Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Visit Phuket ,Place interestest

Phuket is certainly one of the most beautiful places you can spend your holiday season at. With its amazing beaches and resorts that are located near to them, Phuket immediately is one of the places that people consider touring. Aside from its refreshing sands and clear blue waters, Phuket has other things to offer. Visitors may not always want to be in their hotels or at the beach; they need other entertainment as well. Phuket has a great deal for visitors to explore when they are not at the beach or in their rooms. There are many amazing sites that this place has to offer such as the brilliant waterfalls and museums too. Things like the waterfalls reinforce the beauty that Phuket is blessed with while the museums tell us about the rich heritage that Phuket has.
Ton Sai Water fall:
This waterfall, located East of Talang is known to pour out great amounts of water during the rainy season. Along with this water, the scenic beauty, composed of trees and pools, creates one of Phuket’s fantastic landscapes. Near to this amazing beauty is the park headquarters accompanied by a small restaurant. Eating out here is a nice experience because you can get a clear view of the waterfall and its surrounding areas. Since it rains in July and the months after that, July onwards is perhaps the best time to see the waterfall in full swing.

Bang Pae Water fall:
This water fall, located at Talang, is also called the site of the Gibbon Fund. The reason why this is called the site of the Gibbon Fund is because of the efforts that authorities have made in order to return gibbons to their habitat, Bang Pae. This waterfall provides an ideal place for gibbons to survive naturally, as it has plenty of foliage and shady areas.

Khao Rang:
This is an ideal hill, located in Phuket town, which provides locals and tourists with a nice view of the Phuket Town, the southern island, and part of the offshore islands. Around this amazing area, there are also quite a few restaurants. These provide you with brilliant views of the city. In addition to this, nearby there is a health park, and an ideal landscape of grass for picnickers. Around this area, there is also a bronze statue of Phraya Ratsada Nupradit. This statue is of the Governor of Phuket at the time of King Rama 5th’s reign.

Phuket Aquarium:
This Aquarium, located at Panwa Cape, is another place well worth visiting. In total, this aquarium has more than a hundred different species of fish. Most of these are from the waters near Phuket.

Phuket Port:
This is another interesting place to see at Phuket because it reveals how busy Phuket’s port is and how many people use it for trade and travel. If you want to see a variety of fishing vessels and other commercial boats you should be at the port at around 6.30 pm.

Thalang National Museum:
At Talang in Phuket this is an important place to visit because it reveals the history of this wonderful place. As an example, some of the items on display tell one about the well known Battle of Thalang that featured two important heroines. Like many other places open to tourists, this museum is open from around 8.30 in the morning till about 4.00 pm

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