Sunday, May 4, 2008

Cabbages and Condoms Restaurants

Established in part to support the activities of PDA, the Cabbages and Condoms Restaurants offer a pleasant dining experience in several locations around Thailand. Not only do the restaurants offer excellent food, but they also promote the health and safety aspects of condom use in a fun and amusing manner. All proceeds from the restaurants are used to fund the social development programs of PDA.

The main restaurant in Bangkok offers several private dining rooms for functions or business entertaining, as well as an outdoor beer garden and a spacious dining area in a comfortable and relaxed atmosphere. It also offers nearby parking, a rare commodity in Bangkok.

Cabbages are a common food in Northeast Thailand, in fact they are a staple part of the diet, they are grown in all villages, there are everywhere and everybody uses them. Now, if condoms could be as common and used as often, then some of the population and health problems facing Thailand could be overcome!

But then, perhaps if you think babies are born under cabbages, then you do need condoms. There are several versions of the name of the restaurant, but whatever the interpretation the meaning is good quality, affordable Thai food served in a pleasant environment. And guaranteed not to make you pregnant.

In keeping with the fun approach PDA has taken to the promotion of condoms for population control and community health, the Cabbages and Condoms Restaurant needless to say has a major theme of condoms. The world's largest collection of national brand condoms is displayed around the walls and the carpet up the stairs has cartoons of typical condoms for various trades and professions woven into the fabric. Instead of serving after dinner mints, there are bowls of condoms located at the exits just in case.
There are 5 restaurants located around Thailand, with the main restaurant next door to the PDA Head Office in Soi 12, Sukhumvit Road, Bangkok. There is a map available to show to taxi drivers, follow this link and print a copy. Or tell the taxi to go "Sukhumwit soi sip sawng", it should get you there.

The Restaurants are also located at the following addresses in the Northeast:

Chiangrai: 620/25 Tanarai Rd, Muang District Chiangrai (also spelt Chiang Rai) 57000. (053) 719167, 711475

Viang Pa Pao District, Chiangrai: 323 Moo 6 Par-Ngeao Vieng Pao District, Chiangrai 57170. (053) 952131, 952312-314

Nakornratchasima (Korat): 86/1 Serbsiri Rd, Mnai Muang, Muang District, Nakornratchasima 30000. (044) 258100-2

Nang Rong Centre: 81 Moo 6 Ckokchai Detudom Rd, Nongbot, Nang Rong District, Buriram 31110. (044) 631801, 632004

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