Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Ramkhamhaeng Hospital

Ramkhamhaeng Hospital (pronounced ram-cam-hang) sits at the center of one of Thailand’s largest and most respected hospital groups. With 350 beds and seven sister hospitals Ramkhamhaeng has the resources, experience and expertise to provide international quality health care at very competitive prices. This combined with a long tradition of Thai hospitality has earned Ramkhamhaeng Hospital the confidence of the people of Thailand, the Region, and the World. We also help small and medium sized companies control their healthcare costs with our focus on health and medical tourism.

Thailand has gained renown for all forms of orthopedic surgery, cosmetic surgery, cardiac care, fertility treatments and other types of specialized medicine. Ramkhamhaeng Hospital has many internationally trained doctors with world-class credentials. In this era of jet travel, computers, and the Internet, Global medicine has arrived. We offer world class healthcare in a beautiful tropical setting at a fraction of the cost of the USA or Europe. If you pay your own medical bills because it is an elective surgery or you are uninsured and don't have or can't get insurance. For more information please email

The hospital specializes in personalized services for all
our international visitors. Our English speaking support staff will
meet you at the airport, take you to your hotel, escort you
to the hospital everyday, answer your questions, and then
escort you back to the airport.

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