Tuesday, May 27, 2008

phuket tsunami:As of 26 December 2005 the fund has raised 27,765,006 Baht

Fortunately, spared from the major devastation caused by the tsunami on 26 December, Laguna Phuket is able to focus on providing assistance to help local tsunami victims rebuild their shattered lives, from repairing damaged homes and community facilities to regaining their means of livelihood and mental well being. These people need sustained and long-term help.

As part of our continued long-term commitment to local communities, Laguna has established the Phuket Tsunami Recovery Fund as a channel for our many supporters, well wishers and contributors to provide direct assistance to help Phuket's local tsunami victims. The Fund is managed by Laguna Resorts & Hotels' (LRH) own organisational network. Laguna Phuket will work with local authorities to determine where the greatest community needs are, and how best to achieve both maximum benefit from the funding and our objective of providing medium to long-term support to the survivors.

Objectives of the Fund
• The Fund is intended for direct expenditures for specific projects benefiting affected communities or segments thereof.
• The Fund will not make donations of money to other funds.
• The Fund is intended to support long term recovery, for example, to rebuild homes and fishing boats.
• The Fund is intended to focus on specific affected communities close to the locations of our operations instead of general usage or distribution into a wide area.

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