Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Khao San Road

Most travellers spend their first night in a Bangkok guesthouse in the busy budget area of Khao San Road. Situated in the heart of Bangkok on the northern edge of Rattanakosin Island, Khao San is a hub of activity, home to budget guesthouses, hostels and hotels catering to all budgets and travel agencies to accommodate any imaginable travel need.

Due to the incredible demand for rooms in this area, Khao San Road has split at the seams and guesthouses have sprung up within a radius of a kilometre. The further you move from the road the better, cheaper and quieter your guesthouse is likely to be. For those who want to be within easy walking distance of Khao San Road, west Banglamphu is your best bet, though for those who do not mind a bit of walking, the National Library area is superior in terms of tranquility and guesthouse quality.

Not long ago budget guesthouses and hostels were the only option on Khao San, but there is now a reasonable supply of mid-range "flashpacker" hotels both on Khao San Road and in the surrounding area. These hotels offer many of the creature comforts missing in the budget guesthouses at a fraction of the cost of comprable options elsewhere in town.

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