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Info About Khanom

Khanom is a little corner of true paradise located 25 km southeast of Don Sak .. where the car ferry departs for Koh Samui.

series of beaches nestled among the limestone and shale mountains of Northern Nakhon Si Thammarat province offer the lover of quiet beauty a great destination.

And beaches are not Khanom's sole attractions.

The primary attractions might be the area's simplicity. No go-go bars, no discos. And no touts, hawkers or hookers. You can ride a bicycle around Khanom and the locals will smile and wave.

The area has two beautiful caves, 5 waterfalls and borders the north end of Khao Luang National Park which is also a great destination.

And Khanom has sea golf...Yes ... sea golf. From April until July, low tides drain one entire bay for most of the day. Some of the locals decided the sandy bottom made a fine temporary golf course. There is even a tournament that has been held for the past several years.

Khanom is a friendly and thriving community which relies on a large fishing fleet, rubber and agriculture. Tourism is significant but is mostly Thai and not overdone.

PS Fishing Sport - Offshore sport fishing in the Marine National park can be charted from Khanom. Typical for 2 day - 1 night charter that can accommodate 6 - 8 anglers will cost Bt 13,000 to Bt 15,000. Contact Tammachat Muangrod - 075 528301 Mobile 081 0906988

Note - asking prices at accommodations are usually inflated by the owners. Negotiate discounts of 20 - 40%

Khanom Golden Beach Hotel - a 4 star self contained resort just minutes from town. Deluxe rooms and suites starting at Bt 1,250. tel 075 326690 Fax 075 529225.

Supar Royal Beach Hotel and Bungalows - The 3 star hotel is across the road from the beach while the bungalows are on Naiplao Beach - Air con, hot water and cable TV. Rooms and bungalows from Bt 850 to Bt 2,500 (5 room bungalow). Tel 075 52852 Fax 075 528553

Tancoo Resort - Bungalows on Korklao Beach. Fan rooms - Bt 400, Air Con rooms Bt 500 to 800. They have a large land area and will allow camping (own tent) at Bt 50. Tel 075 528362, Mobile 09 9722125

Khanom Hill Resort - Newly build sea view bungalows starting from 1,950 Baht per night for 2 persons. For reservation you can call 0819 563 101.

Alongot Resort - 40 Air Con bungalows on Korklao Beach. Bt 700 to Bt 2,500. Tel 075 529119

Tipmontri Resort - 8 bungalows on Nai Pred Beach. Fan rooms - Bt 500, Air con Bt 700. Tel 075 528147

GB Resort - Bungalows on Nai Plao Beach. Fan rooms - Bt 400, Air con - Bt 700. Tel 075 529253

Nai Plao Bay Resort - Bungalows on Nai Plao Beach. Internet, TV lounge, on a quiet road. Fan rooms - Bt 300, Air Con with and without hot water - Bt 500 - 700. Tel 075 529422, Fax 075 529425

Getting There
Get to Surat Thani or Nakorn Si Thammarat by Air, Bus or Train. (Khanom is almost centered between the 2 cities) At the bus station, check for the shuttle bus to Khanom (Bt 60). The shuttle will drop you at the appropriate resort.

Khanom was formerly known as Muang Tranom.This town was founded in the reign of King U-thong, 800 years ago.It was a main center for navigation, sea-trade and Buddhist cultural arts.

The name of the town was later known as Panom, then Khao Nom and finally Khanom.

In the reign of King Rama the Fifth, Khanom became a village under the jurisdiction of Ta-sa-la District.

In 1959 it was upgraded to district level under the jurisdiction of Nakhon Si Thammarat province.
Visitors slowly getting discovered Khanom. It is still a sleepy fishing village with rubber and coconut as the main sources of revenue.

Native fishermen can still be seen around the area in their small colorful fishing boats. The local catch is served up in hotel and resort restaurants specializing in dozens of tempting choices.

Conveniently accessible, Khanom is 45 minutes from Nakhon Si Thammarat or Surat Thani by car.

The flights to Nakhon Si Thammarat and Surat Thani are serviced by regular flights from Bangkok International Airport and take just over an hour.

Khanom is located on the northeast coast-line of Nakhon Si Thammarat province, a short ferry crossing to Koh Samui Island.

Khanom is renowned for its un-spoilt natural beauty, with the white sandy beach of Nadan, lined with
picturesque coconut trees and lapped by clear blue water.

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