Thursday, May 8, 2008

Travel to Thailand: Wat Chediluang.

Wat Chediluang is located at 103 pokglou R. Thumbon Prasing Amphur Muang Chiang Mai Province. This is one of most important temple in Chiang Mai since the past (Nakonping is the name of Chiang Mai in the past). The main pillar which calls "Indakhil" is located here. At the present Wat Chediluang is the monk administration center in Northern.
This temple is established in "Praya Sanmuangma" the seventh king of "Meng ray" dynasty reign about 600 years ago. There is no record about when it's established. In 1749 - 1751 "Praya Tilokkarasha" had developed this and calls "Wat Chediluang" because there is the Grand Pagoda in this temple.

Important building in "Wat Chediluang"
1. The Grand Pagoda ("Chediluang"). It's the highest pagoda in Lanna Territory. The base is square 60 x 60 meter and high 80 meter. This pagoda had been build about 600 years ago.
2. The main monastery ("Vihara"). It's build by "Prangan (Her Majesty) Tilokajita" in 1420. She also built Buddha figure which was name "Pra Attharasa" and the two main disciples figure ("Sariibutta" and "Moggallana") and place in the monastery. In year 1744 "Praya (The King) Tilokkarajha" had destroyed the old and rebuild the new one. In the later, year 1506 "Pra Muangkwaw" had destroyed the old and rebuilt the new one. This Vihara have been destroyed and rebuilt several time. The current Vihara is built by "kwawnavarut" the ninth governor of Chiang Mai in 1928.
3. The main Buddha figure "Pra Attharasa". This figure had been build by Her Majesty "Tilokajita" in 1420. This figure made from bronze and high 4.5 meter. In addition, there are several figures too. Those are place around the main figure.
4. "Indakhil" The main pillar of city. It's originally located at "Wat Sadumuang". In 1880 His Majesty "Gaviila" had moved it into here.

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