Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Chonburi Attractions

Khao Sam Muk
Khao Sam Muk is a low hillock situated between Ang Sila and Bang Saen along the road facing the seashore. A habitat of scores of wild monkeys, the hill-top affords a panoramic view of the Bang Saen beach. At the foot of the hill are Thai and Chinese shrines highly respected by visitors. Legend has it that the cliff-top was where two lovers jumped to their death because of parental objection.

Nong Mon Market
On Sukhumvit Road near the entrance road to Bang Saen is the widely popular Nong Mon Market .It offers a vast range of local products but mostly foodstuffs, both fresh and preserved. Among its well-known buys are different types of dried seafoods, Khao Lam or gluttonous rice baked in bamboo, Ho Mok or spicy steamed fish cakes, Hoi Cho or deep fried shrimp cakes, sweetened banana and taro chips, sweetened fruit preserves as well as rattan and bamboo basketware from Phanat Nikhom.

Phra Phutthasihing Shrine
Phra Phutthasihing Shrine Situated on Wachiraprakan Road about 500 metres from the city hall. The shrine houses a replica of the Phra Phutthasihing cast in pure silver. An extremely beautiful icon, it is highly revered by townpeople.

The Marine Scientific Institute of the Burapha University
The Marine Scientific Institute of the Burapha University Situated in the Burapha University at Bang Saen. It is a modern aquarium with realistic underwater environment. There is a marine science museum which is open daily, except Mondays, from 8.30 a.m. until 4.30 p.m. Admission fee is 20 baht for adults and 10 baht for children. For more information, call 0 3839 1671-3.

Ang Sila
Ang Sila This is a seaside fishing village, some 5 kilometres from town. Most villagers are skilled in making implements from granite. Items made are mainly mortar and pestle widely used in Thai households in the olden times and figurines of animals such as lion, elephant and horse as decorative items.

Near the market are two European-style building in the reign of King Rama IV served as a convalescence home and a retreat for the royal household and foreign high-ranking officials. The buildings are considered the country's very first seaside residence.

Wat Yai Inthraram
Located on Chetchamnong Road in town, Wat Yai Inthraram is an old temple built since the times of Ayutthaya with Ayutthaya-style architectural influence. This is evident from the Ubosot (ordination hall)and Vihan (image hall) with their distinctive Gunwale Curve base, are from the carved wooden door panels at the Mondop (square building with a pyramidal roof) over the Holy Footprints.

The Ubosot itself has been renovated during the reign of King Rama III using glass-ware to adorn the gables and windows. Within the Ubosot are murals covering the entire four walls which have been continuous restored over the years. In front of the temple stands a statue of King Taksin the Great. It is said that the king used to stop here on the way to set up his base in Chanthaburi during the Fall of Ayutthaya in 1767.

Alangkarn Theatre

Located on Km. 155, Sukhumvit Road, Chomthian, Pattaya. Alangkarn
provides fantastic entertainment by showing the unique concept of being “Thai” to foreigners. Instead of presenting a traditional Thai performance where easily found anywhere, a new concept was applied by using a modern style of dance combined with multi-dimension coloured laser, tighting and real surround sound system. The entire project includes Theatre, Cultural Rostrum and Restaurant.

Bang Saen
A well-known holiday beach, Bang Saen is only 14 kilometres from the provincial town. From Sukhumvit Road, take a right turn at Km. 104 and proceed on for another 3 kilometres to get there. Bang Saen is widely popular with Thai holiday-makers who happily romp along the long beach and partake in the tasty food available. Weekends are particularly crowded while it is relatively quiet during weekdays. Fronting the beach are hotels, bungalows, foodshops as well as recreational gears and bicycles for rent.

Getting There: Bus services are available from Bangkok’s Ekkamai Bus Terminal throughout the day. There are also local “Song Thaeo” transports serving Chon Buri town-Nong Mon Market-Bang Saen.

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