population of 7.2 million has a lot of very tall buildings. Also known as Klang Valley, it is the vocal point of Malaysia. This is the youngest Southeast Asian capital city and also is very much economically successful. Go to the historical Sultan, Abdul Samad Building at Independence Square which is located at the City Center. The Golden Triangle is where you will find most of the city's shopping malls and the five-star hotels, party spots and the Petronas Twin Towers, one of the world's tallest skyscrapers at 1483 feet tall with 32,000 windows.

Jakarta, Indonesia, the capital and the largest city in Indonesia with a population of 8.3 million which makes it the eleventh largest city in the world. It has a beautiful airport that welcomes you to this beautiful country. The Soekarno Hatta International Airport is beautiful and about 12 miles outside of the city. It is a difficult city to get around in and the city layout makes it even harder. The traffic is said to be the worst of anywhere in Southeast Asia. Everyone in a car seems to be on a cell phone and when I asked about them I was told that it is the only way they were able to get things done in this chaotic, congested city.

Traveling is so fun. Our perspective is expanded when we go to a new country. You get to appreciate what a beautiful world we live in and how many wonderful people and cultures there are.

Plan a fun trip today, see new people, see new countries and expand your horizons.

Author: Jim Ada

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Chon buri .

Chonburi Province is in Eastern Thailand, and shares borders with Chachoengsao Province, Chanthaburi Province, Rayong Province and the Gulf of Thailand. Chonburi is the provincial capital of Chonburi Province. Chon Buri, in short "Mueang Chon" or"Chon", has been a popular seaside.

Chonburi FlightsMost visitors arrive by bus from Bangkok, but there are small airports at U-Tapao and Trat
PattayaPattaya is a popular resort on the North Gulf Coast of Eastern Thailand, 150 km south-east of Bangkok. Most famous for its.
Ko Si ChangKo Si Chang is a small island near Si Racha, population 4,500.
Si RachaSi Racha is in Eastern Thailand, between Bangkok and Pattaya, and is the gateway city to the island of Ko Si Chang.
Ko LaanKo Laan (or Lan or Larn, or Coral Island) is 7.5 km west of Pattaya. It covers an area of 5.6 and has six popular beaches with a decidedly .
ChonburiChonburi is the provincial capital of Chonburi Province.
attahipSattahip is on the Gulf coastline of Eastern Thailand, at the south-west tip of Chonburi Province. For U-Tapao Airport see Pattaya By Air U-Tapao.

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Travel to Thailand: Wat Chediluang.

Wat Chediluang is located at 103 pokglou R. Thumbon Prasing Amphur Muang Chiang Mai Province. This is one of most important temple in Chiang Mai since the past (Nakonping is the name of Chiang Mai in the past). The main pillar which calls "Indakhil" is located here. At the present Wat Chediluang is the monk administration center in Northern.
This temple is established in "Praya Sanmuangma" the seventh king of "Meng ray" dynasty reign about 600 years ago. There is no record about when it's established. In 1749 - 1751 "Praya Tilokkarasha" had developed this and calls "Wat Chediluang" because there is the Grand Pagoda in this temple.

Important building in "Wat Chediluang"
1. The Grand Pagoda ("Chediluang"). It's the highest pagoda in Lanna Territory. The base is square 60 x 60 meter and high 80 meter. This pagoda had been build about 600 years ago.
2. The main monastery ("Vihara"). It's build by "Prangan (Her Majesty) Tilokajita" in 1420. She also built Buddha figure which was name "Pra Attharasa" and the two main disciples figure ("Sariibutta" and "Moggallana") and place in the monastery. In year 1744 "Praya (The King) Tilokkarajha" had destroyed the old and rebuild the new one. In the later, year 1506 "Pra Muangkwaw" had destroyed the old and rebuilt the new one. This Vihara have been destroyed and rebuilt several time. The current Vihara is built by "kwawnavarut" the ninth governor of Chiang Mai in 1928.
3. The main Buddha figure "Pra Attharasa". This figure had been build by Her Majesty "Tilokajita" in 1420. This figure made from bronze and high 4.5 meter. In addition, there are several figures too. Those are place around the main figure.
4. "Indakhil" The main pillar of city. It's originally located at "Wat Sadumuang". In 1880 His Majesty "Gaviila" had moved it into here.

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Travel to Thailand: Wat Pradhatudoisutep.

Doi Sutep is one of most important place in Chiang Mai. There is the "Holy Relic" there (if you want to know more and how "Holy Relic" is important just search). Here is the place of warship of Chiang Mai. Most travelers always visit here if they come to Chiang Mai. One of Reason, this place is very important and not far from Chiang Mai, you can come here in short time. When you come here, you can go to worship the "Holy Relic" also take a tour around the temple. There are many interesting here. Let's see below

Doi Sutep is one of most important place in Chiang Mai. There is the "Holy Relic" there (if you want to know more and how "Holy Relic" is important just search). Here is the place of warship of Chiang Mai. Most travelers always visit here if they come to Chiang Mai. One of Reason, this place is very important and not far from Chiang Mai, you can come here in short time. When you come here, you can go to worship the "Holy Relic" also take a tour around the temple. There are many interesting here. Let's see below

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Adventure Travel in Thailand.

If adrenaline is your thing then Thailand is a place where you can get your fix of adventure in graduated doses. Some would say that negotiating the Bangkok traffic on the way from the airport is adventure enough in itself, but if you want to put your experiences on a more organized footing there is no shortage of opportunity.
Most developed resort areas on the coast offer bungee jumping, para-gliding, Jet skiing and water skiing. So flinging yourself from great heights or being blasted in to the air or across water at great speed can be easily achieved.

Thailand also remains a veritable paradise for those who enjoy the world underwater, whether that's diving, snorkeling or even submarining in Phuket.
It is also a country rich in wilderness areas of mountains, forests and waterfalls which makes trekking big business in the north of the country. The best season for trekking is between November and February when the weather is cool and the air is clear. Many operators in Chiang Mai, Chiang Rai, Mae Hong Son and Pai offer trekking tours.
Often these will be run from guest houses and it's worth asking around to find one that suits you. A trek usually lasts between three and five days and you will need good boots and a proper pack since the walking can be quite hard especially in the heat.
The guide will usually take you through ethnic villages of Lisu, Karen, Meo, Akha and Paduang. All these tribes are different in dress, language and culture and most migrated to the mountainous areas of Thailand, Laos and Vietnam within the last century from China. Also included in a trek will be some rafting and maybe some elephant riding. If the gentle rafting on a trek is not adventurous enough for you, many operators offer the white water variety. Pai is the best place to go for this and the tours are run from mid June to January when the rainy season raises the height of the water levels.
When it comes to two wheeled travel Thailand offers some of the best touring and off road motorcycling in the world. The roads are excellent and pass through mountain scenery of breathtaking beauty. Infrastructure is good with plenty of guest houses and places to eat en route. You can either go on a tour or hire bikes on your own, Chiang Mai having by far the greatest variety on offer. It is important to be an experienced driver and this is doubly true for trail riding. Many operators run tours and to get the best from off-roading, or simply finding obscure routes, it is often better to go with a guide who knows the area.
For those who spurn engines then mountain biking is now really popular and there are many operators who run trips. Whether on the lakes and rivers of the north or the Andaman Sea in the south Kayaking is available in most tourist friendly places where there is water. Tours are even run down the Mekong River. In the south Krabi and Phang Nga provinces offer spectacular scenery with luminous seas dotted with soaring limestone outcrops.
For those who want to get airborne there are a number of ways you can do it. Ballooning is offered both in Chiang Mai and Pattaya between October and March. The views in the North are better than on the coast. Perhaps, whether it's the sea, the mountains or the jungle, it is the wealth of natural beauty available in the national parks all over Thailand that make it so attractive to the outdoor enthusiast. From the heights of Doi Inthanon in the north to the maritime depths of Surin in the south there are 103 protected areas where you can enjoy an amazing variety of scenery and wildlife. Where ever you are in Thailand there is a wilderness of some sort near by.

Adventure Travel in Thailand by Alex Smith

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Take Your Cheap Holiday Vacation In Thailand.

The ancient architecture, authentic foods and beautiful beaches makes a cheap holiday vacation in Thailand a treasure. The people are fun, friendly and love to talk to tourists. They offer you knowledge, friendship and if you need to see some unusual attractions, they are willing to show you the way. When you plan your trip, you might want o stay in Chiang Mai for it beauty and exceptional culture events. You can see the city has grown to be a well-traveled area and tourist love the view of the some of the customs that are present around the area.

You will see the elephant camps, the beautifully crafted artworks and the ancient temples in the city. There are over three hundred temples to see and each one has its own beautiful architecture to see. If you plan to enter a temple, you should be prepared to remove your shoes. There are so many customs observed in Chiang Mai that has never changed over time. This is a cheap holiday vacation that no one forgets. The city is beautiful as well, it has become more popular than Bangkok. If you travel to Thailand when they are celebrating their New Year, you will see so many colors, customary headdresses and costumes that are traditional to the New Year celebration.
A cheap holiday to Thailand is exciting and when you find a package, which includes accommodations, transportation and airfare, you are finding a great deal. With all the attractions and things to do in Thailand, especially Chiang Mai, you do not have to spend a penny. You can go biking in the mountains, hiking on the beaches, sit, and watch the nightlife evolve around you. There is nowhere else around where you can experience this culture and live among the people.
Plan you cheap holiday vacation around the Thai New Year and join in the celebration that always offers to be an exceptional and memorable time for everyone. You can look online for some affordable packages, then just sit back, and enjoy the flight to a beautiful and enriching destination. Always remember to take along a digital camera or plenty of rolls of film, you will not want to miss anything.

About the AuthorMr. Peterson has done articles about cheap holidays for a last minute holidays comparison site based in the UK. He has also written for the kidswear site børnetøj

Take Your Cheap Holiday Vacation In Thailand by Michael Peterson

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Thailand Vacation Series - Chiang Mai.

Experiencing the merging of the past into the present in Chiang Mai
where locals are proud of the city's 700-year history. Its rich
traditional heritage and unique culture is a perfect foundation for the
development of the city. Chiang Mai is one of the few places in
Thailand where it is possible to find in the heart of the city centuries
-old chedis and temples next to modern convenience stores and
boutique hotels. The original city layout still exists as a neat square
surrounded by a moat with vestiges of the fortified wall and its four
main gates offering prime access to the old town.

For years, tourists have mistaken Chiang Mai as the northern
junction and the base from which they can explore other provinces.
The phrase "a day in Chiang Mai is enough to see things around"
was common. Today, tourists are surprised by the fact that there is
always something new to discover Chiang Mai. Intriguing diversity
among ethnic tribes coupled with breathtaking scenery makes
Chiang Mai one of Asia's most attractive tourist destinations. Two
weeks in Chiang Mai may not be long enough for serious travelers.
The old city of Chiang Mai with its fascinating indigenous cultural
identity such as diverse dialects, cuisine, architecture, traditional
values, festivals, handicrafts and classical dances is a prime location
in its own right. In addition, the presence of hill tribes and their
wealth of unique cultures enhance Chiang Mai's distinctive diversity.
Chiang Mai is also blessed with pristine natural resources of
mountains (dois), waterfalls, and other nature-based tourist
attractions. At the same time, Chiang Mai residents are warm,
gracious and congenial providing authentic hospitality making visits
memorable and meaningful. Moreover, visitors from all walks of life
can collect handicrafts of silk, silver and wood produced locally as
timeless souvenirs. Chiang Mai is a place where both backpackers
and luxury tourists can enjoy themselves to the fullest.
Chiang Mai literally means new city and has retained the name
despite having celebrated its 700th anniversary in 1996. King Meng
Rai founded the city as the capital of the Lanna (A Million Rice
Fields) Kingdom on Thursday, 12th April 1296 during the same
period of time as the establishment of the Sukhothai Kingdom. King
Meng Rai the Great conferred with his friends, King
Ramkhamhaeng of Sukhothai and King Ngam Muang of Phayao
before choosing the site where the capital of the Lanna Kingdom
was to be founded.
From then, Chiang Mai not only became the capital and cultural core
of the Lanna Kingdom, it was also the centre of Buddhism in
northern Thailand. King Meng Rai himself was very religious and
founded many of the city's temples, which are still important today. At the height of its power, the Lanna Kingdom extended its territory
far into Burma and Laos, and southwards to Kamphaeng Phet a
province above Sukhothai.
The Burmese conquered the Lanna Kingdom in 1556 ending the
dynasty founded by King Meng Rai that lasted over 250 years. As
Burma had occupied Chiang Mai for nearly 200 years, Burmese
architectural influences are visible in many temples. At the end of
the 18th century, King Taksin the Great regrouped the Thais in the
south and finally drove the Burmese out with the help of King Kawila
of Lampang thereby regaining Thai independence from Burma.
Chiang Mai was then governed by a succession of princes who ruled
the north as a Siamese protectorate under the Chakri dynasty. In
the late 19th century, King Rama V appointed a high commissioner
in Chiang Mai and it was only in 1939 that Chiang Mai finally came
under the direct control of the central government in Bangkok the
same time the country was renamed Thailand.
In the past, Chiang Mai was only accessible by river and elephants.
More convenient access was achieved only when the railway line
was completed in the late 1920's. Moreover, the first motor vehicle
driven directly from Bangkok arrived in Chiang Mai in 1932. Such
isolation was more favorable to Chiang Mai as it helped to nurture
and preserve the unique Lanna culture. When we look at Chiang Mai today, it is the economic, cultural and
communications hub of northern Thailand complete with excellent
infrastructure, good roads, by passes and road tunnels, and reliable
communications infrastructure.
Most of Chiang Mai's mountains are oriented from north to south.
Together they create a multitude of streams and tributaries
including Mae Chaem, Mae Ngat and Mae Klang. One of Chiang
Mai's distinctive features is Doi Inthanon, Thailands highest peak,
which is 2,575 meters above sea level. In addition, the province
boasts flat, fertile valleys, which spread along the banks of the
largest and most important river in Chiang Mai Mae Nam Ping (Ping
River) which originates from the Chiang Dao mountain range.
For more information about Chiang Mai, or Thailand tourist spots.

Thailand Vacation Series - Chiang Mai

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Playing Golf in Thailand: Expert Questions and Answers.

Without doubt Thailand is becoming one of the fastest growing golf destinations for visiting tourists throughout the world.
In order to assist you in planning your Thailand golf holiday, I have detailed below the most frequently asked questions.
When is the best time to visit?
Without doubt, the best time of year for golf is from November - February/March. This is the 'cool' season, although is also the peak season for visiting tourists. As such, be prepared for busy golf courses and try to plan your holiday well in advance.

What about the rest of the year?
You can play golf throughout the year in Thailand outside the cool season, and the weather is a mixture of very hot days, to very wet days. However, do not let this put you off as there are a number of great advantages. You can get some great deals on hotel prices and the courses are much quieter to play.
April is still a 'dry' month, with the rainy season not really starting until May. However, April & May are without doubt the hottest months of the year. June - August is not quite as hot, although you tend to get daily downpours. Again, do not let this put you off as they are normally short lived, and the courses dry out very quickly. September and October, the weather tends to be similar to that of the summer months although things tend to be drier and the weather becomes more predictable as the year wears on.
Where is the best place to play?
This depends very much what you are looking for. Bangkok has a huge number of courses, infrastructure that you would expect from any major capital and the city is very lively, providing a great experience for everyone.
The coastal resort of Hua Hin and the northern cities of Chiang Mai and Chiang Rai are a bit quieter, and very popular with couples looking for golf, relaxation, and a sampling of true Thai culture.
Pattaya is without doubt the entertainment city in Thailand, and not for the shy and retiring type, although it also boasts a large number of excellent courses.
Phuket, the famous tropical island, offers a combination of great golf and stunning beaches, and there is also now a championship course on Koh Samui, another tropical island.
North of Bangkok, lies the famous Khao Yai National Park, and there are a number of excellent courses now open in this region, which boasts spectacular scenery and views.
Finally, the area of Kanchanaburi, and the famous River Kwai, also has a number of fine courses, historical sights, and can be a great alternative to the other popular tourist destinations.
What are the courses like?
The majority of golf courses in Thailand are nothing short of first class. With many being designed by famous golf professionals such as Jack Nicklaus and Nick Faldo, together with top golf course architects such as Pete Dye and Robert Trent Jones, you will be amazed with the quality.
What about the caddies?
Caddies are compulsory on a Thai golf course and are a fantastic experience. Included in your green fee, they cost around 250 baht (approximately 7 US dollars) a round, which has to be the best value for money in the world. In most cases they will carry your clubs on 'caddy car' (trolley), should you wish to walk, although they will also ride with you in a cart if you prefer. Please note it is compulsory at only a few Thailand golf courses to use a cart. Your caddie will be allocated upon arrival, and will look after your clubs until you and are of particular assistance for easy golf in Thailand. Always helpful with a smiling face, your caddie is another part of the unique Thailand golf experience. They mark and clean your ball, give guidance on the line of putts, and try to keep you cool when things get a bit hot during your round.
What is there to do outside golf?
You will certainly never be short of things to do outside golf. As a leading tourist destination Thailand has a number of alternative attractions and exciting opportunities to combine golf & travel, and its tourist magnetism remains unrivalled in any other part of the world.
From the many temples and night markets, to the state of the art shopping malls, from stunning beaches, to the stunning waterfalls and scenery, there is something for everyone.
The culture and customs in Thailand also provide a fascinating insight to this wonderful country leaving you completely amazed.
Thailand also hosts some the best Spa facilities in the world, allowing you to relax and enjoy the rejuvenating treatments, and unbelievably friendly service that goes with it all.
I recommend all golfers allocate some time after their rounds for, at least, a one hour foot massage. This treatment is available throughout the country at clean specialized shops located almost on every street corner in the tourist areas. For around 200 baht (approximately 5 US dollars) is an experience not be missed. For the golfer who has walked his 18 holes, this papering of his feet and legs only goes to further the pleasure of the total golfing experience only available in Thailand.
What about transportation and getting around?
Your package booked with most tour operators will provide transportation from the airport to your hotel, and return transfers to the golf course each day. You can reserve this private transportation in the evenings although there is no shortage of local transportation.
Taxi's are very cheap, and in abundance. Also, you have the famous 'Tuk Tuk's', a smaller open air version of a taxi that will transport you around town at very little cost.

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Doi Khun Tan National Park

General Information Located in the mountain of the northern Thailand, Doi Khun Tan National Park is home to many interesting species both flora and fauna, as well as many historical spots of interest. Its most renowned feature is Thailands longest railroad tunnel, which is 1,352 m. long. Doi Khun Tan National Park straddles the mountains separating Lamphun and Lampang Provinces, covering 255.29 and ranges in elevations from 325m to 1,373m at the summit. Established in 1975, it was the 10th National Park in Thailand.

Topography Doi translates to mountain in Northern Thai, while Khun Tan refers to the numerous streams and watershed flowing down from the mountain. Climate The three basic seasons are summer, from March to June, rainy, from July to October, and winter, from November to February. The temperature varies from 38 degree celsius during the hot season, to as cold as 5 degree celsuis. Rainfall, which falls mostly during the rainy season, averages about 1,034 mm. per year. Flora and Fauna The forests of Doi Khun Tan have changed dramatically in the past century due to human disturbance. The forests can be divided into three types, with distinct elevational ranges.
Lowland elevations (325-850 meter). Originally a teak forest, the lowland elevation is composed of a degraded mixed bamboo deciduous forest as deciduous Dipterocarp- oak forest.
Middle elevations (850-1,000 meter). This is a transitional area where the lowland deciduous forest and upland evergreen- pine forest mix to from the mixed evergreen and deciduous forest. Here are only two species of pine trees in Thailand, a two needle pine (Pinus merkusii) and three-needle pine (P. kersiya) both of which can be found here.
Upland Elevations (1,000-1,373 meter). The forest here is composed mostly of evergreen hardwood trees and a minority of pine (Pinus merkusii) to from an evergreen- pine forest . Much of the forest and watershed on the west side of the national park have been distrubed; however, pristine conditions are found on the east side
In addition, Doi Khun Tan offers year-round viewing of wild-flowers such as orchids, and gingers. Doi Khun Tan is botanically very diverse, home to over 1,300 different vascular species. Numerous edible and fungi fond in the park.
Some wildlife still exists in Doi Khun Tan, including the Siamese hare, porcupine, wild chicken, wild boar and weasel, as a variety of birds, reptiles, spiders and insects. The effects of hunting, logging, frequent fires and human encroachment have greatly reduced their numbers. In the past, gibbons, tiger, elephants, bears, wild cattle, serow, slow loris, barking deer and many other species were also residents of Doi Khun Tan, but they are all gone.
Doi Khun Tan National Park by wichit songserm

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Holidays - Thailand, an Introduction.

With its breathtaking natural beauty, exotic temples, unparalleled hospitality and cuisine it's no surprise that Thailand draws in more tourists that any other Southeast Asian country. Thailand's popularity owes a lot to its geographic size and the sheer breadth of opportunity's that this can offer.
The northern region of the country is very mountainous, ripe with thick forests. It is here that nomadic hill-tribe communities coexist with main stream society and travellers.

Thailand's second largest city, Chiang Mai is an excellent starting point for exploring the north, with elephant treks proving particularly popular. The city itself was built in 1296 and is dotted with beautiful ancient temples that are still in use today.
The South, known as the Kra Peninsula consists of hilly rainforests outlined by 1,500 miles of exotic white beaches. It is here that you will find some of the most beautiful beaches in the world, lapped by warm, turquoise waters; Thailand's costal resorts are the ultimate in tropical paradise.
In between these two regions lie the fertile, rice growing, central plains. The main attraction here is the country's ever expanding capital - Bangkok.
In short, Bangkok is a chaotic, almost carnal city, in which it is impossible to get bored. Even though the city does suffer from considerable pollution and over crowding and has become considerably westernised, it has still managed to retain its true Asian flavour whilst easily being one of Asia's most exciting cities.
There are all manner of activities going on throughout the city, 24 hours a day, with Khao San road proving considerably popular over recent years.
The vibrant road has been described as "a short road that has the longest dream in the world." With its cheap accommodation, lively bars, large variety of cuisine, market stalls offering a wide spectrum of goods - it's a road that, like the rest of Bangkok and Thailand easily lives up to its reputation.
Bangkok is also an excellent part of Thailand in which to arrange holidays to other parts of Asia, with many agents offering cheap holidays to many popular destinations. To ensure you're getting the best deal then looking for holidays online is an excellent option.
Holidays - Thailand, an Introduction by Liam GAbout the AuthorLiam is a UK based writer.

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Thailand Hotels - Providing Decent Tourist Stay.

Thailand, the country of tropical beaches, beautiful hills, and architectural monuments has been one of the popular tourist destinations in the world. Thronged by countless number of travelers from different corners of the world every year, the country has sustained its identity as a beautiful tourist destination. Also, there are various Thailand Hotels situated around the popular locations that provide comfortable stay to visitors.

The best time to visit Thailand is during the cool season from November-February. These months have sunny days and less chances of rainfall are there. Moisture in whether is also lower during these seasons. You can enjoy all its major destinations during this shiny season. The country's tourism is prospering in nature. Tourism is one of the mainstays of its economy.
Thailand offer glittering cities, wonderful beaches, ancient temples, picturesque riversides and shopping malls that are considered as some of the major tourist destinations. The country possesses various astonishing locations, which are located in its popular destinations such as Chiang Mai, Hua Hin, Bangkok, Koh Chang, Lampang, Pattaya and Phuket. Wat Arun Temple, The Khlong Bangkok Noi and Khlong Bang Yai-Royal Barges Museum, Wang Suan Pakkard in Bangkok are very famous. Similarly, The Sanctuary of Truth, Khao Pattaya View Point and Wat Khao Phra Bat, UnderWater World, The Bottle Art Museum in Pattaya are the other major tourists' attractions of Thailand. Likewise, The Airport Plaza, Kad Suan Kaew, Warorot and Lamyai Markets, The World Insects Museum and Orchid Farms are the major attractions in Chiang Mai.
Along with these involvements there are even numbers of comfortable accommodations in Thailand that are located at convenient places that enable the tourists to visit the nearby attractions easily. From standard hotels to premium hotels, each and every kind of hotel is available in most of the famous hotspot cities of the country thereby providing cozy stay to the guests. Good in-room and hotel facilities are provided at hotels as per their specific star category. Some of the Thailand hotels such as Chiang Mai Plaza Hotel, Kooncharaburi resort and Sailing Club, and Dhevan Dara Resort and Spa are well known hotels that provide comfortable stay with good facilities to guests. Being at Thailand Hotels make you feel dignified.
So, in what so ever city of Thailand you plan your vacation or event, it is for sure that with the availability of wide range of hotels you can attain a safe and secure stay.

About the AuthorBook the hotels in Thailand of your choice through AsiaRooms at reasonable price and make your journey joyful and pleasurable.

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Udon Thani Hotels: Mesmerizing tourists with its inherent charm

The picturesque city of Udon Thani is the provincial capital of Udon Thani Province positioned in the north-eastern part of Isaan in Thailand. Generally referred to as Udon by the local community, this busy city is a major commercial center of the province. There are some interesting temples in this city that serve as places of great interest for tourists. The province shares its borders with provinces like Nong Khai, Sakon Nakhon, Kalasin, Khon Kean, Nong Bua Lamphu and Loei. Udon Thani is positioned some 560 km away from Bangkok city, the capital of Thailand. This city served as a US military base during 1960’s and early 1970’s, but was later handed over to the Thai military in 1976. The influences of that era can be seen in the stylish restaurants, café’s, bars, coffee shops and hotels of the city. At present, Udon Thani functions as the transport hub and an agricultural market center for the all its neighboring areas. Though, it is not very popular, this city is a pleasant enough for a short vacation. There are many good hotels in Udon Thani to cater to accommodating the tourists.

International tourists, who want to visit this city, can reach here very easily by plane, bus or by train. The newly renovated Udon Thani International Airport receives flights from most of the important cities. Also there are regular flights available from here to Bangkok, Chiang Mai and Loei. Those who want to travel by bus can reach this city from Bangkok in 8 hours. Normally, buses are available on hourly basis. Besides, there are daily trains that connect Udon Thani to Bangkok and Nong Khai. But, trains are generally very slow than other means of transport. For getting around the city, you can use public transportations like Samlor (three-wheeled bicycle taxi), Tuk-tuk and Songthaews.
Udon offers some very beautiful sights and scenes. Laos and Ban Chiang are some of the good places to visit near this city. Ban Chiang is famous for its Bronze Age excavations. Ban Nakha is a village 15 km away from Udon Thani popular for selling home woven silk and cotton garments. Pu Foi Lom Eco-Park is also located at a distance of about 40 km from this place and serves as a good point of attraction. Besides, there are several large markets including night markets that can be surfed for interesting souvenirs. For the food buffs, there is a wide range of buffet restaurants and other eating joints, where you can treat your self well. With the advent of large number of tourists in Udon Thani, there has been an instant rise in the number of accommodation options being offered here. Several new hotels in Udon Thani have come up to let the tourists stay in comfort. Charoensri Grand Royal, Ban Chiang and Charoen Hotel are some of the popular and comfortable hotels in this city. Amongst other areas, Mak Kang is the place in the city where most of hotels are placed. To book a hotel in Udon Thani, you can take the help of the online internet reservation facility. You can either directly visit the official website of the hotel for booking or can use the help of any other authentic website that offer complete information.

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In 1 Day How to Enjoy The Best Of Chiang Mai

Chiang Mai city was founded as the capital of the ancient Lanna Kingdom. Today, it is the focal point for northern Thailand tourism. To enjoy and explore Chiang Mai, it is best to spend at least 3 days for your travel. That is the minimum to get that Chiang Mai experience. However, if you had only 1 day, here are some ideas for your travel itinerary to get the best of this city.
Start off in the early morning at about 8am and get your breakfast at the most famous traditional market in Chiang Mai: Warorot Market. Sit with the locals and watch them go about their daily business, shopping for groceries and others. To get here, you can take a red songtaew (pickup). Throughout the day, this will be your choice for a cheap and convenient transport around the city.

The second stop of your tour will be Wat Phra That Doi Suthep, the temple on the hill from where you can get a fantastic view of Chiang Mai below. This is also accessible by songtaew. Wat Phra That is north Thailands holiest temple and should not be missed. Many locals and tourists come here and pray. Donat forget your camera as this lovely temple offers many photography opportunities. The 290 Naga-flanked steps and the huge golden chedi are popular shots.
It should be around lunchtime now and if you are hungry, there are some Thai restaurants at the carpark further down the road that you came up on. Or you can eat in the old city of Chiang Mai, which is your next stop. Make your way to Wat Phra Singh, a temple within the old city that is surround by a square moat.
This is one of the major temples in Chiang Mai and contains the Lai Kham chapel featuring exquisite woodcarvings and northern-style murals and a magnificent scriptural repository with striking bas-reliefs.
You’d have probably seen enough temples for today and its a good time to rest your feet. So head on to a massage shop or even a temple to have a good old traditional Thai massage or foot massage to recharge your batteries. The price is really affordable: 1 hour of massage can be enjoyed for 200 baht or less.
After your massage, you’ll probably be hungry. Take a songtaew to the nearby Ping River where the river banks are lined with many restaurants offering fine food by the river. The tourists’ favourites lie between Nawarat Bridge and Nakorn Ping Bridge. Enjoy your dinner and drinks here with live music.
And if you’re still game for some shopping, visit one of the icons of Chiang Mai: the Night Bazaar. Roadside carts selling all kinds of goods and souvenirs line both sides of the road. The Chiang Mai Night Bazaar building houses many of the provinces handicraft shops and is popular with tourists.
And this ends your day in Chiang Mai. There are much more Chiang Mai has to offer though and travellers often stay longer than they had planned. You may do so too if you’d been enchanted by this beautiful city.
About the Author
Jaxon Toh loves to travel and share his experiences with others. Whether you are travelling to Chiang Mai for the first time or a repeat visitor

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Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Hotels In Bangkok, Thailand

You have decided to visit Asia for your next vacation and have decided to go to Bangkok, Thailand. Your flight is booked but you are still looking for a hotel. But, how do you decide which hotel to stay at?

Your decision should be based on what you plan to do while you are "Krung Thep". Will you be spending most of your time sightseeing, shopping or enjoying the nightlife? You don't want to waste valuable time in a Bangkok taxi inching along Sukhumvit Road.

Siam Square area is a good place to stay if you want to have some fun shopping. There are hundreds of small shops at street level and the Siam Center and the Siam Discovery shopping centers have many up-market brand label shops. On the top floor of Siam Discovery Center there is a cinema complex with some of the most comfortable seats to be found in the world. After a hard days shopping, relax and lie down as you watch a movie!

Another great shopping mall nearby is Mahboonkrong (MBK). It will take only 10 minutes to walk there from Siam Square and you will find literally hundreds of smaller shops and stalls, selling many goods at bargain prices. Electronics and clothes are the specialties here. Both of these areas are on the Skytrain routes and are easily accessible.

If you plan on seeing other parts of the country, taking ½ and full day trips, I suggest you book your hotel near the Bangkok Airport. Make sure that you stay near the new Bangkok Airport - Suvarnabhumi and not at Don Muang. Only stay in this area if you do plan to go to Bangkok proper. Bangkok Airport hotels are conveniently located and easy to get to from Suvarnabhumi.

If soaking up the Bangkok nightlife is your reason for visiting, there are a few different areas you can stay. If Patpong Road is your destination, stay either on Silom or Suriwongse Road. The Nana Entertainment Plaza is on Sukhumvit and Soi 4 (or Soi Nana) and there are a variety of hotels - everything from the JW Marriott to the Majestic Suites or the Dynasty. In the Soi Cowboy area, you can stay anywhere near Soi Asoke, Soi 22 or anywhere along Sukhumvit Road and just catch the Skytrain.

Probably, your hardest decision will be selecting your hotel since there are so many 4 and 5 start hotels in Bangkok. For the budget traveler, there are also cheap hotels in Bangkok. Some hotels that I recommend are: Windsor Suite Hotel Bangkok, Viengtai Hotel Bangkok, Radisson Hotel Bangkok, or the Amari Airport Hotel Bangkok. Another solution is to do a search for Hotel Bangkok Sukhumvit in any search engine. Or visit my Thailand Link Directory.

Do your research, and look for a discount Bangkok hotel, and enjoy your stay in the Land of Smiles.

Author: Lawrence Westfall

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Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Cabbages and Condoms, a Winning Idea

rMechai Viravaidya was recognized by The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation today with a $1 million award for confronting “taboo subjects like sex and HIV/AIDS directly in order to save lives,” the foundation said.
The funds will be used by Mr. Viravaidya, the chairman of Population and Community Development Association (or simply “condom king,” depending on who you ask), to promote birth control, AIDS prevention and other health issues in more than 50 countries. Almost 3,000 people work for his private group.

To eccentrically prove his points, Mr. Viravaidya has pulled many stunts, including posing for cameras while drinking the same glass of water as an H.I.V.-positive person (to prove it’s not transmitted that way); offering free vasectomies at his restaurants; and bringing fistfuls of condoms to World Bank talks.
He was way ahead of his time. After all, it took New York City another quarter century to bring condoms to the subways.
The name of his restaurant chain, “Cabbages and Condoms,” reflects his philosophy that contraception and condoms should be as accessible as produce in Thailand.
To help break that taboo, condoms and sex toys are a major part of the decor, hanging from ceilings, embedded in tables, affixed to lamps and imitating table flowers. They were even featured in a salad. They are even on the menu: Yam Tung Yang or Yam Cabbages & Condoms.
Despite the sound of that, most reviewers actually like the food. Marian Burros of The New York Times singled out “fascinating” dim sum and “wonderfully herbaceous” shrimp soup among the “well-prepared straightforward food that is very reasonably priced.” (Have you dined there? Leave your own review on our Travel site.)
As for the ambiance, Frommer’s found the garden terrace of the restaurant “quite romantic.” No wonder they leave condoms with the check instead of dinner mints.
By Mike Nizza

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Thailand Travel

Thailand is nestled between the Andaman Sea and the Gulf of Thailand, bordering Myanmar, Laos and Cambodia. It is exotic yet accessible, with something for every visitor. Relax on white sand beaches, hike through vast areas of tropical forest, or live it up in the humming capital of Bangkok.

There is much for you to discover in Thailand. The country offers a huge range of new experiences in sights, sounds, tastes, and outlook. But different as it may be from your home, Thailand is probably the easiest exotic country for visitors. The people are friendly, leisure activities are well organized, the food is great and you receive excellent value for money.

Thailand is nestled between the Andaman Sea and the Gulf of Thailand, bordering Myanmar, Laos and Cambodia. It is exotic yet accessible, with something for every visitor. Relax on white sand beaches, hike through vast areas of tropical forest, or live it up in the humming capital of Bangkok.

There is much for you to discover in Thailand. The country offers a huge range of new experiences in sights, sounds, tastes, and outlook. But different as it may be from your home, Thailand is probably the easiest exotic country for visitors. The people are friendly, leisure activities are well organized, the food is great and you receive excellent value for money.
One of the great things about Thailand for the traveller is the variety of places to visit. From the urban chaos of Bangkok, to the beautiful mountains of the north, to the amazing beaches and islands of the coast Thailand offers the visitor a wide range of alternatives when choosing a vacation.

Most visitors arrive first in Bangkok. Despite the heat, traffic, pollution and crowds Bangkok has a lot to offer in the way of tourist attractions. The old town around the Royal Palace is the cultural heart of Thailand and is full of temples markets and traditional shop house architecture. The centre of Bangkok with its towering skyscrapers, gleaming department stores and luxury hotels is not only the business district but also the main entertainment area. Bangkok is a truly cosmopolitan city fueled by an unparalleled energy.

The north of Thailand is very different. Ancient and beautiful towns dotted with the golden roofs of ancient temples lie in the valleys and plains flanked by tree lined mountains populated, not only by northern Thais, but also by ethnic minorities with their own languages, dress and traditions. Chiang Mai and Chiang Rai are the two most visited towns and both serve as a good base to explore this beautiful and remote part of Asia.

At the other end of the country along the miles and miles of coastline you can find some of the best beaches in the world. There are choices for all tastes and budgets. Phuket is sophisticated and developed with not only great beaches but also a plethora of opportunities for sailing, diving, golf and fishing. Whether you want peace and quiet or music and action, in Phuket it's always only a short distance away. Nearby Krabi is perfect for a family holiday with beautiful white sand and dramatic limestone scenery.

In the Gulf of Thailand Koh Samui provides a world class alternative with a wider range of cheaper accommodation. Nearby Koh Phangan is still comparatively basic and budget travelers enjoy the peace and quiet of what, at times, resembles paradise. Further away, near Cambodia, Koh Chang is also very quiet. If you want a beach resort with attitude, then head to Pattaya. Some love it, some hate it but it is never short of energy.

Throughout Thailand one is never far away from history and its legacy. The ancient capitals of Sukothai and Ayuthaya are both remnants of a glorious past. Through Isaan there are hundreds of examples of the power of the Khmer empire of Angkor. Both Phanam Rung in Buriram and Phimai in Korat are as good examples of Angkorian architecture as one can find.

West of Bangkok is Kanchanaburi and the famous, if tragic, Bridge over the River Kwai. Built by slave labour and allied prisoners during the Japanese occupation of World War II, it is a somber reminder of recent history and the suffering of war. Around Kanchanaburi there is also beautiful mountain countryside and waterfalls.

Whether you are a history enthusiast, a water baby, a party animal or just in need of peace and quiet the odds are in your favour that somewhere in Thailand you can find what you want.

Author: Daniel Jowssey

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Rama Gardens Hotel in Bangkok Thailand.

Step into another world…. into the tranquility of Bangkok’s most popular city resort. Here, amid 26 acres of manicured lawns. Rama gardens Hotel Bangkok offers a combination of elegant accommodation, fine dining, meeting and seminar facilities, fitness center with fully sport complex and internet access.

Located on convenience area that easy to access to major exhibition and convention centers; IMPACT Arena Exhibition and Convention Center, and Bangkok Convention Center that let you can afford your leisure and your business. Enjoy shopping with world famous weekend market at Chatuchak Weekend Market. Just a few minute from hotel to take BTS and MRT to reach to the heart of the city. Stay with us for your truly relaxation and leisure.
A luxurious city resort occupied with two buildings. It consists of 512 newly refurbished rooms and suites situated amidst a well landscaped of gardens with two swimming pools. It is a premier property surrounded by lush greenery acres of grass expanses, tranquil lotus ponds and tropical floral all year round.


To make each guest feel at home, Rama Gardens Hotel Bangkok furnishes each of its 500 rooms and suites, with an atmosphere of comfort including luxuries and amenities like mini bars, colour television with satellite news. Our 24-hour room service makes guests feel pampered and we provide a key card system, IDD, voice mail message, and laundry service. Adding to the relaxation, each room opens to a serene view of the Rama Gardens Hotel's scenic landscape. With accommodations as welcoming as these, you may never want to leave.

Guest Room Facilities
Colour TV with satellite news
Hair dryer (in room)
IDD telephone/Voice mail
Mini bar (in room)
Non smoking rooms
Pay TV
Personal in-room safe
Voice mail
Wake up call


Visitors who have the good sense to stay in the unique, ‘Resort in the City’ deserve unusual cuisine and so, we have a small but extraordinary range of styles to choose from.

Greenery Cafe :
Has a 24 hour, a la carte service and offers International cuisine with just that whiff of Thai perfection to set it off. Day or night, you can relax in this lovely ambiance and listen to the gentle whisper of the lazy waterfall in the lobby.

Forget Me Not :
Contemporary cuisine with an exotic menu. Open for breakfast, lunch and dinner.

Zhang Restaurant :
It is not unusual for Chinese people to admit that the best Chinese food in Asia, is to be found in Bangkok. This may well explain why our Cantonese restaurant is so popular with people from all over the world, including the Chinese themselves.

Lunch is served from 11:30 until 14:00 hrs. and Dinner is available from 18:00 until 22:30 hrs.

Suiren :
To savour world-renowned cuisine from the "Land of the Rising Sun", Look no further than our just-opened Japanese Restaurant. In addition to the regular a la carte menu, "Suiren" features an extensive "Japanese Buffet" of traditional and contemporary dishes prepared only with the choicest and freshest ingredients.

Open daily from 11.30 a.m. **02.30 p.m. and 06.00 p.m. **10.00 p.m.

Capriccio’s :

Italian restaurant, is absolute proof that Thai and Italian food are able to trade and blend, their own best aspects into an extraordinary dining experience.

Lunch is available from 11:30 until 14:00 hrs. (except Sunday) and Dinner from 18:00 until 22:00 hrs.

Karaoke Studio :

Focuses on fun from 18:00 hrs until 02:30 hrs every evening. For those who just like to idle the time away.

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Quality Suites Bangkok, Hotel in Bangkok Thailand.

Property Highlights:
Quality Suites Bangkok is an all suites boutique hotel. Distance 45 minutes by car to Suvarnabhumi Airport and 5 kilometers to Impact Exhibition & Convention Centre, the largest exhibition & convention centre in Thailand.

Situated step away to express way, it gives easy and convenience access for guest to traveling to center of Bangkok Quality Suites Bangkok is an ideal for transit passengers or short stop for shopping in Bangkok.

** A c c o m m o d a t i o n **

Guest Room Amenities:
Electricity 220 V.
Hot and Cold bath/showers
In room coffee & tea
In room safe deposit box
Pantry and dining
Security door lock
Telephone (IDD) Direct Internet Access
Colour Television
Hi-Speed Wireless Internet
In room hair dryer
Private balcony
Smoke Detector
Mini Bar

** R e s t a u r a n t & F a c i l i t i e s **

Dining in the restaurant at Comfort Suites Airport Bangkok is a marvelous experience.

You will enjoy a tempting array of special and delightful Thai and International dishes from our "Pink Lotus" Restaurant.

We also have the added attraction of live musical entertainment to compliment the relaxed atmosphere

** M e e t i n g & B a n q u e t **

The main conference room at Comfort Suites Airport Bangkok is The Banburi Room, which can accommodate up to 220 people with the very best banqueting and catering facilities, meeting similar and convention venues.

To ensure that your meeting is success, we provide you with state of the art meeting equipment.

** F a c i l i t i e s & S e r v i c e s **

24 hrs. security service
Business Centre
Fitness room
Non Smoking rooms
Spa & Shop
Swimming pool (out door)
Shuttle van service to Weekend Market (JJ Market)
Shuttle van service to Impact Exhibition & Convention Centre
24 hrs. Shuttle van service Hotel-Airport Donmuang-Hotel24 hrs room service
Wake up call
Barber & Beauty salon
Currency Exchange Services
Laundry Service
Public phone
Pool bar Royal Thai massage
Tropical Q Garden Tour Desk

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