Friday, May 9, 2008

The AANA Resort and Spa - Klong Prao Beach, Koh Chang, Trat, Thailand

Country: Thailand
Province: Trat
Location: Klong Prao Beach, Koh Chang
Address: Klong Prao Beach (Had Klong Prao), Koh Chang, Trat, Thailand
AANA meaning "Elephant" in Malayalam a native Indian language, is located at Klong Prao Beach (Had Klong Prao) on the picturesque island of Koh Chang in the Gulf of Thailand.

Surrounded by lush green tropical forest covered mountains on one side, a river and sea on the other sides, AANA Resort and Spa is set amongst the best nature has to offer. AANA Resort and Spa, using a concept of a unique and contemporary design totally in tune with its surrounding environment, aims to offer guests a truly refreshing and earthy experience. AANA Resort and Spa with its true to nature ambience and with rooms having oversized balconies with a day bed and dining table is perfect for nature lovers. AANA Resort and Spa firmly believes that there is no single and preset way to handle guests need.

Every guest is different and important. More information on "Koh Chang" or "Ko Chang" or "Elephant Island" - Thailand's second biggest island after Phuket island. Koh Chang is situated to the east of Thailand in the province of Trat (around 315 kilometers from Bangkok) on the border of Cambodia. Koh Chang is about 30 kilometers long, almost 14 kilometers wide, and 217 square kilometers. Around 80 percent of Koh Chang, along with an archipelago of 52 islands, is part of the Koh Chang Marine National Park. Koh Chang is the largest island in the Marine Natural Park.

The Marine National Park has a total area of 650 square meters and 70% is marine. Clear waters of various blue shades surround the island while a terrain of high mountains and steep cliffs provide magnificent scenic points.

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